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Uber Stock Has Major Problem Despite Newest $680 Million Acquisition

Wall Street wants a piece of Uber stock badly.

And after the company made a $680 million purchase to improve its self-driving car technology, the demand has only increased.

But instead of just following the herd, you may want to reconsider adding the ride-hailing service to your portfolio. You see, the Uber IPO has a major issue...


Upcoming IPOs to Watch in September: NTB, FBK, EVBG, FMAX, AZRX

There's a lot of activity on our upcoming IPOs calendar.

Five companies in the tech, finance, and health care sector are expected to raise $467 million in proceeds.

Here's everything you need to know about this week's IPO deals...


The Spotify IPO Has a Growing $57 Million Problem

The Spotify IPO won 't happen until 2017, but Wall Street is excited for the streaming service to go public.

But Spotify has a growing problem you need to know about before throwing your money at the Swedish company.

In fact, this is a growing $57 million problem that Spotify may not be able to stop. Here 's everything you need to know...


What Yogi Berra Can Tell Us About Zuckerberg’s Facebook Plans

New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra will go down in history as one of the greatest catchers who ever played the game.

He captured 10 World Series titles as a player, was a three-time American League MVP, and won pennants in both leagues as a manager, too.

But his Hall of Fame career isn't all that this baseball icon, who passed away last year, is remembered for.

Many also remember him for his "Yogi-isms," his short and often confusing words of wisdom or funny sayings that mashed a few different ideas together.

These include "It's like déjà vu all over again," "You can observe a lot by just watching," and "Even Napoleon had his Watergate."

These aren't just funny one-liners.

They have real-life applications.

In fact, one of my favorite Yogi-isms can be applied to one of my absolute favorite tech stocks right now.

Let me show you...


When Is the Airbnb IPO Date?

Home-sharing company Airbnb is engaging in another round of hefty funding, leaving anxious investors asking when we will see the Airbnb IPO date.

While we have no official IPO date set, here's when you can expect to see the Airbnb IPO...


A U.S. Bitcoin IPO Is Closer Than You Think

While the first Bitcoin IPO is not imminent, it's not all that distant, either.

Several leading Bitcoin startups are already several years old and, more importantly, have advanced to the later stages of their venture capital funding. That means we could see the a Bitcoin IPO on a U.S. exchange in less than two years.

These four leading contenders have the best chances to become the first Bitcoin IPO...


Uber IPO Takes Major Blow Today from Chinese Competitor

Before the Uber IPO, CEO Travis Kalanick is throwing in the towel on UberChina.

The ride-hailing service is being bought by rival Didi Chuxing.

Uber was previously losing $1 billion a year in China, so this will save some money. But there's an even bigger threat to Uber's profitability that no one is talking about...


The Biggest Threat to the Uber IPO Was Just Revealed

Investors are anxiously waiting to get their hands on the Uber IPO.

The ride-hailing service already has a massive valuation at $66 billion, and Uber is one of the most exciting tech companies not publicly traded.

But on July 20, there was an announcement made that could cut into Uber's profits. In fact, it could eventually run Uber out of business if Uber doesn't raise more money to grow right now...


Upcoming IPO Calendar This Week Led by Bioventus IPO (Nasdaq: BIOV)

This week's upcoming IPO calendar includes four companies set to raise a combined $424 million.

July has been a tremendous month for the IPO market as several offerings outperform the broader market.

Here's what you need to know about July's IPO performance and this week's deals...


4 New IPOs This Week Led by Patheon IPO (NYSE: PTHN)

There are four IPOs this week that are set to raise a combined $876 million.

One of these four companies will also become the fourth-largest initial public offering of 2016.

Here's everything you need to know about this week's deals...