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    Hot Stocks: Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) Won't Be Back on Track Any Time Soon

    Don't count on Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE ADR: TM) to regain its place as the leader in global auto sales any time soon.

    Because even though the company is ahead of schedule as it looks to bounce back from the horrible wave of disasters that engulfed Japan in the spring, it now faces another roadblock in the strengthening yen.

    Indeed, the good news for Toyota is that it now expects full production in Japan to resume by September, two months earlier than originally predicted. But the bad news for the company is that the dollar has slid from over 90 yen a year ago to about 80 yen now, making all Japanese exports increasingly expensive. The break-even point for Toyota is around 85 yen to the dollar.

    For every yen of appreciation, Toyota would need to raise the price of its autos in the United States by 1.25% to maintain the same profit, an unappealing alternative in a challenging economy.

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  • Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) CFO Encourages Global Production Shift as Profits Tumble Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) reported a staggering 77% decline in quarterly profits this month due to production disruption from the Japan earthquake and a strengthening yen. Many now wonder if the automaker can maintain its strong manufacturing presence in Japan without losing too much in profit.

    Chief Financial Officer Satoshi Ozawa said at a news conference yesterday (Wednesday) that he will advise Toyota President Akio Toyoda on the need to rebalance the company's domestic and overseas production. Toyota makes 45% of its vehicles in Japan.

    Toyota has "reached the limits of our ability to manufacture in Japan," said Ozawa. "We have done as much as we can do as a single company."