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Is a Second U.S. Stimulus Package Headed Our Way?

Is the recent market softness something to be worried about?

Not if U.S. President Barack Obama & Co. comes through with a second stimulus package – as I’m expecting.

Let me explain …

There are a few reasons to suspect that the softness we’ve been seeing will continue for a week or so. Small-cap stocks –  which continue to drag along like road kill caught on the rear bumper of the market – are our main cause of concern at the moment.

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  1. Jason Wade | November 17, 2009

    Anything that the Obama Administration is doing is focusing towards the Golden Age coming in 2013 and the government doesn't want anyone, especially me to know about this since they would come after me! The solution for a better economy doesn't stand in spending our way out when we all are broke! The solution is within our own history of where we came from and that's what is being kept secret from the public! Barack Obama knows about this!


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