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This Market Is "Going Vertical" – And so Are These Stocks

In our Aug. 6 Private Briefing report, "It’s the Biggest and the Fastest Growing – Here’s How to Profit," we updated our bullishness on China‘s e-commerce market and gave you two ways to ride along.

We had a lot of confidence in both recommendations. But I have to be honest with you: Even I didn’t expect the stocks would soar like they have in the two seeks since.

  • U.S. Economy

  • Stock Market Today Down on Taper Fears

    Stock Market News Today, Dec. 12: U.S. stocks are weighed today after having started the day higher on upbeat retail sales data. They retreated on more concerns that the U.S. Federal Reserve will scale back its $85-billion-per-month bond-buying stimulus program.

    The S&P 500 today fell 0.38%, or 6.72 points, at 1,775.50, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.66%, or 104.03 points, at 15,739.50 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 0.14%, or 5.41 points, at 3,998.40.

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  • Three Charts Obama Hopes You'll Never See Today I'm going to show you three charts Obama hoped you'd never see. Brace yourself. You're about to get a very different view of the "recovery" picture that the administration keeps painting for us. This one, for starters, is accurate. It also explains why incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen can't cut stimulus, which is one of the reasons you have an opportunity to make some money here... especially if you follow my "mid-December plan." More on that in a minute. Let's start with the charts... The White House positively hates this first one...
  • Stock Market Crash 2014: 7 Charts You Need to See Now OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA No bull market goes on forever. And with the stock markets hitting record highs recently, the possibility of some kind of correction grows larger every day. But we've found seven charts that show why the next big move down could be more than just a run-of-the-mill correction. By the time you see the last chart, you'll realize why you should start mapping out a defensive strategy now... To continue reading, please click here...
  • Stock Market News Today: These Retailers Down Amid Poor Q3 Earnings

    Stock Market News Today, Nov. 21: U.S. stocks are continuing to rally today as the 30-year fixed mortgage rate dropped to 4.22% this week from 4.35% last week, and despite the fact that data showed manufacturing activity slowed this month.

    The Philadelphia Fed's manufacturing index for October was 6.5 last month, down from 19.8 in October and below economists' expectations for 14.5. That data indicates slowing, but still positive general manufacturing activity.

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  • Stock Market News Today: Gains Slip After Icahn Warning

    Stock market news today, Nov. 18: The Dow ended up today but fell short of 16,000 after bearish comments from Carl Icahn.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 0.1% to 15,976 points, hitting a high of 16,030 earlier in the day. The S&P 500 closed down about 0.4% at 1,791 points, and the Nasdaq Composite Index closed down 1% at 3,949.

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  • Don't Fall for This New Old Trick Kmart has joined a long and "distinguished" list of retail chains who offer a rent-to-own program.
    It's a sign of the times... Only, rather than being a sign of economic recovery, it's a sign of retail desperation.
    Ostensibly, these programs are intended to benefit cash-strapped consumers who couldn't otherwise afford to buy big-ticket items. In reality, the program turns consumer goods like a $300 television into a $415 purchase, according to Bloomberg.
    Talk about "the vig" ...The imputed interest rate is more than 100%, annually.
    It's absolutely appalling, and it ranks right up there with the exploitive subprime lending practices that lead to the financial crisis.
    And we're not falling for it...
  • This $1.7 Trillion Industry Will Turbocharge the U.S. Economy turbocharger For the next 20 years, Barron's is predicting slower U.S. economic growth, market turbulence and, worst of all, mass displacement of middle class jobs due to advances in technology. But in every crisis lies opportunity. The companies at the forefront of educating our workforce to meet these new challenges will reap massive profits. Here's how to capture your share...
  • Currency Trading Today: Follow the FOMC to Profits Currency drawing small Another FOMC meeting is in the books, and to no one's surprise they decided to stay the course. That will weaken the U.S. dollar, which definitely has its risks, but can deliver profits for currency traders who know how to play it. This window of opportunity won't stay open for long, however...
  • Will United States Debt Holders Bail on Treasuries? afraid looking businessman

    Since the mid-1990s, China and a host of other foreign governments have quietly acquired one-third of all United States public debt. Foreign holders of United States debt held more than $5.6 trillion in Treasury securities as of August 2013.

    But continued debt-ceiling drama in the United States is starting to change that.

  • Four Things the Debt Ceiling Deal Doesn't Fix Time Bomb Everyone in the Capitol is patting themselves on the back and glad-handing for the news media, rattling on about “fighting the good fight.” Sure, we’ve avoided default… for just 112 more days. Most of us won’t even pay four phone bills by the time the “crisis” gets brewing again. As ridiculous as that fact is, it gets worse. You see, the “Great Band-Aid Treaty” doesn’t actually do anything to address the fundamental challenges facing our economy right now. Here are the four biggest issues that Congress ducked out on...
  • Debt Ceiling Deal Doesn't Fix This Larger Global Issue with United States Uncle Sam debt

    Senate leaders finally hammered out a debt ceiling deal today (Wednesday) that avoided a looming potential debt default. It also reopened the government that has been shut down for more than two weeks.

    Investors cheered the news and sent stocks up 205 points, or 1.36%, today.

    While a deal solves short-term problems, it's not doing much to help the long-term nightmare.

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  • What a Debt Ceiling Stalemate Will Do to the Market 10152013KFG1

    Yesterday (Monday), Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald appeared on FOX Business' "Varney & Co."to make projections about what a stalemate on the debt ceiling will do to the market.

    We are a little more than 24 hours away from the day that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has said we'll exhaust the "extraordinary measures" and go over our debt limit. But even with the impending deadline, over the last five days the market has shakily climbed, with the Dow up 2.35%, Nasdaq up 1.16%, and the S&P 500 up slightly to 1.9%.

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  • This Trend in the U.S. Economy Is Putting Your Job at Risk – But Can Make You Rich Wealth Q

    The biggest, and most ignored, trend in the U.S. economy is the ongoing divide between the wealthiest members of society and the average American worker.

    Real wages are falling, while unemployment is stagnant. Politicians blame greed, but that's because class warfare is a valuable tool to gain power.

    I argue instead that disruptive technologies have accelerated this divide.

    Just recently, I noted that the U.S. wage-productivity gap has been driven heavily by the use of automation and technology in the U.S. economy, which is displacing workers at a faster pace than new jobs and job categories have been created.

    Put a different way, robots are taking our jobs.

  • The Most Disturbing Fact About the U.S. Economy Today P If you feel like you just can't get ahead financially, you're not crazy - and you're not alone. This troubling trend affects millions of Americans and is destroying their ability to afford a middle class lifestyle - which in turn is starting to hammer consumer spending. Now imagine what that will do to the U.S. economy...
  • Recession 2013: The Signs Don't Look Good Cloud The government keeps telling us that the economy has turned a corner, that growth is picking up, that people are going back to work, that consumers are more optimistic. But we've got cold, hard numbers that tell an entirely different story... Read more...