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Credit Crisis Expert Shah Gilani to Address Obama Stimulus Profit Plays in Free Webinar

By Don Miller
Contributing Writer
Money Morning

After myopic deregulation and some high-finance hijinks combined to wipe out more than $6 trillion of shareholder wealth over the past year, it’s no surprise that Wall Street is destined for some big regulatory changes.

Those new rules will completely alter the game – indeed, the entire stock-market landscape – for investors.

But big profits are there for the taking by investors who understand just what those changes are and how to play them.

The best person to ask about those changes is Money Morning Contributing Editor Shah Gilani. Gilani, a retired hedge-fund manager and noted expert on the global financial crisis, will host a post-Inauguration “Web summit” that talks about the pending regime change in Washington and what it means for investors in the coming months.

The Jan. 22 session – entitled “The Regime Change in Washington Triggers War on Wall Street” – is free of charge to investors who register in advance. It will start at 7 p.m. EST.

Those who tune in can expect to get candid insights not available on your favorite cable-TV finance show or in the business section of your local newspaper.

“Wall Street doubletalk got us into this crisis; I hear more excuses than straight talk. Most of the dialogue is noise,” said Gilani, the editor of the “Trigger Event Strategist” and a commentator who is known for his deep connections inside the investment-banking world of Wall Street. “The truth may be difficult to swallow, but without hearing it, there’s not much hope for finding the right way out of the maze.”

Gilani will show investors how to interpret recent moves by lawmakers and their cronies to unlock the credit markets, and what’s really behind the recent machinations taking place in the power alleys of Wall Street and in the halls of government down on Capitol Hill. With this insight, investors will be able to proactively strengthen their investing portfolios in the face of an escalating credit crisis and deteriorating financial markets – whose ripple effects are only now manifesting themselves in Europe, India and other markets abroad.

“The webinar will echo Obama's message of ‘Change’ – what has changed, what will change and what the changes will mean for investors,” said Gilani, adding that “we will also examine how investors can tell whether changes will be good for them or not, and how to profit from change, whether the market goes up or down.”

Other hot-button topics to be covered will include:

  • What banks are really doing with their bailout money …
  • The "back-room" dealings made by lobbyists and legislators …
  • Why investor interest in private equity will never be the same …
  • Why new regulation will change everything.

Time allowing, he may give investors a heads up on game changing events likely to occur from economic trends triggered by “Obamanomics,” the Barack Obama Administration’s nebulous stimulus package, and whether that stimulus will be enough to jumpstart the U.S. economic engine.

Gilani’s distinguished investing career began immediately after college graduation, when heleveraged $10 million into $100 million while trading from his own seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He followed up with an enormously successful stint on the trading desk at Lloyd’s Bank (LYG), where he designed hedging strategies for the bank’s capital investments. 

His experience includes trading billions of dollars in the bond and credit markets for old line Boston and New York investment banks and trading houses. He subsequently started his own hedge fund and retired at the young age of 52.

His investment analysis now provides the basis for the “Trigger Event Strategist,” an investment service focusing on how to profit from the “aftershocks” of the current financial crisis.  The service is affiliated with the Money Morning global investing news service, as well as with the monthly investment newsletter, The Money Map Report.

Investors should sign up early; those who do will be able to also submit questions in advance for Gilani’s consideration. Click here for more information, including instructions on how to sign up for the free web summit.


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  1. John Parken | January 12, 2009

    Your link doesn't work for signing up for the webinar by Shah!

  2. FilipeAlvesFerreira | January 12, 2009

    The better finantial recipe is the money-to-money link to Gool-Bama-Cash for the personalized money into upgraded Economy 4G3W.

  3. Helena Young | January 14, 2009

    It's for sure nobody will know completely where the bailout money goes ,maybe some org is necessary to intendance the banks……

  4. marilyn milam | January 23, 2009

    Missed the webinar. Will a replay or download be available ?



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