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  1. Matthias Schmelz | April 15, 2011

    Please send me information about investments in silver

  2. Pete | April 15, 2011

    I hold to the position of taking possession of silver coins. (Remember Bullion Reserve back in 1983). Also Silver coins have value in an atmosphere where inflation is rising and paper money is not trusted.

  3. Sande Accurso | April 16, 2011

    I started to buy silver and gold when I was a kid and Nixon had just to it off the no buy list Silver was a 1.25 a oz and I was buying gold at 1st at 28 dollars a bar, then it went to 35 a oz and I still keap buying it. I have been buying silver and gold since I was 18 yrs old, and at that time If you made 200.00 a week that was big money, So I have been buying it and hording it all these years, now today I have over20,000 plus oz of silver and have Etf like slw and slv, But have over 7000oz of gold bullion in 1 oz bar's and ten ounce bar's with the run up in the last two year's. IM not sure if I should keeping it, I keep hearig 5000 gold and 100 dollars silver, I still am buying bullion but to me it kind of crazy to me becasue I have so much of it, I think I should stop buying it and change over to buying the silver bulion, oR STOP BUY THE HARD STUFF ALL TOGETHER, WITH GOLD APPROACHING 1500.I BET IT GETS THERE THIS NEXT WEEK, i ALSO HAVE TEN THOUSAND SHARES OF SLW AND 7500 SHARES OF SLV.NEEDLESS TO SAY i GOT IN VERY VERY CHEEP. i THINK NOW i HAVE ENOUGHT AND iM NOT SELLING A SINGLE OUNCE OF ANY OF IT,bECASUE OF MY COST FACTOR WHEN YOU AVEGERAGE IT OUT i DONT THINK I paid over 100 a ounce. I bought my first ounce when I was 18 yrs old now I have so much of it that I can't count it, or carry it out of the safe I have it in, What do you think I should do with it, This President scare's me to death, I also readthat in his healt bill on page 932 he has a clause that he will be able to comfiscate it, now to me this isnt fair, No one nows about what I have, And before I have to give it up to them I will leave the country, IM Italian have a dual pass port because my grandfather was born there, And my brother and two sisters also have dual citcenceships. America isn't the same place any more. What do you think is good advice for me to take care of what I have been buying since I was a kid of 18 yr's old. selling it all would get me murdered with the tax man and its not fair, To me that has beem colection this Gold and Silver that ive had for over 42 yrs now, I also bought it with spending money from what I made working from my father's resteraunt, IM so rich in Metals I don't know who to talk to if and when I want to sell it if I even want to. this has been bought over 40 + years from money that taxes were paid for,
    Sosince I was a kid, im now 60 yrs old. and have this in a huge gun safe behind a huge wall that no one knows about and its in my house, its a 8 ft tall safe and its 4 feet thick and its 6 ft wide, welded in and cememted in behind the wall. Its like a spy wall, and Like I said no one knows its even there,
    How would I get rid of it beside's selling it a very small amount at a time. If you could shed any light on my problem I would like to know what your thoughs are on this good problem I have with something I have been collection since 18 yrs old. Or should I start liguidating it now,
    Thank you

  4. p kennedy | April 18, 2011

    Sande Accurso | April 16, 2011 you have a problem what would you convert it to $ i dont think so land in australia

  5. Trish Geer | April 19, 2011

    This is for Sande, HANG on to your metals right now as it could make you richer than you can imagine….back in 1933 when FDR confiscated gold, lots of people did not follow suit…and they became pretty wealthy. There is going to be a huge shift of wealth when our ineffective government officials fail once again to do anything that even resembles fiscal responsibility. The problem is our politicians are just that….politicians who are in a popularity contest which keeps them from putting the governmental house in order. Our dollars will soon be pretty worthless and precious metals will skyrocket in value….tip….in the future, just make sure after 2011 that you do not do transactions more than $500.00 in value in metals because the govt is going to start tracking that…whether it be in pawn shops, coin shops, or whereever….or at least they are going to attempt to do this….we see how well they track medicare fraud and abuse….so not to worry too much, but still….just know they are going to do it. Hope this helps and congrats on your smart buying and saving in metals….good for you! Take care, Trish

  6. John Staunton | April 20, 2011

    Hello Mattias,
    I have started to buy silver silver dolllars…one of the best hedges against inflation….
    Paper money is failing all over the world.
    Best of luck.

  7. Bob Parsons | April 24, 2011

    I have asked many so-called experts this question, and so far, none have adequately answered.
    Question: if the dollar is falling due to 24/7 printing of fiat paper, and silver and gold are going through the roof, what good is it to sell say a silver 100 ounce bar at $50 an ounce, when the dollars we get for it are worth .50 instead of $1.00?

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