China Warns Japan It's "Playing with Fire" in South China Sea

China warns Japan against "playing with fire" in the contested waters of the South China Sea…

Even though Beijing started the fight itself...


3 Stocks on Death Watch in October

These three stocks are on death watch in October, so be sure to avoid them.

There's a high likelihood these companies will fail, and any investors caught unaware will get pummeled.

Check out our list now...


Why the Price of Crude Oil Soared This Week

The price of crude oil was modestly lower today (Thursday) following a strong rally late Wednesday sparked by news that global oil leaders reached an agreement on production.

OPEC members will not actually decide on an oil production cap until late November.

Here are the key details...

Wall Street

The Real Wells Fargo Scam Is a Reckless "Do Whatever It Takes" Culture No One Stopped

The Wells Fargo scam reveals how deeply rooted the culture of rule breaking had become at the big bank.

But the employees aren't nearly as much to blame as the top management, which created an atmosphere so hostile and threatening that workers had almost no choice but to engage in unethical behavior.

Here's the shocking truth - and why it was allowed to go on for years...


Will the Debate Rock the Stock Market Today?

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Our Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald weighed in on the potential in a roundtable appearance on FOX Business' "Varney & Co."...

Federal Reserve

Larry Summers: Fed Rate Hike Right Now Would Shock the Economy

Larry Summers, former undersecretary for International Affairs, just went on an epic Twitter rant.

And his corpulent comments were aimed directly at the Federal Reserve...


Beware of the GoPro Stock Price Rally Today

The GoPro stock price jumped more than 6% intraday (Monday) to $16.44, bringing its weekly gain to nearly 20%.

But beware of this GoPro stock price rally. This is not a good time to buy into the surging GPRO stock price.

Here's why...


What's in Trump's Economic Plan?

Trump's economic plan has been criticized for lacking specifics, like how the candidate will pay for it.

On Thursday, Trump is set to clarify his plan for the economy in a big speech to the Economic Club of New York.

Our Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani reacts to the news on Fox Business' "Varney & Co."...


8 Times the Government Was Warned About Obamacare Fraud – and Did Nothing

Watchdogs have reported Obamacare fraud to Uncle Sam eight times – but to no avail.

Here's a look at their warnings and how these unfixed problems cost you...

The Fed

September FOMC Meeting: What to Watch for Now

The September FOMC meeting is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for market watchers.

That's why we're highlighting what to watch for at the Sept. 20-21 gathering.

While an interest rate hike is unlikely, here's what the Fed could do...