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Another Sign the U.S. Economy is Headed Down the Same Road as Japan

Thirty years of negative stock market returns and multiple "lost decades" are failures the U.S. economy does not want to experience.

Yet, unprecedented amounts of quantitative easing and skyrocketing debt in the United States are starting to cause concern that America could follow that path – the same one traveled by Japan.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith-Fitz Gerald appeared on FOX Business Network's "Varney & Co." program Monday morning to discuss a startling statistic that makes the U.S. economy look like it's mirroring that of Japan.

According to Fitz-Gerald, we're headed down a similarly dangerous slope, one that most Americans cannot accept.

Watch the accompanying video to hear more about these flashing red warning signs and what Fitz-Gerald says could be in the U.S. economy's future.

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  1. H. Craig Bradley | December 3, 2012


    The U.S. birthrate also declined significantly during the 1930's due to the global depression. The economic condition of the time (or our time) is really the "tail that wags the dog". The dog happens to be public mood or sentiment.

    A prevailing optimistic outlook or positive sentiments in the general population influences many aspects of human behavior. In contrast, a dark or pessimestic view suppresses many human activities. Happy people spend more money and take risks knowing that if they strike out, they will be back later for another go. Not so when the public mood is negative. People clam up and keep to themselves, saving rather than spending the limited amount of money they do have.

  2. H. Craig Bradley | December 4, 2012

    America's Volga Boatmen Theme Song

    This is likely to become the defacto golden record of 2013, given our economic and financial prospects ( Oldie but Goodie )

  3. CoreyG/Texas | December 19, 2012

    We are covering this from both the inside and outside. As a former

    Army Intel and Employee of the Federal Reserve Bank and 4 others

    (U.S. & E.U.)in an IT Security capacity I had some extremely eye

    opening and direct personal experiences (No second hand conjecture


    We have some great insight into this Economic Corruption that is

    finally being exposed. Follow us please for more info like this

    that all ties together in one location.


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