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You Only Wish You Could Live Like a Congressional Fat Cat

Urgent Reader Poll:

Should Congress Eliminate Its Tax-Payer Funded Perks… And Live Like The Rest Of Us?

Washington lawmakers live a life most Americans can only dream of.

They have a minimum salary more than triple the average worker, three-day work weeks to go with month-long vacations, and special tax breaks that would make most CEO's jealous.

It's no wonder Congress has lost any sense of the true value of money or a hard day's work.

This lack of fiscal leadership is part of the reason why the U.S. is now more than $17 trillion in debt and needs to borrow 46 cents out of every dollar it is spending this year.

And it's a big reason why Congress can never seem to figure out how to solve any of America's most pressing economic problems.

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  1. Ron Ford | March 1, 2013

    You and others never mention a couple of the biggest perks of all.

    It must be neglect, because it can't be ignorance.

    1. > They CAN'T BE CONVICTED OF INSIDER TRADING.!!!! Yes that is a BIG ONE!

    2 > They are all treated like royalty wherever they go. They are waited on, bowed to, massaged, saluted, and treated like Kings and Queen or heads of State.

    3.>They often don't have to pay for stuff or pay a large discount, because it's good business to have a Congressman visit your restaurant or hotel.

    4. The Goverment pays huge amounts of money for them to travel to and fro from Wash DC. on Military Jets at government expense. There is no reason most of them can't fly commercial jets like the rest of the population.
    Nancy Pelozi was the epitome of abuse with her

    • john crump | March 4, 2013

      Pelosi made millions on the insider deal with Visa. Martha Stewart went to JAIL for doing just that

      • BOB DAVIS | March 6, 2013


        • Nate | March 7, 2013

          No! Bob Vittar, Republican of Louisiana confirmed John of prostitutes need to be in jail. I'm no fan of Nancy but she has not violated the law!

          • Doug | March 8, 2013

            Insider Trading IS against the law; therefore she did, in fact, brake the law (at least a law that all of us 'little people' are required to obey).

          • Gary Vanderberg | April 25, 2013

            Its not Bob Vittar… what he got a shot of a** in private life…..I like his politics!

          • greg | May 2, 2013

            Your wrong Nate Nancy did break. The law they pass laws for all of us meaning they have to follow the laws they make no one is above the law so don't be stupid

          • Paul | May 14, 2013

            It's David Vitter, and you obviously don't know politics or law.

          • Raymond Appenzeller | May 16, 2013

            Pelosi has done many violations and broken many laws. How about blackmail and extortion for passing the Obama Care! She lied, twisted more arms and blackmailed many to get the unread document passed! She has violated all sorts of trust and laws. How can you stick up for this criminal?

          • James | June 4, 2013

            We have to confirm it so we will know what is in it.

          • jack griffith | June 5, 2013

            Yes you are a fan of Nancy so own up to it. In fact, Vittar has gotten caught at what all too many guys do. His state continues to vote him in office. Pelosi is up to her neck in cronyism and use of the public treasury to enrich her family, both as lobbyists, and as beneficiaries of government money. When she was Speaker, she kept a military plane on standby so she could make frequent trips with family to west coast. Neither option may be a good one, but in this instance I'll take the busted John any day over Pelosi!

          • Dotz | July 8, 2013

            Not much, her inside deals r one thing, but she has also been found pass bills that have direct impact on her husbands dealing in the America Samoans islands.

          • gene | August 3, 2013

            No she just commited treason by verifying that obumer was born in Hawaii when he wasnt. She like most of congress and the senate are traitors and criminals. If they can inside trade then so should we. They cost us a fortune and within 2 terms are multi millionares. Vote them all out!!! And start over with blue collar workers who know how to balance a budget!!!!!!!

          • rob | August 3, 2013

            no, Nate, his name is David Vitter. They went after weiner, but not Vitter, why, because the GOP takes care of their own…..ask Issa…….

          • DCardosa | August 18, 2013

            Pelosi and other members of the legislature enjoy the ability to buy and trade stocks based on information they have about certain sectors through pending legislation. This is insider trading at its' best. The legislature has passed laws explicitly exempting themselves from the same insider trading laws that would send the rest of us to jail.

        • Bob Mueller | April 21, 2013

          They made the laws that allow them to 'inside' trade.

