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July 2007 - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From

U.S. Stocks Rebound, Aided by Upbeat Profit Reports

By Jason Simpkins Following a week in which U.S. stocks posted their worst showing since March 2003, shares yesterday posted some solid gains after a day of choppy trading. After being down as much as 46 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reversed course and rebounded to gain nearly 93 points, or 0.70%, to close […]

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The U.S. Credit Crunch Reaches from Main Street to Wall Street

The "credit crunch" that started on Main Street with the U.S. housing market has now spread to Wall Street. But the next question is how bad this liquidity squeeze will get: At it worst, it could terminate the buyout wave that's been a big part of the reason U.S. stock prices have achieved record highs this summer – sending U.S. shares into a tailspin. And that, in turn, would turn into a bear-market contagion that spreads to international market.

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Defensive Investing is One Key to Profits in Uncertain Markets

The world's stock markets have taken to making sharp downward lurches recently, worrying even those investors who made good profits from the record market upswings. At some point, these lurches could turn into a genuine bear market, a reality that raises that age-old investor question: Is there anywhere to hide?

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