Analysts Botched 2011 Market Forecasts - We Didn't

With much of the damage already done, several major financial institutions recently have scrambled to lower their stock market forecasts. The reduced expectations contrast with the optimistic projections the same analysts made back at the beginning of the year.

But Money Morning readers knew better. Our experts warned you about the market downturn months ago - weeks before the painful drop in stock prices.

Once again, Wall Street is playing catch-up.

For instance, Wells Fargo & Co. 's (NYSE: WFC) Gina Martin Adams cut her target for the Standard & Poor's 500 index to 1,250, which would represent a 1% loss for the year. She predicted a 10% gain back in January; the index is currently down 6.7% on the year.

Barclays Capital PLC's (NYSE ADR: BCS) Barry Knapp just dropped his S&P 500 price target from a lofty 1,450 to 1,325. The index closed at 1,188.71 yesterday (Wednesday).

Other Johnny-come-latelies in recent days include UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) and Yardeni Research.

Unfortunately, investors who relied on Wall Street's forecasters once again received information that was too late to be of use.

But we sounded the alarm back in late June - weeks before the U.S. stock market took a swan dive.

"With everything from the Greek debt crisis to worries about China's growth roiling the markets these days, the investing outlook seems to get shakier by the minute," Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald wrote on June 30.

That's the sort of early warning that can save an investor a lot of heartache - and a lot of money.

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