The Only Investment "Forecast" You'll Need for 2011

If you look around these days, just about every investment, finance or business publication - in print or on the Web - claims to have a "forecast" issue for the New Year.

These forecasts are typically billed as investment roadmaps: The publication promises that if you follow their instructions to the letter, you'll end up with market-smashing returns.

Unfortunately, there's no accountability. In fact, when it comes time to tally your investment results at the end of this year - and gauge whether these folks even helped you at all - there's not even a guarantee that many of these publications will even be around.

That's the difference between them and us. Investing is our business. And has been for years.

Day in and day out - through our daily news service Money Morning, and our monthly investment letter The Money Map Report - we bring you the very best global-investing intelligence that you'll find anywhere in the world. To be quite frank, most of these other folks are nothing more than investing dilettantes.

That's why we want you to take a look at our "2011 Investor's Forecast," which appears in the latest issue of The Money Map Report (MMR). This special forecast issue contains 30 pages of our best thinking, and best ideas for the New Year.

You may have seen those "other" forecasts. But ours isn't full of economic hogwash. It shows you exactly what to do.

In fact, take all the money you have in stocks, bonds and cash right now. And then double it. That's what our forecast promises that you'll do this year.

Here are just a few examples of the recommendations you'll get:

  • An industrial-equipment maker that's becoming the global leader of the worldwide agricultural boom - and that's preparing to blow past Deere & Co. (NYSE: DE) within months. Farmers in more than 170 countries buy its tractors, harvesters, seeding machines, "crawlers," "wheelers" and "graders." Based on sales growth, we expect shares topop 110% by the end of March.
  • The emerging market that's climbed 17.5% a year for the last 10 years. This country's premier financial institution is selling record numbers of mortgages, loans, CDs, savings accounts and private banking services to the newly rich. And our experts believe the market could post a triple-digit gain by year-end.
  • The one way to play the semiconductor market, which is booming again. Chip sales zoomed 34% in 2010, and hit $26 billion in November alone. But the pathway to profit is no longer paved by Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) or Texas Instruments Inc. (NYSE: TXN). An offshore play that's gaining dominance in North America is the way to go. This particular company's quarterly earnings just jumped 53%. And our experts see a gain of as much as 88% on this company's shares.

The stories in our "Investor's Forecast" are written by the global-investing gurus who run our premium advisory services, some of which cost thousands of dollars. Given that context, you'll be stunned at how little we're asking for the "Forecast," which is accompanied by a yearlong subscription to MMR.

Each of these stories contains several investment picks.

So do yourself a favor: Click here and take a few minutes to look at our special report. Give this some careful consideration. And decide from there.

You'll find that time you "invested" to make this decision was an investment with a truly decent payoff. And then - when you get to the end of 2011 - you'll discover another nice payoff ... when you recall that the market intelligence that generated your biggest profits cost you less than a single restaurant dinner.

Believe me ... you'll never be able to say that about the other "forecasts" that are out there.

Action to Take: Check out our "2011 Investor's Forecast," which appears in the latest issue of The Money Map Report, the monthly affiliate of Money Morning. It's the best forecast issue you'll find anywhere - bar none. For more details, check out our special report by clicking here.

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