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The Real Reason Mark Zuckerberg is Paying $2 Billion in Taxes on the Facebook IPO

As the much-ballyhooed Facebook IPO looms closer, there's a mountain being made out of a molehill.

Turns out 27-year-old founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have a $2 billion tax bill that, according to a variety of sources, he intends to pay in full.

He seems like a regular guy…or is he?

To say I'm skeptical of his intentions would be an insult to actual skeptics. I think the "Zuck" is a great guy, but a regular guy? No way.

He didn't build from scratch a business that has 845 million customers by being stupid.

Zuckerberg goes to great lengths to project an aw-shucks kind of image. But in reality, this move is about as down-to-earth as Kim Kardashian's wedding. And it's every bit as sophisticated a play as I would have expected out of Larry Ellison or the late Steve Jobs.

Zuckerberg (and presumably his advisors) knows that the stakes couldn't be higher than they are at the moment, which is why he wants to pay this tax bill and reinforce the illusion that Facebook is part of Middle America – instead of being built upon its back.

He knows that successfully doing so will help him monetize your information when Facebook goes public.

I say this because it's important to remember the only reason Facebook is worth anything is because users – people like you – have voluntarily, with no compensation whatsoever, assembled the greatest single collection of marketing data in recorded history. That's right. Your data is going to make him rich.

So where are all the privacy advocates now?

I'd love to see what Facebook's proposed valuation would be if 845 million people suddenly decided they really don't want to share their most intimate moments with friends or decide they don't really want to "like" anything.

And why hasn't the Occupy Wall Street crowd or the Tax the Rich bunch latched onto this?

Because evidently none of them can spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y. And many are probably too busy using Facebook to "meme" about their activities to pay attention anyway.

But that's really beside the point.

A Zuckerberg Tax? …Give me a Break

There should be a huge amount of backlash, but there isn't. Well, unless you count any number of proposals like the "Zuckerberg Tax" advanced last Tuesday in a New York Times OpEd piece by tax lawyer David Miller.

Miller advocates allowing the government to claw back money from the ultra-wealthy. He believes that individuals earning more than $2.2 million in income or having more than $5.7 million in securities should have their stocks marked to market and taxed even if they haven't sold their investments.

That's asinine.

This is like students earning "Cs" and Ds" asking the dean of a university to redistribute the grades of those earning "As" because those students are too successful in their studies.

I don't know what's scarier – the fact that something like the Zuckerberg tax is actually being considered in Washington, or that things are so bad we have to use somebody's name as a euphemism for saying the government is so broke it's looking to sink its greasy hooks into those who have built real wealth in this country.

We already have a dysfunctional tax code that's so convoluted an estimated 80% of Americans have to use tax preparation help.

It's so complex nobody is really sure how many lines of code there actually are.

In fact, estimates range from 5.5 million to 7 million words on more than 9,000 pages. By comparison, the novel "War and Peace" is "only" 1,444 pages.

Zuckerberg's stunt aside, our tax code is smothering industry, killing the incentive to work harder and completely removing the one thing that makes America different from anyplace else on the planet – the ability to make our dreams reality.

To hear the government tell the story, we are the problem.

Evidently our leaders on both sides of the aisle don't recall the words of President Abraham Lincoln, who noted "some should be rich shows that others may be rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently to build one for himself."

Or President Calvin Coolidge, who opined that "the wise and correct course to follow in taxation and all other economic legislation is not to destroy those who have already secured success but to create conditions under which everyone will have a better chance to be successful."

Somehow our sacrifice, our hard work and our entrepreneurial spirit is what's wrong with America, according to the Beltway Bunch.

Worse, somehow only the government can save us. Bull.

Zuckerberg's True Intentions

The way to save this country is for our government to get out of the way.

We founded this country because we sought "freedom from government not freedom through government;" and I didn't write that. New York Times bestselling author Tommy Newberry did in his aptly titled book, "The War on Success."

Much of our current tax regulation is designed to rein in risk takers. It's written by men and women who, as lifelong career government employees, have never really known risk their entire lives.

The way I see it, the government is lucky that Zuckerberg is such a calculating and clever businessman.

