Money Morning's Gilani Analyzes Silver, Stocks and Gold During FoxBusiness Interview

Click here to watch Shah Gilani share his views on stocks, silver, and goldMoney Morning's Shah Gilani acquitted himself so well on the popular Varney & Co. show on Fox Business early yesterday (Thursday) that program host Stuart Varney invited Gilani back - before the interview was even over.

''If you're not careful, you're going to be back with us,'' Varney joked. ''Because you came out with clear-cut views on stocks and silver - and that's what we want to hear.''

In his appearance, Gilani answered questions about:

  • Whether investors should still buy stocks - and how they should buy them.
  • Whether silver was a ''Buy'' - and how it stacks up as an investment versus gold.
  • And whether the U.S. bull market can continue.

To watch that video, please click here.

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