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Global Investing News Briefs

Citigroup Ponders Reverse Stock Split; Goldman-led Group Makes Offer to USJ; GE Capital Finance Expects 2009 Profit; India Inflation at Two-Decade Low; Leading Indicators Drop; U.S. Throws Auto Parts Makers $5 Billion Lifeline; Microsoft Still Wants Yahoo; Cisco Buys Flip Video Maker Citigroup Inc. (C) floated the idea of a reverse stock split – ranging […]

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Fed's $1 Trillion Debt-Buying Plan Loosens Lending and Drains the Dollar

By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning While the U.S. Federal Reserve’s plan to buy more than $1 trillion in debt has helped unfreeze the credit markets, it has also effectively capped U.S. Treasury yields and undermined the dollar. And that’s caused commodities to soar as currency speculators and safe-haven investors head for higher ground. […]

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Lousy Quarter May Mean Prolonged FedEx, U.S. Recovery

By Don MillerAssociate EditorMoney Morning FedEx Corp. (FDX) said yesterday (Thursday) that its quarterly profits dropped by 75% – missing analyst estimates – and announced layoffs among other cost-cutting measures. FedEx, and its archrival, Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc (UPS), are considered bellwethers of U.S. economic activity because shipping volumes typically increase during healthy economic […]

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As Financial Scams Go Global, Here’s How to Avoid Being Stung

[This is the sixth installment of a new series that is exploring ways for investors to recover from the U.S. financial crisis.]

Bernie Madoff's guilty plea to a decades-long $50 billion-plus Ponzi scheme pretty much guarantees the 70-year-old will have his likeness immortalized on the Mt. Rushmore of scammers.

The former NASDAQ chairman's December arrest – with collapsing U.S. and overseas stock markets as a backdrop – kicked up a firestorm that has forced investors to take a much-closer look at who was managing their investments. Scores of investors have lost their life savings, retirees found their nest eggs gone and countless charities discovered that they were essentially out of business; the cash that they once handed out to worthy causes had disappeared.

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Global Investment News Briefs

Fed will Buy up to $1 Trillion in Securities; Source: IBM Looking to Buy Sun; Record Hedge Funds Collapses in 2008; Stale Earnings at General Mills; World Bank: China Stabilizing; AIG Exec Asks for Bonus Money Back The U.S. Federal Reserve said yesterday (Thursday) that it will purchase up to $300 billion of longer-term Treasury […]

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China Blocks Coke’s Bid for Huiyuan, Jeopardizing Resource Deals in Australia

By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning Chinese regulators rejected Coca-Cola Co.'s (KO) $2.3 billion bid for China Huiyuan Juice Group Ltd., China's largest juice company. The move surprised many analysts, as it will make it easier for Western countries to prevent Chinese companies from acquiring overseas targets and discourage other large corporations from pursuing […]

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Is Brazil the 'New Saudi Arabia?'

By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor Money Morning With Exxon Mobil Corp.'s (XOM) new oil discovery off the coast of Brazil – the latest in a series of such offshore finds and potentially the largest Western Hemisphere discovery in three decades – the South American nation has taken another giant step in its quest to become […]

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