He could easily have borrowed against his stock and effectively created an income stream against which he never pays taxes.

Yet he didn't.

Instead, he's made a calculated decision that creating a media circus around what could be the single largest tax payment in history will benefit Facebook and ultimately create still more wealth when the stock debuts.

He couldn't give a rip about making a $2 billion tax payment – he's making a $2 billion investment in his own future at a time when the markets are likely to maximize his efforts.

Way to go, Mark!

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  1. Mitch Eisenstein | February 14, 2012

    This country was not founded on "can do" people. It was founded on murderers of Native Americans. When white people got here they couldn't believe their luck. Just a bunch of natives barely out of the garden of Eden with bows and arrows. All they had to do was trick them and eliminate them to grab the riches below their feet. And the quickest way to exploit this was through slavery, which barely existed UNTIL the new world was discovered. When regular folks proved to weak to grow cotton we had to steal Africans; something that had not been done in great numbers since Roman Times, and force them to work. But in order to get enough slaves we had to convince ourselves that slaves were not human, which progressively, (and repressively) took place between the late 1700's and the mid 1800's. The bottom line is this; the tax code is ballooned out to keep counteracting the corrupt rich who keep creating loop holes to try to get out of paying their fair share. The corporation has replaced the plantation, and employment has replaced slavery. Tax deductions pay for modern slavery. Todays slave owners, corporations, get a deduction for owning your ass, and thats why you have to work; because you cant compete against subsidized slavery. It is degenerating even further now as the more obvious slave holders in China, out subsidize slaver and employment. We are returning back to slavery in its old form.

    • Sandra Crawford | February 14, 2012

      I totally agree with Mitch Eisenstein, the history of exploitation of other peoples and countries by the England and America is shameful!! Fulfilling the "American Dream" is always at the expense of the less privileged.

      • Greg Peterson | February 15, 2012

        I am living MY American Dream and obtained it through hard work and good investing. How is that 'at the expense of the less privileged'?..I may have helped someone else reach their dream by MY hard work but I never considered myself as being a 'less privileged' person. People basically become less privileged through their own laziness. Granted, some are hit with extremely bad luck, but if you blame your environment for putting you in the bottom feeders class, then get out of that environment !!

    • D. Fayette | February 14, 2012

      What's the matter? Do you not have enough creativity to be successful yourself, that you are so jealous of what others have accomplished. Oh gosh, no one handing you something on a silver platter? Who did Zuckerberg enslave?

      I doubt your statement that slavery barely existed before mid-1700's. And if you feel enslaved today, it is more than likely a psychological problem, than the truth.

      Your own self-pity is evident.

      He who blocks the road may get run over!

      • Dale A Norrell | February 20, 2012

        You can't blame the Rich for any exploitation that a few government officials or leaders with their own agendas from the past or future have done or will do. However, We need men (& women) who have Guts, courage, determination and the entrepreneurial spirit, that doesn't listen to the opinions of those who happily kill someone else's dream, I am thinking that this is probably because of their own self doubt or simply because, it re-minds them of their own failures.
        -If the heart of a man is evil, he will be evil no matter if he is rich or if he is poor and he will use his money accordingly.
        Some of the wealthiest people I know are simply amazing, many give away more in a year than most employees earn in a year or more.
        The only one who benefits from the continual raising of taxes is the government, That in it's self, is dangerous and self defeating, because it can't last. If people aren't spending $$ or can't create wealth enough to keep up w taxes…what then. What a vicious cycle.
        I Have a Dream…. Martin Luther
        When you fall down, pick something up. John C Maxwell


    • Wayne | February 14, 2012

      Mitch, you are right, this country was founded on greed. And our Congress was built on greed with a little patriotism to keep them reasonably honest. Somewhere along the line Congress threw out the patriotism and increased the greed. And we (the voters) have perpetuated that greed. We have allowed Congress to set themselves up as the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS who believe they are the "elite" class of America, and that they are "above the law". While the early Congress was patriotic enough to consider what was good for the country, we now have a Congress that considers only what is good for THEIR wealth and the wealth of their cronies (campaign contributors)(Wall Street, big banks and multinational corporations). Three books that every voter should read : Winner Take All Politics: How Washington Made The Rich Richer And Turned It's Back On The Middle Class by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson, Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, and Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan. They will give you a real perspective on just how greedy and corrupt our Congress has become.

