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What's Wrong with Intel Corp.?

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald is back on FoxBusiness' "Bulls & Bears" program for a look at technology companies' earnings reports. While some are thriving, others like Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) are stuck in a stock price standstill. Watch Fitz-Gerald and his "B&B" counterparts debate whether or not Intel is a "Buy."

Biotech Investing: Phase II is the Sweet Spot

I recently received a call from an investor relations representative who wanted to know if I'd be interested in hearing about a small biotech company with a drug candidate in Phase II trials.

Obviously, I accepted.

Phase II trials are my favorite time to get involved in a biotech company. I'll explain why in a moment. But first, a quick review of the phases of clinical trials…

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A Trillion Reasons to Bet Big on LNG

If you think oil prices are too high now – at $100 a barrel – it's time to adjust your thinking.

Truth be told, I don't think we'll see sub-$100-a-barrel oil ever again.

That's not great news for U.S. consumers. But it could be great news for U.S. investors, because this new era of always-high oil prices is going to open the door for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Investors who accept this new oil-price reality – and position themselves accordingly – can settle back and enjoy the ride: As oil prices soar, expect LNG prices to zoom in tandem.

To find out how to profit from LNG, please read on…

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Investors Play Precious Metals as Market Insurance Policy

Investors have been flocking to precious metals to protect from looming inflation and a weak outlook for the U.S. dollar. The trend has turned investments related to gold, silver and other precious metals into some of the hottest plays of the past year.

The demand for "safe-haven" metals investments continues pushing prices to new highs:

  • Gold is up 7.5% so far this year after a 30% rise in 2010, and hit a record high of $1,476.21 an ounce Monday.
  • Silver has climbed about 40% this year, after an 83% surge in 2010, and hit a 31-year high this week.
  • And Platinum is up 1.4% this year following a 20% jump last year.

While gold was the popular topic of 2010, silver has been the star this year, getting more investor interest as a cheaper alternative to the yellow metal.

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S&P Downgrade Shows U.S. Debt Crisis Could Have Dire Consequences

The latest development in the U.S. debt crisis came yesterday (Monday) when Standard & Poor's finally downgraded its outlook for U.S. debt to "negative," from "stable."

That's right: Of the 17 countries that S&P has rated AAA, the United States is the only sovereign that carries with it a negative outlook.

This merely confirms what we've been saying all along about the complete lack of fiscal discipline on display in Washington – and it has potentially dire implications for the U.S. economy.

Fortunately, as an investor, there are steps you can take to safeguard yourself against the abhorrent fiscal and monetary policy that has resulted in this U.S. debt crisis.

I'll get to that later – but first, let's examine how we got to this point…

To find out how to protect yourself from the U.S. debt crisis, please read on….

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Silver Options Strategies: How to Pay a Bargain Price for the White Metal

In last Wednesday's Money Morning special report on silver, several of our financial gurus projected higher prices ahead for "the other precious metal." Since then, silver has climbed about 5% — hitting $43 an ounce yesterday (Monday). Silver is now nearing its record high of $50.35 set in January 1980.

For those with significant profits already in hand from silver's hot streak, Money Morning has offered some strategies for protecting those gains against a near-term pullback. But if you haven't yet jumped on the silver bandwagon, don't worry. You can still climb aboard without risking too much.

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