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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides as Fed Rate Hike Odds Increase

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell another 53 points today as investors continue to keep a close eye on the actions of the Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole.

Here's everything else that was moving markets today, and the top investing tips from our team of gurus...


How to Survive the Fed and Thrive into Retirement

The Fed's plan to pump markets to new highs has worked – at the cost of your savings.

But with these three steps, you can thrive your way into retirement...

The Fed

Here's When the Next Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike Could Happen

FOMC minutes from the July 26-27 meeting suggested an interest rate increase is possible as early as September.

But with voting members decidedly divided, a Federal Reserve interest rate hike next month looks highly unlikely.

In fact, an interest rate increase this year is questionable at best...

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FOMC Meeting Today – What Team Yellen Just Doesn't Understand

The FOMC concluded its policy meeting today with its latest policy statement and economic and interest rate projections.

As expected, the central bank left rates unchanged and turned more dovish.

Here's what investors need to know and what our experts have to say about the Fed's actions in 2016...

The Fed

Three Things to Watch Ahead of the FOMC Meeting – and One Way to Profit

Jobs and GDP won't be the main topics at this week's FOMC meeting. The Fed's watching these three metrics instead – and you should be, too.

Here's everything you need to know - as well as the best way to play the impending market panic...

Global Markets

These Two Stock Market Crash Warning Signs Are More Powerful Than a Yellen Speech

For now, the Yellen speech about the Federal Reserve's confidence in the global markets is helping to prop up the Dow Jones Industrial Average – but the risks of a stock market crash still exist.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen stated that she still expects the economy to grow, and that the U.S. should be ready for more rate hikes in 2016.

But no matter how confident Yellen is, there are two clear signs that an economic collapse and market crash are imminent. Here's what you need to know...

Trading Strategies

How to Add 326% to Your Portfolio Ahead of the Fed's Next Press Conference

After yet more lackluster economic data and the dovish tone from the Fed's April meeting, many investors are anxious about where markets are going next.

But with this strategy, you can invest with peace of mind - and beat the markets by 326%. Here's how...

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April FOMC Meeting: What We Learned from Yellen Today

No one expected today's FOMC meeting to end with an interest rate hike, and that was indeed the outcome.

The Fed left interest rates unchanged and signaled it will remain accommodative.

Here's what we learned from the April meeting and the massive profit opportunity we've found.

FOMC Meeting

What to Expect at the April FOMC Meeting This Week

The U.S. Federal Reserve gathers for its two-day meeting this week, and here's what investors can expect at the April FOMC meeting.

No change in policy is expected, but tone, as always, will be key.

Here's the move you need to make ahead of this week's meeting...

The Fed

Before the April FOMC Meeting, This Is the One Investment to Make  

The next U.S. FOMC meeting is scheduled for April 26-27.

Money Morning Resource Investing Specialist Peter Krauth shares the one investment to make before the upcoming FOMC meeting.

Here's what you need to know about the meeting and the investment...