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How to Buy Silver Stocks

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How to Buy Silver Stocks:

Learn To Profit From Runaway Silver Prices

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Right now, Silver investment prices are on a major tear. They are poised to break even higher by the end of the year.

And this report shows why that's not about to end any time soon - and exactly how far silver is expected to run.

In fact, silver could be the most lucrative precious metal of 2011.

Here's why...

A big part of the silver price boom stems from one little known fact: Silver isn't a mere "precious metal" any longer.

It also happens to be a great (and fairly inexpensive) conductor of electricity. For this reason, tech and industrial companies around the world are buying it in droves.

In fact, today about 40% of silver is used industrially - in solar batteries, water purification systems, cellphones, circuit boards, plasma TVs and radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs).

By 2015, it's estimated that global industrial demand for silver - largely driven by India and China - will increase 36%, from 487 million ounces in 2010, to 666 million ounces.

Couple that with tight-as-a-drum supply - and you have exponentially rising silver prices and a tremendous growth opportunity for investors.

Investors may look at silver because it's "hot". But that heat is only a small factor driving silver prices higher.

Clearly, the market is already taking notice. A fundamental shift is under way: Investors now see silver - not gold - as the best true-money option.

As with all commodity run-ups - getting in early is a crucial factor. The rest of this report shows you exact how individuals can invest in soaring silver prices. It also shows you the fundamental forces that are about to make silver perform 400% better than gold.

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