          • Gary Vanderberg | April 25, 2013

            Not to mention, they voted themselves automatic raises.

        • Elizabeth Imbasciati | June 4, 2013

          I agree.

        • Jakester | August 10, 2013

          She is to Ugly to be in federal prison…Californians need to send her home and stop putting the “three wicket witches of the West” back in office every four years. They (Feinstein, Boxer and Nancy) are the worst far left liberals on the planet…did I mention all three are ugly too…no…not ugly, but fugly.

          • JOE TATE | August 11, 2013


        • Debra | August 14, 2013

          What I would like to know is why the "Heck" does California keep voting her back in?

      • Alan Knepper | March 7, 2013

        How do we stage a "tea party" to eliminate this new royalty class of citizens.
        They make the laws and will never consider ending the abusive perks that us
        ordinary citizens don't even dream about.

        While most of us have to work at least 10 years to qualify for partial pension benefits, our congressman qualify for full benefits after serving one term.

        • Chris Gonsoulin | March 8, 2013

          I'm ready for the tea party independent movement so badly I can't stand it.
          Please let me know if there is a movement we can join and start voting in honst, carrying and useful people into office. We HAVE to start somewhere. Now is definitely the time. I'm 60, married, have a family and want to see real changin my lifetime.
          Hell, WE can start a movement, I'm READY.
          Chris Gonsoulin
          Pensacola, Fl.

          • Deb Reeves | April 24, 2013

            I am so in Chris, let's get these losers OUT!! If there is a movement, let me know!!

          • John | April 25, 2013

            Chris, I am with you however, I think the media has made the TEA (Tax Enough Already) party a bad name I would like to see a "Constitution" Party start. I would join that in a minute, and what is important is how would the media state your crazy if you believe in the Constitution?

          • terry | April 30, 2013

            How about the right wing radical party? We might scare the hell out of them. Lets go!!!! Or you got mine now I am going to get yours.

          • Elaine | May 23, 2013

            Chris, I believe a lot of people support your idea for some kind of a party; however, Congress all agreed that they each are entitled to every perk each of them receives, and without our vote on the subject(s). Who then really represents the PEOPLE'S interests? We say, "BUT IT'S OUR MONEY!!!" How then are we to believe any of our PROCLAIMED representatives will consider the concerns about anything related to the betterment of our country's PEOPLE or, for that matter, the CONSTITUTION? Certainly, insider trading is a crime for everyone except CONGRESS. I honestly believe this kind of TYRANNY can only be fixed and/or dealt with by a POWER much larger than what we might accept. The people of our country have "slept" all our rights away. A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND!! Congress is not divided, by any means, between House and Senate or Replicans and Demoncrates (emphasis added). Rather, they are all under the same roof with one consent, THEIR OWN!!! Who can make the crocked crooked straight?

          • Paul D. Corley | May 30, 2013

            If you read up on the tea party crazies you will find out they are against everything this country is based on the tea party wants to abolish social security, medicare, medicade,food stamps,womens rights to decide on their own health, cut cancer treatments and anything that helps people when they are down and out. The only thing the tea party stands for is to disrupt everything Obama is trying to do for people like you and I. I personally think the tea party is a terrorist organization.

          • Scott | June 5, 2013

            Well we had the Taxed Enough Already party trying to do just that and look what the government controlled media did to them. Good luck, it is a very entrenched and powerful establishment you want to take down, R's and D's alike. They will not go WILLINGLY.

          • James MORENCY | June 10, 2013

            I think what we need to do is just vote out everyone! Every last one of these jokers! They are all too spoiled, too out of touch and too ingrained into the culture of Washington. By voting them all out, we would send a powerful message. "You work for us" now do your job, or we'll replace you as well!

          • Sailor Jo | July 10, 2013

            There are countries where one pays higher taxes but that work in a more honest fashion for their people. The first chance I have I will move.

          • gene | August 3, 2013

            Paul corley, You are a far left liar just like obumer, reid and pelosi. The Tea Party is against everything obumer wants because everything he wants is bad for our country. The Tea Party wants to fix our economy, health care system, energy costs, government spending. These things were all caused by the damocrats and the media. Go drink some more of your drug enhanced kool aid and leave the true american Patriots alone!!!!!!!!