      No matter who we elect for President in the upcoming election, things will not change in Congress. Both political parties are controlled by the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS. All the political rhetoric about the division between the two parties is just camouflage to keep us (the voter) from seeing the real agenda, which is to keep sending the same Congresspeople back to Washington. Because Congress is where the real power is. Congress is where they can make the most money at taxpayer expense. Once we (the voter) realize that, we can change the way our government works. We can build a government that represents the "real" American.

      We (the voter) need to resolve that we are going to eliminate the PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS by voting out EVERY incumbent Congressperson as they come up for reelection. We need to send a message to Congress that it is not "business as usual" in the halls of Congress and "we the people" are demanding representation in OUR government. No more government by the "elite" PERMANENT POLITICAL CLASS for Wall Street, big banks, and multinational corporations, but a government for the "real people" of the United States of America.

    • DaveR | February 14, 2012

      I won't dispute your assertion regarding exploitation of the native Americans, which continues today through federal government! Regarding slavery of African people, you did not mention that other African people were the ones who captured and sold other Africans into slavery. If you check history, you may find the ironic fact that invention and adoption of the cotton gin whose inventor thought it would ease the work of harvesting cotton actually increased demand for slaves.

      I strongly disagree with your overall characterization of corporations. Throughout my working career of 40 years, I was employed by several large multi-national corporations in several very different industries. They did not exploit me. The paid me in return for my skills, ideas and services. And provide me with a pension much better than Society Security.

    • marc | February 14, 2012

      Ediot. You have to work because food doesn't jump on the table. Homes don't build themselves. "Slavery barely existed until the new world was discovered"? WRONG!
      As a historian you are inept. As a worker you probably suck. Don't like your employer?
      You are free, and probably welcome, to find another.

    • Larry Hoover | February 14, 2012

      Slavery has been imposed by humans on other humans for millenia, all around the world. There have always been and always will be, until Christ the King returns, evil people who prey on others.

      America has always been moral mixed bag. Yes, there were slave traders. Yes, there were murderers of the natives of North America when the Europeans began to settle into and take dominion over the land. There were also many who came to escape persecution, to work and gain the fruits of their own labor, and just wanted to be left alone.

      Unfortunately, the tax code and every other "law" or "regulation" ends up hurting the "little guy", while the supposed original target of those laws and regulations were to stop the super-rich from exploiting the poor. "Tax the rich" legislation, by the time it weaves it's way through the halls of Congress, is eventually worded in such a way as to leave the rich untouched while actually hitting the guys at the lower end of the financial and economic ladder the hardest, which keeps the chasm between the super rich and everyone else very wide, indeed.

      The end result: the uber-rich control the politicians who control the masses. The "Occupy" people are clueless pawns. Democracy is an illusion, as the masses are uninformed and/or misinformed. The Republic has already sunk into an abyss, and the super-rich manipulate the masses suit themselves.

    • Ronald Sarson | February 14, 2012

      I suppose the comment section could be confined to Americans and sane people, but at least the anti-American idiots are entertaining.

    • oSCAR A SARABIA | February 14, 2012

      Every country on this earth had slaves. Why have do we still have to pay for blacks to act like niggers?

    • Sailor Jo | February 20, 2012

      The attitude of the Wild West is ingrained in to many people. Trouble is they do not even know it.

      Freedom is a subject of propaganda, not of reality. The much maligned European countries are a better place to live.

  2. Kyle Pazandak | February 14, 2012

    You failed to cover why he is actually paying that much in taxes.

    The reason is that he is never going to pay taxes again! He plans to do what steve jobs and the former ceo of Oracle did. He will sell stock now then take out loans against his stocks. Stocks are not taxed under estate taxes so when he dies the stocks will go to the banks and no taxes will be levied on them.

    Is a 2 billion tax bad… yeah but for him at under 30 years old paying 2 billion to never have to pay income tax again? that doesn't sound as bad as you might think.

