trading strategies

Trading strategies

How to Handle More Than 40 Triple-Digit Winners

One of the sweetest “problems” investors can have is deciding how to handle their triple-digit winners. It can get confusing for some.

Let me show you...

Trading Strategies

Newton Was Wrong… What Goes Up Doesn’t Always Come Down

Newton was wrong: Sometimes what goes up… stays up.

And when it comes to stocks, that can mean some of the best trading opportunities. Take a look...


[Chart] Speculative Trading on U.S. Markets Is at a Dangerous High

Speculative trading for long positions on the Dow and S&P 500's rise are at record highs for this year.

But evidence is showing the bulls don't have much to be bullish about...

Trading Strategies

Use These "Red Bull Strategies" to Stay Awake in This Sleepy Market

Our expert predicts tech stocks will lead a market rally before the year's out.

These three strategies will help you confidently position your portfolio for profits ahead of the surge...


Silicon Valley Has a Secret "Watch List" – and Now You Can, Too

Every top tech player has a "Silicon Valley Watch List" – a ranking of well-run firms with great products and excellent cash flow.

We unveil some of these must-have companies - and how to get in on their massive profit potential - right here...

Trading Strategies

The Secret to the Secret (of Big Profits)

Most investors can't predict the markets, but they don't need to.

This strategy is the secret to big profits - gains of 145%, 520%, and more - even in as a little as 10 years. Learn more here...

Trading Strategies

A Real Estate Investing Update for 2016

Real estate investing requires lots of research. So to get you started, we have an interview here with someone who has been following these markets for years.

Find out the latest real estate investing outlook here.

Trading Strategies

A Total Wealth Tactic to Trade Tesla Today

Many investors who believe in Tesla's long-term future can't bring themselves to buy now, but investing isn't a one-way street.

With this indicator, you can line up profits whether a stock moves up OR down...

Trading Strategies

Jim Chanos vs. Elon Musk – Here's How You Side with the Winner

TSLA is Jim Chanos' latest short target. Do you side with him… or Elon Musk?

Here we break down exactly what to do when a short seller targets a stock you love...

The Three Things That Could Move This Strange "Go-Nowhere" Market

The mid-July, post Brexit run-up has given way to a mild pullback and… wait for it… another sideways box.

For more than two weeks, the S&P 500 has been stuck in an amazing, maddening range of less than 1%.

This is an almost unheard-of level of inaction.

In fact, I went back through 10 years of data and could not find any other occurrences of a two-week range that was this tight.

This is really strange. But the good news is, it can't last.

Here's what I think will happen...