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With Grocery Prices Soaring, This High-Tech Food Play Belongs on Your Shopping List

Aside from the continued sell-off in U.S. tech stocks, one of yesterday’s top financial news stories was the fact that U.S. inflation is accelerating – and at a pace that’s exceeding forecasts.

And the surge in food prices is one of the big catalysts…

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    It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words simply can't. Here's a look at some of the fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important numbers that the world has put up on the board recently - and why you need to know them.
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  • Stock Market News Today: What and Who to Watch

    After last week's onslaught of economic indicators and earnings reports, the stock market today is down in morning trade.

    As earnings season winds down, this week has fewer economic reports in the pipeline and the stock market today is slightly weighed.

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