  3. St. Valentine | February 14, 2012

    The accusatory tone you use in describing Facebook's business model is not only inflammatory, but is also misleading. "That's right. Your data is going to make him rich." This premise about the ownership of the original data is incorrect. Facebook's data is not 'yours' or 'mine', it's Facebook's. It comes from Facebook observing 850 million people interacting on Facebook's website. That makes it Facebook's data. If a salesman comes to your door and sells you a dozen roses, you may not only have a dozen roses, you may also have the data that the salesman wore a red sweater under a checked sportcoat. That data does not belong to the salesman, it belongs to you. The only difference is that Facebook keeps such data and you (usually) don't.

    The inflammatory personalization and creation of a false stake in Facebook's wealth creation mechanism is Marxist in it's origin as a technique to rile the proletariat against those who had higher status or wealth — regardless of legitimacy. You sir, are not a Marxist. So please don't talk like one.

  4. ROBERT SIMPSON | February 14, 2012

    We are all enslaved in one way or the other, just this week the great en-slaver Obama tightened our bonds of slavery to the middle east by rejecting the Canadian pipeline which would have loosened those bonds. He did this by also using the other great en- slaver environmentalism, to further his own private agenda. So when Mitch says we begun slavery in this world he is also enslaved to his own ignorance. Slavery comes in all sorts of ways, addictions, taxation s, debt, even love. We must each choose how to free ourselves from as many enslavement s as we can and using the tools and advise of those who have reached those freedoms is to all our advantage.

  5. Edmund Tailor | February 14, 2012

    Mitch Eisenstein is a typical condescending liberal who thinks that he is so morally superior because he so concerned about the "little people". But like most condescending liberals he doesn't know what he is talking about. Slavery wasn't invented in the New World. It existed in B.C. Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome and probably in the stone ages before that.

    • Ted Roth | February 15, 2012

      Eisenstein a liberal? Condecending yes, but not a liberal in my understanding of the word. He is just one of the huge majority in the western wellfare states/countries waiting for a handout sitting on his hands. (A bit like Greece).

  6. Jim S | February 14, 2012

    You say the Beltway Bunch is attacking "our sacrifice, our hard work and our entrepreneurial spirit". No they aren't. They are attacking greed, corruption and the wealthiest among us gaming the system and having disportionate advantages. It is about our politicians being bought and paid for by corporate lobyists. It's about wall street ripping off their customers. It really is about fairness and balance. It is a dangerous thing to believe in your own BS and it sounds to me that you are guilty of just that. To ignore the ugly realities of our society is to do so at our own peril.

    I am in the 1% catagory, just like you. The thing I worry about most is the flood of money flowing upwards to guys like us. Sometimes those results are because of "our sacrifice, our hard work and our entrepreneurial spirit". But far too often it is about the other motives, greed and corruption. When the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, as is the case now, it only can lead to one thing……….revolution. Ultimately, when the masses figure out they are getting screwed, they will rise up and attack the 1%, but it won't be just our money they will come for, it will be for our blood. History has shown us repeatedly this to be the natural progression. And we are now witnessing the very beginnings of that discontent and it won't matter one bit what your opinion might be. It will be about the collective mindset and power of the masses.

    So, it is in our self interest to redistribute some of that wealth and to find the right balance where we can preserve some of that entrepreneurial spirit, invest back into our nation and grow strong. Unfortunately, we won't do that by ourselves. As smart as we think we are, we won't do what's in our own self interest. And that's why we need a government to do it for us, so to preserve the union by keeping things in their proper balance. Even if they do it with us kicking and screaming. What's the right balance. I don't know, but it is irrefutable, we are currently out of balance.

  7. Markus | February 14, 2012

    Boys, learn history please! I know that the US educational system is producing illiterates, but you should at least know history. You should know that hundreds of thousands of Europeans were enslaved by Arab pirates and traded to Black Africa centuries before America was discovered

  8. Paul Giese | February 14, 2012

    The errors of our past are glaring for their overriding greed and our early founders were guilty of much misuse of peoples and the envirenment. It is also clear that liberals are guilty of the reduction of freedoms given by those early fathers. The US government in its current state is no more than a coniving, greedy, bloated, out of control enterprise which exploits the middle to assist both other ends. Mr Zuckerberg is only pandering to the politicians to exact his reward down the road. He is not the first nor the biggest, the biggest list is the one that our dear president gave early xmas presentsd to when he approved the bailouts. Mr. Obama said he wanted change before being elected, but then he proceeded to waste all my folding money too.

