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Twitter stock

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Twitter Stock Price Plummets 14% After Company Blames Advertisers

Twitter stock price

The Twitter stock price is absolutely plummeting after the company didn't live up to Wall Street's expectations in its Q1 2016 earnings report.

In fact, Twitter even had to lower its revenue guidance for Q1 2016 because the results were so bad.

We break down everything you need to know from the earnings report, and we also let you know if these low prices make Twitter a buy or if your money should sit on the sidelines...

Should I Buy Twitter Stock After Q1 2016 Earnings?

twitter stock

The Twitter stock price has sent shareholders on a bumpy ride in 2016, as TWTR is down over 26%.

Now that CEO Jack Dorsey has been at the helm for six months, shareholders will get a better idea if his plans are working when Q1 2016 earnings results are announced on April 26.

But ahead of the announcement, investors want to know if this social media stock is a sound investment. Here's everything you need to know...

TWTR Stock Price Flat Today Despite Mega-Deal with NFL


The TWTR stock price today is flat, despite the social media company signing a massive deal to stream NFL games.

This is part of CEO Jack Dorsey's plan to focus on the live aspects of Twitter, which plays to the strength of the company.

But even with this deal, we don't want our readers getting tricked into believing TWTR is a solid long-term investment...

A Look at the Twitter Stock History on the Company's 10th Anniversary

Twitter stock

Twitter turned 10 today, but the Twitter stock price didn't join in on the celebration.

TWTR was down 0.42% in intraday trading, and long-term investors aren't seeing many signs of hope from the struggling social media platform.

But today is the perfect day to review the long, weird journey that the company has sent shareholders on since 2013...

Should I Buy Twitter Stock After Q4 Earnings Today?

Twitter stock

The Twitter stock price is trading at all-time lows right before earnings are announced.

Some investors don't want to miss out on a cheap position, considering the fact that Twitter was trading at a high of $53.49 in the last 12 months.

But before you make a decision on whether or not to buy Twitter stock after Q4 2015 earnings, you need to read this...

TWTR Stock Has Further to Fall After Earnings

Twitter stock

The TWTR stock price is plummeting before earnings and after the company announced it plans to make changes to its timeline.

Twitter plans to change how tweets appear using an algorithm, instead of using the chronological order it is known for.

This highlights a desperate attempt from CEO Jack Dorsey to save the company, but we found one huge reason why the company is in serious trouble in 2016....

What to Do Now If You're Short Twitter Stock

Twitter stock

Stifel Nicolaus analysts made headlines when they recently downgraded Twitter, noting that they were returning their rating to "where it should have been all along - Sell." Other analysts are piling on.

Now, you and I've been talking about this since December 2013, when I called it out as one of my three top shorts. So it's not a surprise to us.

Twitter stock has fallen by 75.49% since then, and if you've been following along, you're sitting on some great profits.

So the question for millions of investors becomes what to do now...

The TWTR Stock Rebound Is Over, Here's What's Next

twtr stock

The TWTR stock price is down over 4% today after CEO Jack Dorsey announced four key executives are leaving the company.

But if you're a TWTR shareholder, the news is only going to get worse when Q4 2015 earnings are announced.

For our Money Morning subscribers, we wanted to show you the hints the company has been leaving that indicate Twitter is in serious trouble...

Twitter Stock Falls Today After Website Outage, Casts Shadow Over TWTR's Biggest Factor

Twitter stock

The Twitter stock price is trading at all-time lows today after users in Europe and North America reported outages on Twitter's website.

The outages are only part of the reason the stock is plummeting, however, and CEO Jack Dorsey is desperately trying to add new users before the company reports earnings on Feb. 3.

Read More…

Why the Twitter Stock Price Is Near Historic Lows Today

Twitter stock price

The Twitter stock price climbed as high as 3% this morning, but it quickly fell in intraday trading by 0.66%.

The positive Twitter sentiment to start the morning was because its live-broadcasting app Periscope is now able to be shared directly in tweets.

But Wall Street quickly joined us in our bearish Twitter views. Here's what you really need to know about the Twitter stock price in 2016...

Why the Twitter Stock Price Is Trading at All-Time Lows Today

The Twitter stock price is trading at all-time lows with no signs of rallying. And here's why Twitter shareholders should be very concerned entering 2016...

It wasn't a great year to be a Twitter shareholder, and the Twitter stock price in 2016 can plummet even further.

Twitter stock is down 38.47% on the year, and CEO Jack Dorsey's new initiatives don't appear to be working.

If you think the Twitter stock price reaching all-time lows makes it a buying opportunity, you will want to read this before you finalize your decision...

Twitter Stock Price Prediction 2016 Shows the Stock Has Further to Drop

Twitter stock price prediction 2016

2015 was a rough year for Twitter shareholders, and our Twitter stock prediction 2016 doesn't see any relief in sight.

CEO Jack Dorsey's initiatives aren't working, and there is no apparent reprieve for Twitter shareholders.

There is a fundamental flaw with Twitter, and it's something Dorsey may not be able to fix. In fact, he contributed to this flaw himself...

10 Numbers That Shocked U.S. Markets This Week

U.S. markets

U.S. markets swayed this week from fresh data, Wall Street dealings, and life-changing global events...

It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words sometimes can't.

Here's a look at some of the most fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important numbers that the world has put up on the board recently - and why you need to know them...

Twitter Stock Gets More Bad News Today from Jesse Jackson (NYSE: TWTR)


Rev. Jesse Jackson scrutinized CEO Jack Dorsey because of the layoffs at Twitter.

Jackson feels that minorities are underrepresented at Twitter.

Read on to find out about Twitter's recent missteps, which could cause the Twitter stock price to fall even further...