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Why Clinton's Fundraising Beats Trump's – Even in Republican-Dominated Industries

Clinton's fundraising far outpaces Trump's with industries that typically back Republican candidates, like finance and energy.

It turns out there are several reasons behind the odd disparity...


Did Donald Trump Bribe a Would-Be Trump U. Investigator?

Did Donald Trump try to bribe Florida AG Pam Bondi over the Trump U. case?

News reports that emerged just this morning point to "yes, indeed"...


Why Trump's Fundraising Lag Gives Him Unprecedented Edge Over Clinton (Yes, It's Counterintuitive)  

Donald Trump's fundraising lag behind Hillary Clinton, as opposed to the media's narrative, is actually a good thing.

In a bizarre turn of events, there's evidence that it's helping his image.

Here's what we mean...


The Top 5 Corporate Donors of "Hard Money" for Election 2016

The top five corporate donors are giving major bucks to Republicans and Democrats this election cycle…

They're giving what's called "hard money" in support of the candidates.

Here's what hard money is and the top five corporations giving the most of it...


Hillary Clinton Leaked Documents Reveal Diva Demands

Yesterday, a trove of leaked documents on Hillary Clinton's expense demands was made public via The Smoking Gun.

The dossiers revealed the former secretary of state was quite the diva when it came to speaking engagements...


The Clinton Foundation Got Big Bucks from Nations that 'Fund Extremist Organizations'

The Clinton Foundation has caused yet another conflict of interest for Hillary Clinton.

And this one could lead to some future troubles for Clinton, especially with Donald Trump nipping at her heels...


Unseen, Damaging Clinton Emails Will Be Released, Warns WikiLeaks Founder

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed on Sunday that he has enough unreleased Hillary Clinton emails to get an FBI indictment recommendation.

Here's what he had to say, and what he thinks will happen to the former secretary of state...


How Big Money in Politics Bought a Presidential Election – in 1896

Big money in politics has become a growing concern over the past couple of election cycles. And for good reason.

It's been 120 years, but a U.S. presidential election was bought by the rich and powerful. Back then it was "robber barons" like John D. Rockefeller. Today it's billionaire investors like George Soros.

But the story of the 1896 election shows how easy it is for big money donors to buy an election – even one for the White House.

Here's what happened...


Is This Hillary Clinton Voter Fraud?

Voter fraud in the Democratic primaries is looking more and more likely, as a series of anomalies have almost invariably favored Hillary Clinton.

The trouble started with accusations in the Iowa caucuses. Since then, discrepancies in exit polls, inconsistent vote counts, and voters turned away at polls have tainted more than a dozen primary results.

And it's not just supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders that have voiced concerns.

These particular allegations are extremely disturbing...


How Dark Money Groups Skirt Government Regulations

Dark money groups are subject to many laws and regulations. But these restrictions aren't enforced effectively….

These political "advocacy" groups are notorious for exploiting campaign finance loopholes.

Here's how they do it, and why the government can't do anything about it...