2016 Campaign Scandals


Did Donald Trump Bribe a Would-Be Trump U. Investigator?

Did Donald Trump try to bribe Florida AG Pam Bondi over the Trump U. case?

News reports that emerged just this morning point to "yes, indeed"...


Hillary Clinton Leaked Documents Reveal Diva Demands

Yesterday, a trove of leaked documents on Hillary Clinton's expense demands was made public via The Smoking Gun.

The dossiers revealed the former secretary of state was quite the diva when it came to speaking engagements...


The Clinton Foundation Got Big Bucks from Nations that 'Fund Extremist Organizations'

The Clinton Foundation has caused yet another conflict of interest for Hillary Clinton.

And this one could lead to some future troubles for Clinton, especially with Donald Trump nipping at her heels...


Unseen, Damaging Clinton Emails Will Be Released, Warns WikiLeaks Founder

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed on Sunday that he has enough unreleased Hillary Clinton emails to get an FBI indictment recommendation.

Here's what he had to say, and what he thinks will happen to the former secretary of state...


Is This Hillary Clinton Voter Fraud?

Voter fraud in the Democratic primaries is looking more and more likely, as a series of anomalies have almost invariably favored Hillary Clinton.

The trouble started with accusations in the Iowa caucuses. Since then, discrepancies in exit polls, inconsistent vote counts, and voters turned away at polls have tainted more than a dozen primary results.

And it's not just supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders that have voiced concerns.

These particular allegations are extremely disturbing...


Anti-Trump Protesters Allegedly Paid, Trained by Hillary Clinton Campaign

There are rumors circulating the Internet and blogosphere that some Trump protesters are being paid thousands to protest the GOP front-runner's events.

One Trump protester came forward with the truth...

2016 Election

Were These Hillary Clinton Speaking Fees Backdoor Donations in Disguise?

The troubles from the Hillary Clinton speaking fees seem to have no end.

She's already under fire for taking more than $600,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speaking appearances in 2013. Now there's evidence that speaking fees she collected in early 2015 were routed to her then-launching presidential campaign.

This is the sort of behavior that explains why more than half of American voters believe Hillary Clinton can't be trusted...


Hillary Clinton's Greatest Fear from FBI Probe Isn't About Email

The Hillary Clinton campaign faces a double-edged threat from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe of the former secretary of state's private email server.

In addition to violations involving the improper storage and transmission of classified material, the investigation could reveal that Clinton Foundation donations from corporations as well as foreign governments influenced decisions Hillary Clinton made as secretary of state.

And from what we know so far, the odds of the FBI finding such a connection are dangerously high...


Cruz Campaign Accuses Kasich of Fraud in Montana

The Cruz campaign is pushing to have rival John Kasich knocked off Montana's ballot.

The Associated Press had obtained emails from the Texas senator's party that revealed their one major hang-up.

Here's everything you need to know about Cruz's latest crusade to make the GOP primary a two-man contest...


The Hillary Clinton FBI Probe Is Almost Over

The Hillary Clinton FBI probe has reached a new phase – one that signals the investigation is finally coming to an end.

But that doesn't mean Hillary is out of the woods.

Here's the FBI's next phase for Clinton and her aides...