          • Rodney L. Williamson | August 9, 2013

            It will be a miracle if it happens Chris. Just look at some of these morons on here arguing over whether the Republicans or Democrats are the better group. Apparently some people are just too stupid to realize they are one and the same !

          • Roxanne | August 15, 2013

            Good point Chris, what I don't understand is why aren't we rioting and protesting against all this?? How else can things change? We can vote out the bad but the new Politian will get sucked in once they get to DC. Unless we all get radical and start protesting loudly, nothing will happen.. I am a follower not a leader, so if anyone knows how to start something up that will put positive change in DC, I AM ALL FOR IT, AND WILL HELP….

        • larry | April 2, 2013

          it is important for all of us to align with electoral opposition to these scum. the T party looks like the way to go now and in the near future elections.

          • paul | August 8, 2013

            why do we keep sending these crooks back into office.we need some fresh honest blood in our government.

        • Joan Steele | April 15, 2013

          This is obscene,they should not be allowed to invest in the stock market at all. Now there is no reason to be recieving social security,you are all to rich to start with.You are always saying,you want to help the citizens,that is pure bull crap. you are a bunch of pigs,you have prayes said before you work,people there is not enough prayers that will help when your life ends.MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL.

          • L.Taylor | April 16, 2013

            OK, I agree that these guys and gals are ripping us off. How do we get them back on the same train as all the rest of us? It seems that the only way, is for us to limit them to one term at a time. We have the power to limit their term. It is only when they get to stay there that they wiggle their way into the DC Mafia. If possible, we should attach their salary to what the State that the represents think they are worth. Let the State pay the salary, and cut off all the things that none of us are privileged for.

            Who will bell the cat? Who will put this obscenity into the News? All the Media is dialed into their act, and brain washes everone that reads the garbage they spew out for us stupid, suckers. I say who ever is in, throw them out, start over each election year. We can not be any worse off. We don't seem to have the power to do it any other way.

        • Bob Mueller | April 21, 2013

          You can't vote them out, the two party system keeps putting in the same type people. They don't follow the constitution, they make their own rules. If we rebel, they throw 'us' in jail. Do we need a third party, who monitors them? We can't monitor or correct the present politicians. Do we wait for the World Brotherhood of Muslims to take over (via Obama) to settle the problem (this should be in place by the end of Obama's term). Nobody has a 'battle' plan. We can't screen any 'new' politicians.

          • Gary Vanderberg | April 25, 2013

            Just vote the old politicians out and do it often…..that will keep the money pushers jumping thru the hoop to see who they can buy off…

          • Harvie Jamison | May 10, 2013

            I do not believe any of this comes from our President. He already is limited to two terms max. Perhaps we should consider extending this control to The House and Senate members. It might just solve the problem, and have a big impact on our budget deficit. I am just sayin….

          • Cindy McAllister | July 17, 2013

            Florida's House and Senate voted two term limits on themselves. They can't even walk in a place of business and get a free cup of coffee, much less be taken to lunch and have their check picked up. This has turned into a disaster. On term limit, new people being voted in have just began to get their feet wet and understand how it all works, and they are termed out. This is especially true of persons never having been in a political office before. We, they people, are wishing that we could extend this term limit for a longer period of time so these elected officials have a chance to make some changes they were elected upon. Just a little personal experience to share on limiting terms. I do believe there should be a limit, but perhaps more like every 4- 5 terms. Career politicians such as Harry Reed are not working for the people, but for themselves.

        • Debbie | April 23, 2013

          the crap that goes on behind closed door. we american's should do all the votes as congress does who needs cheaters and games

          • marilyn | July 12, 2013

            I am afraid any of what you are all wishing you could plan and pull off is too late .Look at Sirya, and what has happened to their citizens, look at eygpt , half and Half amungst themselves.( Islamics ), some are good some are not good..they clash and related to that is Isreals Borders being surrounded by , Iran , Hamas and Hezbelah ..all terrorists who want to Irradicate all Jews…
            What I am trying to say is The Whole world is in a horrible state of affairs..the only way out is throgh Jesus Christ The almight one ..Our Saviour..SO repent and focous on Him and nothing else..Amen
            P.S. Obama is a Liar and He is not interested in anything Humane !!Read you Bibles , Prophecesy is where you should start's in The last book ,called Revellations , it is all there ..all that is to come …check it our and perhaps you will save your soul from the firey pits of Hell..Hell IS real…

        • Paul Adamczyk | May 11, 2013

          Simple solution. Next time you vote, vote out anyone up for reelection. Send a message that we are fed up with the Feds. If you don't vote them out the you have nothing to whine about.

