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Twitter Stock Price Tanks Today and Won't Recover Any Time Soon

twitter stock price

The Twitter stock price plummeted 13% today after the company reported disappointing earnings.

With shares down more than 31% this year, we see TWTR stock heading even lower in 2016.

Here's why...

Floundering Twitter Still Rewards Leaders with Outrageous Executive Compensation

Executive compensation

It's not shocking that tech executives earn millions of dollars.

But what is truly shocking is when executives earn millions of dollars and the company is losing money.

While Twitter stock has plummeted 78% over the last three years, executives are being handed hundreds of millions of dollars. Frankly folks, it's truly disgusting...

Should I Buy Twitter Stock After Q2 2016 Earnings?

twitter logo phone

The Twitter stock is known for being volatile after earnings are announced.

And after Twitter announces Q2 2016 earnings on July 26, things probably won't be any different.

Money Morning wanted to provide our readers with everything they need to know before the earnings announcement. But you have to read our long-term outlook for Twitter stock before adding it to your portfolio...

Don't Buy the TWTR Stock Price Rally This Week

twtr stock price

The TWTR stock price hit four-month highs this week on news of the firm's new deal with Bloomberg.

But we still recommend avoiding Twitter stock in 2016.

Here are three reasons why we think the social media giant will sink...

Twitter Stock Has Bigger Problems Than Just CEO's Account Getting Hacked

Twitter stock

The Twitter stock price is down after it was revealed CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked.

Around 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. on July 11, the group OurMine started posting messages to Dorsey's account.

While this is certainly troubling news for Twitter shareholders, the struggling social media company actually has even bigger problems ahead. Here's what you need to know...

Why You Shouldn't Bet on a "Buyout Bailout" for Twitter

twitter stock price

After Microsoft announced it was purchasing LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, hopeful investors pushed Twitter stock as high as 4.57% in mid-day trading.

But hope is never a viable investment strategy, and no merger or acquisition is coming to save these shares. Here's why...

Don't Buy the TWTR Stock Price Rally This Week

TWTR stock price

The Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) stock price has surged about 10% this week on hopes the struggling social media platform will be the next tech takeover.

But don't buy into the TWTR stock rally.

Here's why...

Twitter Stock Price Plummets After 33 Million Passwords Hacked


The Twitter stock price is crashing today after 33 million Twitter passwords were uploaded to a website.

While the hack didn't appear to originate from Twitter's system, the social media company still had to send out millions of warnings to users.

But Twitter had a ton of issues before the hack. Find out what Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani had to tell shareholders in this video...

No Kidding – Hope Is Not a Viable Investment Strategy for Twitter

Twitter stock

The mainstream media has finally caught on to the obvious: Twitter's turnaround strategy isn't working, and TWTR stock isn't worth your money.

Here's why - plus an alternative pick that'll live up to every dollar you invest...

Why the Twitter Stock Price Today Is Trading Near Record Lows

Twitter stock price today

The Twitter stock price today is slightly up after it plummeted following Twitter's Q1 2016 earnings report.

But if you believe in CEO Jack Dorsey, this could be a great opportunity to buy shares at a discount.

If you plan on buying TWTR at these low prices, here's everything you need to know before adding this social media stock to your portfolio...

Twitter Stock Price Plummets 14% After Company Blames Advertisers

Twitter stock price

The Twitter stock price is absolutely plummeting after the company didn't live up to Wall Street's expectations in its Q1 2016 earnings report.

In fact, Twitter even had to lower its revenue guidance for Q1 2016 because the results were so bad.

We break down everything you need to know from the earnings report, and we also let you know if these low prices make Twitter a buy or if your money should sit on the sidelines...

Should I Buy Twitter Stock After Q1 2016 Earnings?

twitter stock

The Twitter stock price has sent shareholders on a bumpy ride in 2016, as TWTR is down over 26%.

Now that CEO Jack Dorsey has been at the helm for six months, shareholders will get a better idea if his plans are working when Q1 2016 earnings results are announced on April 26.

But ahead of the announcement, investors want to know if this social media stock is a sound investment. Here's everything you need to know...

TWTR Stock Price Flat Today Despite Mega-Deal with NFL


The TWTR stock price today is flat, despite the social media company signing a massive deal to stream NFL games.

This is part of CEO Jack Dorsey's plan to focus on the live aspects of Twitter, which plays to the strength of the company.

But even with this deal, we don't want our readers getting tricked into believing TWTR is a solid long-term investment...

A Look at the Twitter Stock History on the Company's 10th Anniversary

Twitter stock

Twitter turned 10 today, but the Twitter stock price didn't join in on the celebration.

TWTR was down 0.42% in intraday trading, and long-term investors aren't seeing many signs of hope from the struggling social media platform.

But today is the perfect day to review the long, weird journey that the company has sent shareholders on since 2013...

Should I Buy Twitter Stock After Q4 Earnings Today?

Twitter stock

The Twitter stock price is trading at all-time lows right before earnings are announced.

Some investors don't want to miss out on a cheap position, considering the fact that Twitter was trading at a high of $53.49 in the last 12 months.

But before you make a decision on whether or not to buy Twitter stock after Q4 2015 earnings, you need to read this...