Super Pac Threat to Democracy


How Super PACs Are Being Used to Influence Republican Delegates

Super PACs are in the media spotlight again for tampering with our nation's electoral process.

This time, they're trying to influence the votes of Republican delegates when they become unbound in a contested convention.

Here's what this means, and why it matters for the Republican candidates...


Why a Ted Cruz Super PAC Gave $500,000 to Carly Fiorina

A Ted Cruz super PAC made an odd donation back in June 2015. It was in support of one of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's main Republican opponents at the time. And now there's a conspiracy it was a part of a cover up for Cruz's alleged sex scandal.

The super PAC Keep the Promise I, which supports Ted Cruz, gave $500,000 to support former tech executive Carly Fiorina's Super PAC, Carly for America. The Washington Post first broke the story back in late July.

Super PACs that explicitly support a candidate almost never give in support of other rival candidates. The donation was so uncanny that the Federal Election Commission even flagged the activity.


Is the GOP Making a Super PAC to Get Rid of Donald Trump?

Yes, the Republican establishment is leery of front-runner Donald Trump.

But until recently, not much has been done about is. Especially not financially. Until one former GOP advisor spoke up and urged the establishment to act now.

Here's how members of the Republican moneyed elite are banding together to stop Trump.


Here's Where Jeb Bush's Super PAC Money Will Go Now

What will become of Jeb Bush's super PAC money?

Will it go back to his megadonors? Will it be spent?

Here's a look at how the former Florida governor's bounty could be spent now that he's out of the race...