Uber Stock Has Major Problem Despite Newest $680 Million Acquisition

Wall Street wants a piece of Uber stock badly.

And after the company made a $680 million purchase to improve its self-driving car technology, the demand has only increased.

But instead of just following the herd, you may want to reconsider adding the ride-hailing service to your portfolio. You see, the Uber IPO has a major issue...


The Uber IPO Date Just Hit a Major Roadblock

There's no official date, but when the Uber IPO date is set, investors will have their calendars marked.

Wall Street is eagerly awaiting what would be the hottest IPO of the year.

But because of a rejected court settlement, the Uber IPO could be in trouble. In fact, the company could lose billions before the IPO even happens...


Uber IPO Takes Major Blow Today from Chinese Competitor

Before the Uber IPO, CEO Travis Kalanick is throwing in the towel on UberChina.

The ride-hailing service is being bought by rival Didi Chuxing.

Uber was previously losing $1 billion a year in China, so this will save some money. But there's an even bigger threat to Uber's profitability that no one is talking about...


Ahead of Uber IPO Date, Firm Raises Another $1.15 Billion

Ahead of the still unknown Uber IPO date, the leading car-hailing firm just raised another $1.15 billion.

Uber has been stockpiling cash amid increasing regulatory and competitive pressures.

Here's what it means for the upcoming IPO...


The Real Reason Eric Holder Bats for Uber (Hint: Follow the Money)

Former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder is backing Uber against various policymakers, citing social injustices.

But he's not doing it for free - you just have to follow the money...


Uber IPO Still Has $4.1 Billion Problem Despite Saudi Investment

The Uber IPO is one of the most talked about events on Wall Street, and investors can't wait to get their hands on Uber stock.

And after the ride-hailing service just secured a $3.5 billion investment from Saudi Arabia, it seems like there's no stopping this transportation disruptor.

But despite having a $62.5 billion valuation, Uber has a massive problem. In fact, it has a problem that could cost the company $4 billion annually. Here's what it is...


Uber IPO Takes a Massive Hit from Major Competitor Today

The Uber IPO took a massive hit from a major competitor today with Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) announcement it's investing $1 billion in Didi Chuxing, Uber's biggest ride-sharing competitor in China.

Uber appeared to shrug off the news, but the development is troubling for the ride-sharing app.

Here's what you need to know...


Uber IPO Looks Less Appealing After Firm Loses $8.6 Million in Texas

The Uber IPO is starting to look less appealing for investors after a major issue in Austin, Texas.

You see, the company lost on a ballot known as Proposition 1, which would have overturned requirements for more detailed driver background checks.

Uber decided to threaten that it would suspend its services in one of America's biggest cities. Why would it do this? Here's everything you need to know...


Uber IPO: Today's $100 Million Settlement Could Scare Potential Investors

We still don't have an exact date for the Uber IPO, but the transportation disruptor will have to pay out up to $100 million to settle lawsuits in California and Massachusetts.

But this will allow Uber to continue to classify those drivers as independent contractors.

With all the hype around this company, investors are asking Money Morning if Uber stock will be a good investment. Here's everything you need to know...


Uber IPO Date Delayed Again – One Major Flaw Uber Must Address

The Uber IPO isn't happening anytime soon, according to CEO Travis Kalanick.

Kalanick stated in a recent interview that he has a moral obligation to provide returns for his current investors and employees with equity.

But because of Uber's business model, investors need to be more concerned about this fundamental flaw than the delayed IPO...