          • TomS | May 20, 2013

            Problem is, I'd have to vote for a damned donkey, and friends, that ain't gonna happen.

        • PaulPatriot | May 17, 2013

          We can get together and have a party when all the partiers aren't required to be good christians or any other specific characteristic of a "good patriot".

        • Charlie V. Snith | May 20, 2013

          VOTE THEM OUT. That is how we eliminate this.

          • Allen Scott | July 1, 2013

            You are so right VOTE THEM OUT!!!!! and have term limits 2 terms just like the president

        • Shawn | May 24, 2013

          You are not correct. They do not qualify for full benefits after one term. They are Federal employees and must complete a minimum of 5 years to be vested. Then the counter starts toward their retirement just like any other federal employee.

          • Patrick M. | August 11, 2013

            One term for a Senator is 6 years. That equals one term. Representatives term is two years so they would have to serve two terms. Someone suggested 4 or 5 terms. For a Senator that would equal 24or30 years and for a Representative it would be 8 or 10 years. Not acceptable for me.

      • Laura Harrison | March 7, 2013

        how do we get this vote in front of congress so they don't have any questions about how we, the people, actually feel about them?

        • Tom Glenn | March 20, 2013

          Check out an organization called "WolfPac". It is promoting a way to stop this foolishness. WolfPac wants to get a constitutional convention convened so we can make sure that corporations are NOT people. Write your Senators and your Representative and ask them to supply you with what they spend to staff and furnish their offices.

          • Jeri | March 31, 2013

            This administration does not adhere to the constitution so what good with a constitutional convention do. So far they have violated Article 1, section 1 through executive orders.directives that change the meaning of laws previously inacted, section 7, for allowing the senate to orginate bills for raising Revenue, section 8 allowing the Pres. with UN approval to bomb another country without approval of Congress, Article II natural born citizen become Pres. , Amendments 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th, 6th,10th,14th, all violated, the 15th, 24th and 26th have been abridged by stopping states from ensuring only citizens vote.

            Do you think they would pay any attention to any new amendments?

          • John | April 17, 2013

            You have a point, but, the Unions are as culpable as corporations. Public Service Unions should be against the law. Even Roosevelt said the public worker could not join a union. It all causes the same results. Money in/Money out.

      • jon | March 7, 2013

        Pelosi liar and snake that she is. and obama demos repubs the others feds. washington dc.

      • Dwane R Jones | March 7, 2013

        yes , send her to prision, its about time we americans wake up, people like her think they are royalty, she is no better the some person living on the street., our fore fathers didnt mean for people to become filthy rich off the goverment, and the president is no better, spending money like he does to go golfing and vacations one right after another, he doesnt do enough to deserve a vacation., hes a president, not a king, now he wants to do a third term, i dont believe it>

        • Bob Marcum,Sr. | October 10, 2013

          This is for all of you ( not just for John ). How-in-th-hell, can you sit there and bicker about the money the politicians spend, at a time when our nation is under
          attack ( literlly ) by the islamist world, with our president leading them. They put
          him in office ( an expertly choreographed, activity) as part of a project that got it's
          start about 60 years, ago. Right now, the only thing to save this nation from total
          destruction is the impeachment of barrack hussein obama. The supreme court has
          already given the congress the official, go-ahead, it's legal, about three weeks ago.
          But, congress is so damned, stagnated, they're not even capable of doing the only
          act that can save this nation, from destruction.

      • jim beck | April 22, 2013

        Pelosi is one of the worst ever FAT CATS. We the American people allowed this to happen. Not content with flying around in her own Commercial Airliner she even charges us for a bottle of water. Why don't the politicians worry more about fuel prices even though we have more resources than anywhere in the world? Because they charge us for their furl costs and most of their families are on the doll! Then they make more money from the lobbyists who are keeping the price of fuel high. Can you imagine how the economy would take off if fuel prices came down a dollar!Diesel fuel is much cheaper to make than gasoline yet special interests have it priced ridiculously high effecting all goods and services. It should be priced below gasoline. America has got to wake up and get rid of these bums in congress…..

