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Best Stocks to Buy Now: These Tech, Gas, and Gold Plays Have Enormous Upside Potential

best stocks to buy today

The newest investment picks from Money Morning experts come from the some of the hottest markets like IPOs, cloud computing, Big Data, and commodities.

Five stocks tap into Ohio's booming Utica shale formation, where the number of companies seeking drilling permits is up 60% from the same time last year. Three 2014 biotech IPOs that debuted in January and February promise enormous upside potential, while still priced at a discount - for now. And we found a small-cap firm that is perfect for investors who can stomach the volatility that comes with turnarounds - plus another that will ease the pain of the recent zooming food prices.

Get these plus more of our latest, best ways to capture profits.

Best Stocks to Buy List: How to Play the Eagle Ford, Gold, and Obamacare

Our experts' most recent recommendations for the best stocks to buy tap into some of the hottest sectors on the market today.

Three oil stock picks play on Texas' Eagle Ford shale formation, which, since its beginning in 2009, has already surpassed the Bakken Shale in North Dakota as the largest tight oil formation in the U.S. One healthcare sector stock is a great choice because it's "Obamacare-proof."

And a homeland defense tech recommendation from last Monday has already jumped 4.66% - it's up 76.54% year-over-year, and 11.23% so far in 2014...

Best Stocks to Buy Roundup: Play Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Cannabis

Stocks to buy today

Our experts' most recent recommendations for the best stocks to buy tap into some of the hottest sectors on the market today.

From the $160 cloud computing industry, to the $2.57 billion cannabis market boom, to one of Warren Buffett's favorite sectors, these clever picks are the latest, best ways to juice up your portfolio...

Best Stocks to Buy Roundup: A Digital Payment Stock "That's Ready to Run"

best stocks to buy on the stock market today

Best stocks to buy for the week ending April 4, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 159.84 points on Friday to finish at 16,412.71, marking a 0.55% rise over the week. The Nasdaq fell 110.01 points finish at 4,127.73, losing 0.67% over the week. The S&P 500 lost 23.67 points on Friday to close at 1,865.10, but was up 0.4% for the week.

Money Morning keeps readers current on the best stocks to buy now, and last week, opportunities in a few surging sectors - like biotech and energy - caught our experts' eyes.

Here's where they found the latest, best ways to capture gains.

4 Drug Stocks to Buy Now to Capitalize on Emerging Market Growth

Drug bottles

Overall, this sector has healthy global sales of $959 billion and is expected to grow those sales at a rate of 4.5% a year. But in emerging markets, sales in this sector will grow at three times that rate. And on top of that, another development will make these markets even more lucrative.

We've identified the handful of companies best-positioned to take advantage of this...

Five Stocks to Buy Now to Play the 2014 Mobile Payment Revolution

People Shopping

More Americans are cutting up their credit cards, and it's for a reason you might not expect.

The rise of mobile applications and Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology continues to carve market share from plastic payment methods.

And now, the trend is going mainstream in one of the most trafficked businesses in America.

Starbucks Corp. (Nasdaq: SBUX) announced this week that it currently receives 11% of its U.S. and Canadian sales through its mobile application. And that figure is expected to rise as the company continues to market its convenient closed-loop payment system.

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Best Stocks to Buy in South America

Brazil's allure may have faded, but that doesn't mean South America lacks prime investing prospects. And those opportunities recently got much easier to find now that four of the most promising economies in the region have banded together to form a powerful alliance...

Three Stocks to Buy Now

Shah Apple Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani just came out with three investments he thinks are good buys right now. One is an oversold stock that Gilani thinks could possibly double in 18 months, another is "unloved" but ready to rebound, and a third will deliver gains as metals prices rise. Take a look at […]

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Stocks to Buy Now, or Just Another Fad?

After being one of the hot stocks to buy a few years ago, Lululemon Athletica (Nasdaq: LULU) has hit a rough patch.

The company this week had to recall yoga pants made with fabric known as Luon because it was overly transparent - meaning Lululemon customers were walking around with see-through pants.

The products make up about 17% of all "bottoms' sold by the company. According to The New York Times, the recall is expected to account for about $60 million in lost sales.

Lululemon investors saw the stock take a 10% hit this week after the pants debacle.

And now, with some of its most popular products off shelves, the company has opened up the window for another "trendy" fitness chain to play to pantsless consumers.

That's one of the dangers of investing in a fad stock - it's not going to be popular forever.

And even though Lululemon's shares have soared more than 340% in five years - beating returns of both Apple and Google - its success isn't based on solid company fundamentals, but on trends and investor hype.

Here are a couple other "fad" stocks that might not be able to deliver for investors on consumer enthusiasm alone.

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Stocks to Buy Now Ahead of Major Bank Industry Takeovers


There has been a lot of discussion among investors over the past few years about whether the banking industry offers any quality stocks to buy now.

The big banks brought the economy to its knees in 2008 and had to be bailed out by the federal government with taxpayer dollars. The disastrous decisions at large banks spilled over to the smaller banks and caused severe economic distress for many of them.

Many banks were forced to close with 140 banks failing in 2009 and another 157 in 2011.

Although the numbers have tapered off some we still saw more than 50 banks fail last year as a result of residual problems from the housing boom and ensuing credit crisis. This type of carnage is reflected in the price of many small banks, which are just now starting to see their balance sheets and stock price show signs of improvement.

We now face an environment much like the aftermath of the savings & loan debacle in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

You see, during the economic boom from 2001 to 2007 many new banks opened across the United Sates to take advantage of the cheap money from the Fed and the high demand for housing and home equity loans.

Now in the aftermath of the implosion of housing prices, we find ourselves with too many banks even after all the failures. We have seen some bank mergers in 2012 but this is just the start of what will be a massive wave of bank and thrift consolidation activity.

While we have seen some economic recovery, we continue to operate in a better but not good economy. Loan demand is still fairly tepid and is well below pre-crisis levels. It is difficult for many banks to gain market share and maintain profitability.

As we enter 2013 banks face new regulation and compliance costs that may further crimp operating profits. Smaller banks in particular are experiencing high levels of frustration at their inability to remain profitable and grow their franchise. Shareholders are unhappy after several years of poor share-price performance and want to see a return on their investment.

For many the best path is going to seek a suitor and sell out to a larger competitor.

For investors this creates an enormous opportunity for long-term profits, if you know the right stocks to buy now.

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