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Two Safe Ways to Profit From the "Alibaba Shockwave Effect"

In the mid-1990s, I was fortunate to meet and start working with an Upstate New York money manager named Anthony M. Gallea.

The relationship began when I attended and wrote stories about some of the investment seminars he periodically held for prospective and existing clients. He then became a “source” for some of the investment stories I periodically wrote for Gannett Newspapers. And we ultimately collaborated on a pretty successful book about “Contrarian Investing” that was published by Prentice Hall.

Along the way, Tony shared some pretty important snippets of investing wisdom…

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  • We Can Invest in Uber Before Its IPO

    Too many people view taxi service as nothing more than a pedestrian, everyday type of business.

    Those people would be very wrong...
  • Google Stock Stakes Its Future on "Android Everywhere" GOogle stock

    Yesterday Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, GOOGL) said it was expanding Android to run not just on tablets and smartphones, but also on wearable tech like smartwatches, in-car entertainment systems, and its own Android TV. The software on Google's Chromebook laptops will also be better integrated with Android.

    While it might strange for a product that's given away for free, Google's grand plans for Android will determine the fate of Google stock over the next several years.

    Here's why.
  • Get Ready to Profit from Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Stock's Encore Microsoft_CES_2009

    With its Windows operating system installed on virtually all of the world's PCs, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) was the personal computer revolution in the 1990s. And MSFT stock went on a 9,000% ride.

    But now, with its growth phase over, mainstream investors have forgotten all about this once-mighty tech giant.

    Here's why they're making a big mistake - and why MSFT is one of the best stocks to buy now...
  • Facebook Stock (Nasdaq: FB) News: Site Still a Fave Among Teens Facebook stock to benefit from youth usage

    Facebook stock update: Reports of Facebook Inc.'s (Nasdaq: FB) demise among teens appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

    According to a recent study from Forrester Research, titled "Why the Sky Isn't Falling on the World's Favorite Social Network," Facebook is still the go-to site among youth for social media.

  • Find the Hottest Tech Stocks to Buy with This Strategy divining rod

    I keep track of all the tech stocks that I recommend to you. The performance... the track record... is very important to me.

    Today, let's check my spreadsheet and pick one stock - NXP Semiconductors - to use as a "mini case study."

    With the easy-to-use investing strategy that I'm going to share with you, you'll be able to identify the best tech stocks to buy.

    And keep your footing on the road to wealth...
  • Why Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) Stock Is Up 12% This Week Tesla car 2

    Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) stock has gained 13% in the last two trading sessions and reached its highest price since April today (Tuesday) when the stock touched $235.54 this afternoon.

    Tesla stock has always been a momentum play that experiences sharp ups and downs depending on the company's news, and this week's spike is a prime example.

    Here's the news that's moving TSLA stock now, and where shares are headed from here...
  • Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) 3D Smartphone Will Drive Sales and Profits Amazon (Nasdaq AMZN)

    In a daring move that has an excellent chance of paying off,, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) is expected to introduce its own smartphone at a special media event tomorrow (Wednesday).

    While Amazon has been coy about the details, the clues add up to a smartphone with some sort of special capability - almost certainly a glasses-free 3D display.

    Some critics don't like it, wondering why Amazon is jumping into the crowded, cutthroat smartphone market.

    But here's why it's a genius strategy sure to grow revenue...
  • Here's How the Latest "Not-a-Gadget" Will Propel Apple Stock 50% Higher Apple Store

    Sure, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) didn't introduce a new product at the World Wide Developers Conference last week.

    But the tech giant did something much more important than just roll out some new "gadget." Apple unveiled a strategy that puts the company into two new businesses and positions it for years of potential new growth.

    Here’s why Apple stock – which has zoomed back up near its 52-week highs – is headed even higher...
  • Apple Stock Split Opens the Door for These 7 Stocks to Follow Apple stock split

    The Apple stock split, given the company’s outsized influence, could well inspire a fresh wave of stock splits after years of drought.

    Once common, stock splits have become increasing rare over the past decade or so, as companies began to view a lofty stock price as a mark of prestige.

    But the Apple stock split, along with other high-profile stock splits this year from MasterCard and Google, seems to be signaling a shift in corporate attitudes.

    And at this point, there’s no shortage of high-priced stocks ripe for a split...
  • No Dozing: It's Time to Profit from the Rebound in Tech Stocks 20140521-tech-stocks

    Back on February, I explained why I was projecting an exceptionally volatile stretch for tech stocks.

    And I even showed you the investment strategy to use to traverse it.

    I knew that a strong tech rebound would follow the sell-off. And the investors who stayed in the game would cash in big when that resurgence began.

    Well, this "new tech wave" we predicted has begun.

    And now we'll show you exactly how to ride it for maximum profit...
  • 12 Features of Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) New Operating Systems AAPL

    Some analysts yawned at the developments that came from the 25th annual Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) Worldwide Developers Conference - but they're actually big news for the innovative tech giant.

    What we did get from the developer conference is that Apple's Mac OSX software underwent a dramatic redesign.

    Here are a dozen highlights of Apple’s new operating systems – available this fall.
  • Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Takes Aim at Rivals at WWDC AAPL-001

    Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) did not unveil any sexy new hardware at its annual developer's conference today (Monday), but what was discussed tells us a lot about the company's long-term strategy.

    It appears that as Apple CEO Tim Cook has watched rival hardware makers using Google's Android copy the iPhone and iPad, he has realized that trying to stay ahead of the competition by dreaming up more new features that will be quickly copied is not the answer.

    That's why the features revealed at WWDC focused on the one advantage Apple knows its rivals can’t easily copy…
  • AAPL, BRCM, HCT Among Top Stocks to Watch Now Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is among the top stocks to watch now, with its developer conference action this week. Here's what is important for investors to keep an eye on...
  • The Apple Stock Split: What Investors Need to Know (AAPL) 20140602-AAPL-stock-split

    Now that the Apple stock split (Nasdaq: AAPL) has arrived - today is the record date - investors need to know exactly what's happening and how it will affect them.

    Since the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant announced the 7-for-1 stock split on April 23, AAPL stock has gone up 18.5% to $630 a share.

    Here’s why the company did it and how the split will affect investors...
  • Another Great "Backdoor" Play

    There's nothing we like better than discovering a "back" way into the current hot deal.

    It's just so gratifying to find that sorta-secret way to bag profits from the IPO or merger that's dominating the headlines and that everyone you work with is so excited to talk about.

    We did that for you with the Alibaba Holdings Inc. initial public stock offering (IPO). In our special research report, How to Make a Fast 153% from the Alibaba IPO, we give you three "backdoor" ways to profit from the upcoming stock offering of the China Internet giant.

    Today we're coming back with a different "backdoor-profit-play" strategy.

    This strategy offers an alternate way to profit from the already-announced $67.1 billion bid that AT&T Inc. has made for DirecTV.

    It's also a way to profit from the surprisingly strong tech sector that's emerging right next door... Full Story