      • Gary Vanderberg | April 25, 2013

        What gives when one person goes to jail and another don't get much media attention of the fact. Where is the DOJ?

      • macneacail | June 3, 2013

        NO, Stewart was convicted for trumped up perjury charge.

      • Dotz | July 8, 2013

        No Martha went to jail for lieing to congress, u know much like Bill Cliton, but Martha unlike Bill went to jail.

        Oh will, we elect people to hold office, they pass laws to apply to taxpayers n yet these people r not held accountable for anything.

        Isn't it time to change this system, hold them accountable, n demand that no law is passed that doesn't apply to congress as well. Tired of government discriminating against legal citizens of America.

      • j.w. | July 15, 2013


      • Pamela Calcaterra | August 10, 2013

        As if that's not bad enough, Marthas reputation is tarnished. The general population doesn't clearly understand and tends to judge her based solely on the fact she went to prison. Some don't even know what she did to be given her sentence. Ashame want this strong business women has had to endure, when others are never made to answer for their crimes.

    • Gary | March 6, 2013

      It seems the presidents words indicating that we all will suffer from the sequester, does not apply to our political leaders. Unless our leaders return to a serving mentality and live with a compensation like the rest of Americans do, the top heaviness from the financial weight it costs to run the government is going to topple us as a country. They forget that the trillions of tax dollars sent to Washington is to run the country, not pad their own pockets. Who in government has the courage to stand up demand the use of our money change?

      • pat | August 15, 2013

        all there right wing people better wake up and smel the roses, all i ask is to visit both sides and get the truth , and ps get away from racest comment ps im white and very happy i grew up in the getto with mmixed races , i have done well

    • Alita DeMarco | March 6, 2013

      Give them Minimum wage no perks ,Medicare ,no gas fiights make them buy all of their own equitment and pay rent and utilities and lose ALL LIFE TIME CONCESSIONS .Then see who they Support because we will out Law lobbying for ever !


      • missT | March 7, 2013

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact I think we should fire the lot and hire some out of work folks who have a clue about "budgets"

      • b donaldson | March 7, 2013

        They should live in their districts and listen to their constituents visiting WDC only for votes.

        • Theresa | March 16, 2013

          Agreed, to most all comments. Our "public servants", including and maybe especially so, should get no more than a living wage, and only if they aren't independently wealthy when they enter office or become so at any time while in office. Any expense needed for "fact finding" or otherwise should be fully documented in public record, talking complete copies of receipts and explanation as to why it was necessary, no act of a public servant should qualify for national security protection, that's what the military is for, if they need to not disclose where they are going or for why to protect themselves that is temporarily okay. When flights are needed they should fly on public airlines in coach unless their is a security threat, then they can fly 1st class or private depending on severity of threat. Do this and thousands of college educations could be paid for and/or no person would have to be without somewhere to live and something to eat. We all have something to do it's just a matter of if we do it or not, from washing the dishes to standing up against oppression and a government that is exactly the opposite of what our for-fathers envisioned.

          Public servants are volunteers and should get no more than shelter, food, and the reward of serving their fellow citizens.

          • Frances Steward | April 21, 2013

            Exactly public service should be an honor with very little pay involved, president included. That would definitely weed out the money hungry bunch like we have now.

      • BB | March 7, 2013

        I LOVE THIS!!!

      • Connie | March 7, 2013

        I agree, it is time the USA comes back into the hands of the people not the government

      • Glenda | March 7, 2013

        They seem to conveniently forget that they are "public servants". Therefore, they ought to be making minimum wage or their jobs should be "volunteer". Bet things would get fixed real fast then. They also need term limits.

        And what about the Senate and House of Representatives? Supreme Court Justices? What are their salaries and perks? The same should be applied to them also. All of this needs to be stopped.

        If they get minimum (rounded up) $60,000 a year in pensions, then they shouldn't be allowed to *also* receive Social Security, they don't even pay into that do they?

        • Jeri | March 31, 2013

          They should be under the same law of other civil servant, government employee. If you get a government pension but have paid in enough into SS during private employment , your SS pension is reduced by 2/3 what you would be entitled to if you did not get a government pension.