  9. cos | February 14, 2012

    Good Job Edmund!

  10. Stuart | February 14, 2012

    He was talking about slavery completely specific to race, I believe.

  11. Nortber C | February 14, 2012

    Zuck will pay the 2 bilion in taxes up front to exercise his options to purchase 55 billion in stock and then borrow againts his holdings for the rest of his life paying 0 taxes. His estate upon death will aquire the stock at the current basis at death and owe no taxes. Zuck will never be persued by the tax man because of the deal he has struck with the Central Intelligence Agency to allow hiddden Portal access so ythat the country will be able to monitor everyone, gain intelligence in the nme of searching out terrorists. It is the exact same deal that our government struck with Google, Yahoo and a few others structured on the same principles that were developed for AOL founder Chase shortly before 9/11 which was implemented as part of the Time Warner merger.

    • Sailor Jo | February 20, 2012

      The sheeple will use FB and prepare they own trip to the gallows. FB is the greatest fraud I know of. Yes, MZ is a smart guy. So was Al Capone.

  12. Paul L. | February 14, 2012

    A handy rhetorical tip. Offering a quote such as "freedom through government blah blah blah" and then propping up that quote by attributing it to a polemical "New York Times best-seller" doesn't really lend credence to the sentiment. There are LOTS of terrible books that sell enough copies to make the NYT list. And you might have added, for honesty's sake, the laughable remainder of the Newberry book's title: "How the Obama Agenda Is Shattering the American Dream."

  13. pt49 | February 14, 2012

    I deleted my facebook account a few months ago because I don't trust them when they say my stuff is private. They said if I cancel the account all my details and content will be deleted forever.


    I then opened a new account a few weeks ago and i now get suggestions that my old contacts may be known to me… which proves that when you cancel a facebook account they in fact DON'T delete your details… must be a court case in there somewhere i feel.

  14. pt49 | February 14, 2012

    The new account was opened under an unrelated name.

  15. John Duggar | February 14, 2012

    You may have noticed that the House of Representatives is under the control of the Republicans. Anytime they want to reform the tax system or pass laws to encourage entrepreneurs they can do it. But they have not, and in fact they have not even tried. I have no idea why you think that means you should attack the Democrats–or even less, the OWS which has no political power. As long as the public falls for partisan, political posturing (which you seem to be encouraging) instead of following the US historic tradition of practical, bi-partisan problem-solving, none of these problems will be even addressed, never mind solved.
    And, BTW, if you don't want to be exploited by Zuckerberg, don't use Facebook. That should be simple and obvious.

  16. H. Richard Penn | February 14, 2012

    But add this from Teddy Roosevelt to yours from Lincoln and Coolidge:
    "As a matter of personal conviction . . . I feel we shall ultimately have to consider . . . a progressive tax on all fortunes, beyond a certain amount either given in life or devised or bequeated upon death to any individual — a tax so framed as to put it out of the power of the owner of one of these enormous fortunes to hand on more than a certain amount to any one individual , the tax, of course, to be imposed by the National and not the State Government."
    "Such [regulatory] legislation . . . will amount to something of itself, and it will amount to a great deal more in so far as it is taken as a first step in the direction of a policy of superintendence and control over corporate wealth engaged in interstate commerce, this superintendence and control not to be exercised in a spirit of malevolence toward the men who have created the wealth, but with the firm purpose both to do justice to them and to see that they in their turn do justice to the public at large." Message to Congress, April 14, 1906

