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Money Morning Welcomes Its 2,000th Fan to Its Fast-Growing Facebook Community

Money Morning's Facebook page welcomed its 2,000th fan yesterday (Tuesday), part of our effort to boost visibility and increase communication with our valued readers.

In the two months since we redoubled our social-networking efforts – revamping our Facebook page and expanding our dialogue with readers – our Facebook following has grown by nearly 2,000 fans. As a formal "thank you" to our new "family," the fans who came closest to guessing when the 1,000 and 2,000 numbers would be reached received such prizes as autographed copies of Keith Fitz-Gerald's "Fiscal Hangover: How to Profit From The New Global Economy" and $100 gift cards.

Fans who join Money Morning's Facebook page receive daily updates on news stories, investment research and the latest developing trends. Our daily analysis and commentaries, as well as our "Top News" pieces are all posted. So are investment videos, financial analyst bios, our "Question of the Week" feature, informative graphics and charts and breaking news.

We have also started "Facebook Only" reports posted on our page exclusively for our devoted Facebook audience.

Thanks to an active and engaged community, many of the "Question of the Week" responses and "Mailbag" entries are adapted from thoughtful, insightful comments on our Facebook page, which gives readers another place to reach out to each other besides our end of story comments section. Often, a single remark sparks a follow-up comment or contradiction and leads to a fan dialogue or even a lengthy debate.

More than ever – given today's economic uncertainty, and the often-hard-to-analyze financial markets – having solid market intelligence is the key to success as an investor. Money Morning, with its panel of global investing experts, can bring you investing intelligence that you'll find nowhere else.

Through our free daily e-letter, our Web site ( and such newly emergent social-networking efforts such as Facebook and Twitter, Money Morning wants to keep you informed of the top news stories, best investment opportunities, and most important emerging trends. The variety of venues enables us to meet all manner of reader needs.

Communicating through comments, e-mails and Facebook allows us to expand upon the most-heavily read stories even as we deliver you the latest breaking news.

We want to continue hearing from you and making sure we are answering your questions and concerns, and fulfilling our promise to deliver "only the news you can profit from."

[Editor's Note: To view Money Morning's Facebook page and join our Facebook community to receive daily news updates and "Facebook Only" reports, please click here. You will be given the opportunity to create your own Facebook profile if you don't already have an account. To follow us on Twitter, please click here.

Thanks to all our current and future Facebook and Twitter fans for helping contribute to Money Morning's continued success.]

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