        • David | May 14, 2013

          In town that I lived we had friends who daughter was employed by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. She was paid over 70,000 per year just to make sure her robe didn't have any wrinkles and to put in on her when needed.

      • BARBARA | March 7, 2013

        You are so right!
        Nothing but a bunch of crooks in government and it has been like that for a long time! Complaining does not help. Action does!
        You can not change things when the public does not do anything about that.

        Get rid of all them old farts in congress and in the senate and elect new people, and, for sure the speaker of the house!!! He is arrogant and vain and needs to stay home and treat his family like he does the citizens of this great country and yes, fire him without the benefit of getting unemployment:-) :-)
        Somebody should put a contract out on that S.O.B.
        Leave PREDIDENT OBAMA alone. He can only do so much when a bunch of idiots are there with him and are only concerned about their own pay-check.

        • jerry | March 12, 2013

          I,m going out on a limb, but you are either misinformed or completely ignorant of Mr.& Mrs. Obama's abuses. Congress could not hold a candle to the financial abuses of our first family. Together they have spent more money on themselves than the last five presidents combined( Hundreds of MILLIONS )Mrs. Obama has over twenty assistants on payroll. The next nearest first lady was Hillary Clinton with three.These abuses are on several govt websites. Stop drinking the koolaid. Do you have over twenty assistants on payroll. TO DO WHAT!

          • Peajayach | April 16, 2013

            Your comments show a lack of mature judgment, commonly known as weasel words. Try to remember, there is no dispute if you identify facts and accept an unknown as an unknown. If one believes something to be true or false because they would like it to be true or false, an argument to consequences is involved. When one is hopeful for a positive consequence, they are engaging in a particular version of argument to consequences called wishful thinking. Wishful thinking is synonymous with denial…denial is often the last refuge of the unconvinced.

        • Maureen Gilbert | April 30, 2013

          Hi Barbara…I voted for Obama because I though he was the lesser of 2 evils. However, I never intended for him to misconstrue his election to think I want him to do anything he wants without working with the other 2 branches of government…all of which are unaccountable for the screwing Americans are receiving. After Obamacare, I certainly don't feel Mr. Obama should be "left alone" to do what ever he pleases. I believe no matter whom you elect to serve in Washington, nothing will change because once they are in Washington, they become another pig at the trough of taxpayer money. I wish you well….

        • Nancy | July 7, 2013

          I agree with you whole heartedly. Obama is doing the best he can while the Republicans only goal is to get rid of him.

          • Debra | August 14, 2013

            His agenda is to spend as much money as possible, turn the country into a welfare state, and take vacation.

        • Debra | August 14, 2013

          Yea – Lets all give Obama all the money he wants to spend and of course, allow him to print money anytime and raise the debt limit.
          Sorry Barbara but you sound like a complete idiot. You might want to retract your "Contract" Statement before it bites you

      • alice | March 8, 2013

        i'm for that. I really think it should be a volunteer thing. See how many would do that?

    • ellen | March 7, 2013

      our government is going to destroy what is left of america.
      sad to see it happening but it is going down hill fast

    • BB | March 7, 2013

      InVESTIGATE PELOSI and her Husband! Again!

    • Karen | March 7, 2013

      Its time they serve the people and stop living off of us………

    • Lilly Bennett | March 7, 2013

      f any member of congress would come and live with any senior citizen they would see what it is like, just for one month. Or live with a family on the poverty line. They just might be shocked. Take away some of their perks even and let them pay for themselves. They want to play with our social security that we have worked for all our lives. My husband and I don't even get a pension. They would be welcome to come stay with me for a month.

    • Ron Smith | March 8, 2013

      Great points Ron! One other point. They get to vote and authorize their own raises!!!
      Term limits & let America draft the policies on what they can and cannot do.

    • George W Wood | April 16, 2013

      If i thought my comments would matter i would be the first to do so, but we all know that this will fall on deaf ears of our greedy pigs in congtess and our government. I won't waste my breath on this useless crap!!!!

      • Terry Forrester | April 30, 2013

        I'm sorry but you just did.

        • Eddie Deans | May 1, 2013

          Thank you, This is how we Let our feelings be Known and just I hope some one will pay attention .

