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How China is Torpedoing the U.S. Dollar…

The Federal Reserve isn't the only player driving down the value of the dollar. The Red Dragon is launching an attack of its own. China's recent deal with Argentina is just the beginning. Find out China's plan in this special report.

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Sid is the investment community's best-kept secret. Since 2009, he's served at Money Map Press as Director of Research, analyzing thousands of securities and profit opportunities for subscribers. He's an expert in identifying "alpha" potential in a wide variety of industries, but especially the small-cap sector, where he's discovered a pattern of profits that's almost foolproof. In Small-Cap Rocket Alert, Sid uses a single precise trigger - the "Launch Alarm" - that consistently forecasts when small-cap stocks are on the verge of propelling to new highs, making investors potentially life-changing gains in the process.

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  1. Karine | October 18, 2009

    I am just waiting for China to call the Banknote on America's reckless borrowing .. Unofficially we are already owned by China. So no whining or moaning ecause bthose at the helm created this mess to begin with ..
    I don't see any victims only stupid volunteers. In the end there is no such thing than easy money. The rest of the world looks down on us and who could blame them .. We don't even have a Healthcare System .. Well the Chinese do have one .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    If you're smart – start learning Chinese better sooner than later … Its coming folks ….

  2. UPU | October 18, 2009

    Wow! What a whiner u are!

    So, the rest of the world should continue to subsidise American to have a good life? It's wrong people try to avoid in the future your pulling them into your deep cesspool?

    By the way, if the BRIC nations and Japan plus some other EU countries are "undermining" American Dollar? Why did u single out China? Are U Sino-phobic? Anti-Chinese?

  3. J.C | October 19, 2009

    In the 1990's American corporations convinced American media that changing China from despotic rule to democracy necessitate investing in that country. In fact they only wanted to serve their own greediness.
    China is maybe communist but not imbecile, they open a free way to American companies so they make big money.In the same time to ask for transfer of technology.They not only pump many western technology, but they also spied on U.S.
    One after the other, U.S companies were of shoring to china and less and less American works while big U.S companies make a fortune. We are now at the end of the road.Its time to get those jobs back.

  4. Kwok | October 19, 2009

    Cheaper dollar does not help Uncle Sam to pay back its debt. Uncle Sam need a stronger dollar to keep printing money to pay back debt.

  5. CSS Ajax Galleries | October 20, 2009

    YEs world is moving toward the Gold and dollar is going down. China is the NExt superpower

  6. Mohammad Tariq | October 20, 2009

    All the world including American people are discomforting with the USA whole system (not only economic) back-up by Zionists. China is moving forward day by day to become a Super power. (

    • Harry Doyle | January 2, 2010

      China, India and Brazil are copying the Americans, so they can have their life style of Movies, Music, casual clothes, cars etc. And they are beating America at its own Game.

      The hateful ones despise this world, and want to destroy it, so they can live in a 7th century paradise. They are causing trouble in China, India, Russia and the rest of world.

  7. dan Johnson | October 20, 2009

    The Chinese economy is unsustainable and will require hugh inputs of raw materials from abroad which will be politically risky and open to shifting third world government actions. The Chinese will have to have military power to keep its supply lines open and the possibility of this is very low in any area but Asia. Even in Asia the anti Chinese feelings will limit the growrh of susutainable resources in the medium term.

    The hugh income disparity and population in China will implode and environmental and social disruptions will lead to replacement of the current model with an extreme totalitarian backlash.

    The yuan will be a bubble that grows large but will be full of air that will sucked out by commodity prices.

    • Herbert Yuen | January 28, 2010

      What you are saying is historically undeniable — that has been the evolution of major socio-political powers.
      However, you have not defined a time line; 150 to 250 years would be the likely scenario. You have compressed it to mere moments in your response.

  8. surendra gc | January 27, 2010

    is it a myth or a hype?federal deficiet of a country causing collossal negativity around the globe means they are the solution in itself as well.overspending is causing deficiet but what if america stops overspendig.more importantly where or what are america spending on . and deficiet is caused just due to those couple of wars n some bankers greediness , hard to fact expense due to such factors are peanut in the size of american where the money gone?are they spendin on pondora?

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