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The 5 Best Stocks to Buy Now to Play the $6.5 Trillion Fintech Boom

With blockchain technology on its way to fueling a $6.5 trillion economy, investors are looking for the stocks to buy now to profit from this extraordinary opportunity.

These stocks aren't obscure companies, but established financial industry players that already are investing heavily in this new technology.

These five stocks to buy now are at the forefront of the blockchain revolution...


3 Tips for Finding Top Stocks to Buy

The top stocks to buy now can be found in different ways, but it's good to start here.

We outline some tips for buying stocks and finding the best.

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Tesla Stock Price Drop Today Is Just a Short-Term Blip

The Tesla stock price drop today should not be a long-term concern for worried shareholders.

In fact, after a more than a 2% decline to $240 shortly after Tuesday's open, shares had recouped losses and were trading up at $247.49.

Here's why we're so bullish on TSLA and the new $488 billion market the company is targeting...

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The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Buy for April 2016

Investors are always on the hunt for the best penny stocks to buy because of their potential to post huge profits in a short period of time.

Today we bring readers our top three penny stocks for April 2016.

Keep reading to find out what makes the trio stand out...

Penny Stocks

5 Hot Penny Stocks This Week Include This 114% Winner

We found five hot penny stocks this week all with at least 10% gains. And one of these hot penny stocks has already brought investors a profit of 114% in a short period of time.

Here's why each of these hot penny stocks is soaring this week, and has room for even more gains from here...


Twitter Stock Falls Today After Website Outage, Casts Shadow Over TWTR's Biggest Factor

The Twitter stock price is trading at all-time lows today after users in Europe and North America reported outages on Twitter's website.

The outages are only part of the reason the stock is plummeting, however, and CEO Jack Dorsey is desperately trying to add new users before the company reports earnings on Feb. 3.

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The Best Investments to Hold in 2016

As usual, none of Wall Street's so-called "top strategists" in a recent Barron's survey are calling for stocks to decline in 2016. All of them are calling for the bull market to continue next year.

Their 2016 S&P 500 forecasts varied from a groupthink low of 2,100 (Goldman Sachs' David Kostin) to a groupthink high of 2,500 (Federated Investors' Stephen Auth). Most of the rest were crowded around 2,200.

My own forecast practically puts me off this chart altogether.

Here it is...


Where the Fitbit Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

xFitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) stock is up 38.7% during its six-month run as a public company.

And our Fitbit stock price prediction shows the firm will maintain that momentum in 2016.

In fact, we see shares moving higher next year for two important reasons...


Why the GoPro Stock Price Dropped 17% This Week (Nasdaq: GPRO)

The GoPro stock price was down another 2% in early trading this morning (Friday).

GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) stock has now dropped 16.7% from Wednesday's closing price after the company missed on top and bottom line estimates for Q3 earnings.

Here's just how bad GoPro earnings were...


What Pushed Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: VRX) Stock to Finally Collapse Yesterday

On October 4, I singled out Valeant Pharmaceuticals as a deeply troubled company, one that was emblematic of just about everything that's corrupt and toxic in today's markets.

The hedge funds loved Valeant thanks to its practice of buying other drug companies using junk bond financing, firing most of their employees – and then sharply hiking the prices of the drugs to which they'd just acquired the rights.

That's an ugly business model. It came into sharp focus in September when Turing Pharmaceuticals' Martin Shkreli bragged about hiking the price of a vital drug essentially just because he could, bringing a ton of bricks in public and political wrath down on the industry's collective head.

Now, I expected VRX shares to plunge, but that ton of bricks landed harder and faster than I thought. And wave after wave of bad news – now including allegations of outright criminal behavior – brought the shares down 40% in one morning, from $148 to below $89 yesterday. The shares eventually rebounded to $118, but not for any good reason.

As you're about to see, for as far as its fallen already, this rotten company could fall a lot farther before it finally craters...