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Cash In on Amazon Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) Stock’s Amazing Cloud Success for 1/14 the Cost

amazon stock

AMZN stock has surged 71% since Jan. 2, 2015. And first-quarter sales were a whopping $1.56 billion.

We always recommend that you focus on growth, but in this case, we believe there is more stable way and affordable to play the cloud.

Here’s a way to cash in on AMZN at 1/14th the cost…

Is SolarCity (SCTY) Stock a Buy Now?

SCTY stock

With many analysts bullish on SCTY stock right now, should investors buy it?

The short answer: Probably not. But you can't blame investors for being tempted by SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) shares. Solar power is an industry growing at a very fast pace.

And while SolarCity is taking advantage of that growth, there's a darker side to this story.

Before you buy SCTY stock, you need to read this…

What’s Next for (NYSE: CRM) Stock After Solid Earnings?

crm stock

It’s been a good year for Inc. (NYSE: CRM) stock.

The cloud computing pioneer was already on a tear but really began to pick up steam in the last month on Wall Street’s sudden excitement over cloud.

Here's the story behind and why as cloud computing matures, this is the company investors will look at as the first-mover...

The Tech Portfolio Built to Beat the Market

biotech When I spoke with my Strategic Tech Investor readers last week, I illustrated how one of our Million-Dollar Tech Portfolio stocks had soared 53% in just a little over two months. But Repligen Corp. (Nasdaq: RGEN) isn't the only big winner. In fact, six of our seven investments in the Million-Dollar Tech Portfolio are up […]

Read More…

This Startup Valuation Chart Shows the World's Most Valuable Startups

startup valuation

The top 15 startups in the world have raised a combined $16.16 billion dollars and are valued at a combined $222 billion.

This startup valuation chart shows the highest-valued startups in the world as of May 2015.

The startup valuation chart is great for investors looking for the next hottest IPOs. After several rounds of funding, startup companies will typically take their firms public.

Here's more on the top five companies on the list...

The Best Way to Invest Money in Tech Stocks Today

best way to invest money

Today we want to show you the best way to invest money in tech stocks - which are on fire in 2015.

Through May 18, the Nasdaq has posted a gain of 7.3% in 2015. That's nearly three times the return of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. During the same time, the bellwether Dow is up just 2.7%.

Three Tech Stocks to Buy That Profit from This $811 Billion Market

tech stocks to buy

Finding the right tech stocks to buy to play the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market can deliver serious profits for investors.

Just look at Pace Plc. (OTCMKTS: PCMXF). The set-top box maker soared 33% on April 24 when it was acquired by Arris Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRS) for $2.1 billion.

More than $811 billion was spent on M&A deals globally in the first quarter of 2015, according to Reuters.

Here are our three favorite tech stocks that could be the next M&A winner...

These Top Tech Companies Are Hoarding $430 Billion in Cash

top tech companies

Five of the United States' top tech companies have more than $430 billion in cash combined, according to a new report from Moody's Investors Service.

That's enough to pay every single U.S. citizen roughly $1,347.

And the majority of that money is being held overseas so they can avoid the United States' high tax rate. Here's how much...

2015 Top Stock Picks: AMBA, SWKS, RMBS

market volatility

Our Money Morning 2015 top stock picks have seen biotech hit a snag.

But in that time, semiconductor tech stocks have been up big - as much as 45% for one name.

Here's how the big chipmaker tech stocks are doing, as well as some of our other 2015 top stock picks...

The Top 3 Moves to Make in the $811.8 Billion M&A Market

M&A market

There's a lot of money to be made in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market. And we expect to see a lot more through the end of the year.

What's most important to know about this lucrative sector, however, is which "Tech Takeover Targets" to pay attention to.

So here are three stock you shouldn't ignore...

The One Reason You Should Avoid This High-Tech Stock

high tech stock

There's a high-tech stock that we'd like you to steer clear of. This one isn't a true growth stock.

In fact, it's not even a good foundational play that you can count on to give your portfolio solid support.

Here's why you should avoid it at all costs

Competitors Are Ready to "Storm Google's Castle"

how to invest

We've known about Google's European antitrust lawsuit for years now. That's why it's so shocking that this issue hasn't really been "baked in" to the company's share price. So when the suit heats up again, Shah thinks shareholders could be in for a rude surprise...

Shah thinks shareholders could be in for a rude surprise...

Etsy IPO: Everything You Need to Know About Etsy’s (Nasdaq: ETSY) Upcoming IPO

Etsy Stock

The Etsy IPO date is set for Thursday, April 16. The company will list on the Nasdaq under the ticker "ETSY."

The deal has become one of the most talked-about tech offerings so far this year. The Etsy IPO could become the largest technology IPO from a New York-based company since spun off Barnes & Noble Inc. (NYSE: BKS) in 1999.

With the Etsy IPO date quickly approaching, here's everything you need to know about the deal – including whether or not you should buy Etsy stock when it starts trading…

Etsy (Nasdaq: ETSY) Share Price Hinges on This One Huge Factor

Etsy IPO

The Etsy (Nasdaq: ETSY) share price will range from $14 to $16. The IPO will debut on Thursday, April 16.

Like any other stock, there are a variety of factors that will influence Etsy's share price.

But one of the company's main goals could have a negative impact on its financial growth down the road...

This Little-Known Industry Is Producing the Fastest-Growing Stocks

Fastest Growing Stocks

Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald first told his readers about the incredible profit opportunity in the human augmentation market in October 2014.

Since then, it has provided some of the fastest-growing stocks on the market. And Fitz-Gerald sees the run continuing for years.

“No matter how many times I review the data or I rearrange the puzzle, this is THE trend of the next decade,” Fitz-Gerald said.

And now, the mainstream media is finally catching up with Fitz-Gerald’s predictions…