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How Dark Money Groups Skirt Government Regulations

Dark money groups are subject to many laws and regulations. But these restrictions aren't enforced effectively….

These political "advocacy" groups are notorious for exploiting campaign finance loopholes.

Here's how they do it, and why the government can't do anything about it...


Here's How Much Dark Money Could Be Spent in Election 2016

Dark money groups have a powerful role in influencing the votes of Americans during elections.

And the 2016 election could be one of the biggest years for dark money spending ever, according to the head of the dark money research team at the Center for Responsive Politics.

Here's why...


Dark Money Part 1: The Rise of Super PACs

Super PACs and dark money organizations have incredible sway over American election cycles. But it wasn't always that way.

It all started in 2010 with this landmark court case that changed the face of American politics...


Dark Money Part 2: The Karl Rove Machination

Dark money nonprofits have incredible sway over American election cycles. They're hard to trace, and donors can give to them confidentially.

Karl Rove, a Republican strategist, has taken the power of these political nonprofits to new extremes...

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2016 Election Campaign Contributions Total $250 Million So Far – Here's the Breakdown

As of Aug. 31, election campaign contributions for the 2016 presidential race total roughly $250 million.

That's the amount we gleaned from the most recent data. The site categorized the amount raised by "campaign committees and outside groups" for each Democrat and Republican candidate. It includes Super PACs, PACs, 501(c) Groups, campaign committees, and more.

Here's a breakdown of the cash each candidate has brought in so far from these sources...