In Today's Crazy Markets, Here's the One Global Region to Invest in Now

Money Morning global investing guru Martin Hutchinson has identified the one global region that he's focusing on as the world's next big profit play.

You'll be stunned to see what he's discovered.

But you'll also be wise to listen.

You see, Hutchinson has a knack for "seeing" things in the global markets that the rest of us can't. He's able to spot the markets that are ready to soar - and his early, accurate predictions give his followers the chance to invest at bargain levels before prices skyrocket.

And he's done it again. Hutchinson has identified the one global region that offers the best profit opportunities - despite the most-volatile global conditions we've seen in years. This region boasts lower wage costs, excellent education systems and high growth rates. And it's not pricey: Having been knocked back a bit, the companies in this one global region have, in effect, been put "on sale."

There is a catch, however. There's really only one way to play this.

In today's (Wednesday's) issue of Private Briefing, Hutchinson details that one "must-have" portfolio pick from this region that you shouldn't miss.

To get the scoop on the one global region to play now - just click here.

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