  17. t.thomas | February 14, 2012

    How does Mark Zuckerburg really affect your daily life ?
    A large sector, most of us, weather pseudo elitists, intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals, you the people or " We the People" whoever.. are all just a large group of uninformed pawns. Sometimes however we are BLATANTLY informed, and even told what will take place. Being "informed" has no REAL strength anyway, as noted with any of the recent "grass roots" movements we've seen. And when J. A. The Hacktivist tried to inform us..they held him on a sex crime.. really?.. who really knows… did any of us really know his agenda either. Were his leaks provided to help us spawn another useless movement. Did it change my life or yours? "The New World Order" and more aristocracy will just happen! Mark Zuckerburg was able to get into the club so what. Who cares what his tax bracket is! Do you like face book? Personally I don't even have a face book account so he really hasn't changed my life one bit. Just as undeniable world change and historic events have changed and shaped our world for thousands of years, change will happen and people will succeed or fail. The interpretation of past or present "historic" events may, or may not really have any relevance on our own personal lives? Everything is so spun by the the bias in the media everyday, to further an agenda, by talking heads, pundits and speculators to the point of being ridiculous and redundant I can't even watch anymore. To take any of it at face value seems to me ignorant. Who really knows Mark Zuckerburgs personal finances anyway, do you know mine? Does his or mine effect you? There will always be winners and losers so who cares about Mark, make your own mark!. We get 80 or so years on this sphere, that ain't so long. So the next world change has a name so whats in a name other than your perception.. or mine. We all, at least for now, have a relatively free America, and with all it's change we will each do our individual best to beat the odds, pay less taxes, and try to avoid the possibility of any personal misfortunes, and WHY? Simple, for NO other reason than to further our OWN personal agenda or cause, weather its taking your kids to Disney World or saving the whales, giving to your alma mater or St. Judes Childrens Hospital or maybe buying a wife or girl friend a new set of silicone love melons!
    Just for the record I have never written anything ever, on any blog or any social format, but today love is in the air and what the hell, everybody has an opinion so I just thought I would chime in. I recently signed up with Money Morning. I really hope I'm the next Mark Zuckerburg!

    P.S . While posting this little rant I learned that someone actually spent the time and thought it relevant for the world to know there are literally 262 superlatives you can use when referring to a woman's breasts. I chose # 136 on that list

  18. Tezza | February 14, 2012

    It seems that many of you who posted here are obsessed with some kind of "philosophical debate". Facebook has captured data on many gullible people and is now hoping to sell it via an IPO. Only fools would buy into that but do so at your peril (so to speak).
    Its not a debate about slaves or political attitudes or who's right or wrong about that. Z is hoping to cash in before the bubble bursts. How he manages his financial affairs is his business but only idiots would give him money. Sit back and see whether, in 6 months, the shares are even a fraction of what they came on the market for. Your data is only of value if someone can sell it, and that means if it can be used for fraud, identity theft, or for selling you something. I have never joined facebook and I wouldnt bother with it.

  19. Jim | February 15, 2012

    From the posts, it is evident that the politics of greed are alive and well. I take issue with several of the author's statements: "Somehow our sacrifice, our hard work and our entrepreneurial spirit is what's wrong with America, according to the Beltway Bunch." I don't know anyone who professes that sentiment. Perhaps, the author is one of those who thinks that the recent discussion in the Republican primary directed at Romney regarding progressive taxes is aimed at the "entrepreneurial spirit." Well, it's not; if, we don't get back to the ideal that those who earn more, pay more — both as a percentage and as an amount, we will continue down the road of increasing indebtedness as a country. If, according to the author, the current tax code is written to rein in risk takers, how have we come up with Bill Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg? For whatever reason, Z is choosing not to engage in tax avoidance and paying his fair share. Good for him.

  20. Guy from Canada | February 21, 2012

    Mitch, you're a fool.

    "slavery, which barely existed UNTIL the new world was discovered"

    Perhaps you aren't aware that the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Arabs and virtually every other empire throughout the history of the world practiced slavery. Mostly they were just considered the spoils of war. The Arabs practically depopulated North Africa by enslaving men to fight in their wars due to their own tiny populations. Hannibal was the African king of African Carthage, but today it's a poor Arab city in Tunisia. The pharoahs of Egypt were all black Africans as were their subjects, but today every egyptian is an Arab. Where did all the Africans go? Slaughtered in wars to bring them as slaves to Arabia LONG BEFORE the U.S. ever existed. You really need to read history beyond the marxist crap that's polluted your brain.

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