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Fitbit Stock Price Today Tanks 15% – What Investors Need to Know Now

The Fitbit stock price is tanking today after it dropped 15% to $14.96. That drop happened despite a strong earnings report.

But there was one major number in the earnings report that is sending the FIT stock price lower today. Here's what you need to know...


Should I Buy Fitbit Stock Now? (NYSE: FIT)

The Fitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) stock price is up 26.6% since the company went public in June, but shares have plunged 21.1% in the last three months.

The recent volatility has investors wondering if they should buy Fitbit stock now.

Here's how you can play the tech leader today...


What Is the Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) Stock Price Today?

The Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) stock price today opened at $30.40 a share.

Last night, the Fitbit IPO priced above its $17 to $19 range at $20. The deal raised $732 million.

Here's more on FIT stock and where it's headed over the long term...


How Does Fitbit Make Money? (NYSE: FIT)

The Fitbit IPO hits the market today, June 18. It's one of the most anticipated deals of 2015 so far and is the highest valued tech IPO of the year.

All of the hype begs an obvious question – how does Fitbit make money?

Here's how the wearable tech company has managed to remain profitable over the years...


CHART: How the Fitbit Valuation Compares to Other Tech IPOs

The pre-IPO Fitbit valuation is $3.7 billion. The company's IPO will raise $621 million by selling 29.85 million shares.

But how does the Fitbit valuation compare to other popular tech IPOs?

This chart shows the pre-IPO valuations of the biggest tech deals since January 2014...


The Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) Share Price Depends on This Huge Threat

The Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) share price will likely soar in its debut if it follows the typical first-day trading pattern.

But the long-term performance of FIT stock depends on its ability to maintain its huge market share.

That's because there's another company that poses a huge threat to Fitbit's products...


Why the Fitbit IPO Price Range Was Revised Today

The Fitbit IPO price range increased this morning (Tuesday) by $3 to $17 to $19.

The newly revised deal will raise $621 million – roughly 39% more proceeds than the previous $448 million.

Here's everything you need to know about why the Fitbit IPO price was revised today...


The Fitbit IPO Leads 11 Upcoming IPOs This Week (NYSE: FIT)

There are 11 upcoming IPOs this week expected to raise a combined $1.63 billion.

The largest and most anticipated deal this week is the Fitbit IPO, which will be the first consumer electronics IPO since GoPro.

Here’s a look at the Fitbit IPO and the rest of this week’s upcoming IPO calendar...

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