How Much the 2016 Candidates Are Worth


Follow the Money: Biggest Campaign Contributors 2016, by Company and Industry

Campaign contributors 2016: Politicians famously fail to follow through on their campaign promises once elected.

For recent examples, look no further than U.S. President Barack Obama, or Republican congressional leaders. Obama has kept less than half (45%) the promises he made during the 2008 and 2012 presidential cycles, according to PolitiFact. Meanwhile, GOP members in Congress have delivered on only 38% of their 2010 campaign pledges.

Contenders in the 2016 presidential election will likely follow the trend.

That's why it's important to "follow the money" – cash flow can be a much better indicator of politicians' true agenda than their actual words.

We used unbiased FEC data compiled by to identify the top campaign contributors to each of the 2016 presidential candidates, by company and by industry...


How Much Money Does Donald Trump Have?

How much money does Donald Trump have? Well, that's a very good question.

The answer depends on the source, the day, the month, Trump's mood…

Here are the varying accounts made public regarding how much money the real estate mogul really has...


Bernie Sanders Net Worth: Not in the One Percent

Bernie Sanders' net worth: Does the notoriously liberal Democratic candidate rail so hard against "the one percent" because he's not in it?

You gotta give the guy credit – he lives modestly for a U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful.

Here's "The Bern's" net worth - and how he measures up to his opponents...

2016 Presidential Election

John Kasich Net Worth: A Penny Saved Is a Penny Not Spent on Fishing Gear

John Kasich net worth: The 2016 candidate released his personal financial statement on July 31. Alone, he's worth $2.5 million. His family's combined net worth, however, is a different story….

The filing was the most detailed account the public has gotten of the Ohio governor's personal wealth.

Here's a look at Kasich's cash...

2016 Presidential Election

Jeb Bush Net Worth: It's All There in the Tax Returns

Jeb Bush Net Worth: The former Florida governor doesn't shy away from making his personal finances known. In fact, he recently released 33 years' worth of tax returns.

But even more impressive than his personal finances are those of his campaign.

Here's a look at how Jeb is doing financially, and whether or not he's the right fiscal conservative for America's most important job...

2016 Presidential Election

Chris Christie Net Worth: Wealthier Than He May Think

Chris Christie Net Worth: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie doesn't consider himself wealthy. Rather, he considers himself "not wealthy" by "current standards."

But there's been some research done on the New Jersey governor's financials.

Politically, he's definitely more conservative. Financially? Not so much...

2016 Presidential Election

Scott Walker's Campaign Fundraising Strategy, Beyond the Cheesesteak

Scott Walker's campaign fundraising strategy stands out among the crowded GOP field – and not because of his recent gaffe with a Philadelphia cheesesteak. In fact, it involves an "army" and two "seasoned generals."

But is it possible for the Wisconsin governor to gather steam at this point?

Several folks seem to think so. Here's how he plans to amass the millions his colleagues already have...

2016 Presidential Election

Rand Paul Net Worth: The Rich and Poor of It

Rand Paul net worth: While he has a fervid following and family clout, this Kentucky Senator's finances may surprise you.

The wealthy Republican lacks campaign money compared to his GOP competition.

Here's a look at Rand Paul's net worth - both personal and when it comes to his race to the presidency...

2016 Presidential Election

Ted Cruz Net Worth: Assets and Liabilities

Ted Cruz net worth: It became the subject of debate in 2012. That's when Cruz and his wife, Heidi, poured their entire life savings into his campaign.

This hefty donation, by the way, paid off.

Now here's what the Texas senator has on the books for his presidential run...


Donald Trump Bankruptcy: A Breakdown Ahead of the 2016 Elections

On June 16, lightning rod entrepreneur Donald Trump became the twelfth Republican to announce candidacy for his party's nomination in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The move thrust the multi-billionaire's finances into the spotlight…

You see, Donald Trump's net worth currently stands at $4.1 billion. And yet the Donald Trump bankruptcy count sits at four.

However, the strength (or weakness) of Trump's financial track record going into the 2016 election lies in understanding exactly what those four Donald Trump bankruptcies were – the answer might surprise you.

Let's take a look...