    • SFC_Swede | April 23, 2013

      ^THIS… cant be ignored that while the "news" was being alarmist with the latest North Korean saber rattling, and getting people worried and all worked up, that the Congress repealed the insider trading bill they passed last year after scrutiny and a giant spot light was shown on it. These people make deals with corporations, or purposely invest in sectors they know their legislation will effect directly to influence it. That should be a crime in itself.

      But, just go back to sleep. The news will tell you what to think, and what to worry about. Keep worrying about party labels and groups being castigated and demonized. Keep allowing the politicians to pit these groups they have created to keep people at each others throats, and on the various plantations they have created.

      Until and unless everyone wakes up, and realizes that we live in a one party system, which is a giant three ring circus to make you believe there is a difference…the country will continue to slide into totalitarian state, freedoms will continue to be eroded, and they will concrete their power and wealth at your expense.

    • david olson | April 23, 2013

      Ron, I agree with the insider trading comment. Our DC officials know where the billions are going to be spent beforehand. Nice info for they and their buds. If they don't leak the info to their cronnies, they are exposed abused and run out of town.

    • bobby funderburk | April 25, 2013

      Political office is addictive; probably more so than drugs, power, perks and profit. Let's use term limits to put them in a rehab program call a real job in the real world.

    • Terry Forrester | April 30, 2013

      I knew a great percentage would vote for congress to take all their perks away but it should be 100%. There must be some of them voting in this poll.

    • Jerome Brand | May 5, 2013

      Sure are a lot of wisher here. You have the fox guarding the hen house, buy what means do you believe they or any one not in those comfy positions will vote to downgrade them or even approach a change. Only one way to make a change and most will not follow. Whats left?

    • Dale N. Kindred | May 8, 2013

      Your propaganda is very much slanted. While you are attacking Nancy Pelosi, what are the Republican leaders positions on these benefits. It is easy to oppose benefits when you absolutely know that they will not be eliminated and you still get the benefit despite your vote. Further, what about the public being able to enjoy some of the same benefits.
      The advertisers appear to be from the same sources that gave us the market failures in 2000 and the housing blunders in 2008. Time to wise up folks!

    • Al Mahany | May 9, 2013

      And what do we taxpayers get for all this extraordinary money? Extraordinary service? Nope. Try an extraordinary screwing. Congress does NOTHING, unless you count the TWO TIMES this year alone that they raised middle class taxes after promising to never do so. First they raised our Social Security tax on January 1, and now they are on the fast track to impose sales tax on middle class internet sales. These things they gleefullyly passed. But something useful like a real budget? Oh no, can't have that!

    • Paul Johnson | May 30, 2013

      None of the above is true.

    • Maneb | July 3, 2013

      Agree. The big bucks aren't the salary, gym etc. Insider trading and cushy directorships etc when they leave office dwarf the salary.

    • Walter Larkin | July 16, 2013

      Is it really possible that 546 individuales make ALL the rules for over 340,000,000?

    • Hubert Bent | July 21, 2013

      They should not be above the law what is good for one should be good for the rest. Pelosi Should be locked up as well. It is wrong for any of them to be above the law.

    • Dan Karr | July 31, 2013

      The members of congress, senate, and president should be less valuable than the military that is charged to protect us. The elected officials should be paid just like the members of the service with no more benefits than the service members get. The pay rate for civil service is based on performance and pay grade. Start at the bottom and work your way up like everyone else. If they want to campaign, then pay for it yourself, but when your away from your job, you will be on leave of absence without pay. All people should pay into S.S. and if you want more then set up a retirement plan for yourself.

    • Dave | August 2, 2013

      Most of you are picking on Pelosi but it is every member!! Call them all out not just Pelosi!

    • John | August 2, 2013

      I tried a number of times in my 26 years in military to citizen/military arrest a politician for speeding/reckless/drunk driving, having illegal Cuban cigars, having illegal Russian Vodka, etc and was told by civilian police their DC plates cannot be stopped ….diplomatic immunity… that was initiated so as they could not be arrest.. detained when on their way to a VOTE NOT a party, and more or less the same from military authorities .. all afraid of their careers!!! BULL!!

    • gAIL | August 7, 2013

      I recently had the pleasure of sitting next to Senator John McCain IN COACH !!! What a pleasant surprise. He was very pleasant to chat with also.

    • Daniel Barefoot | November 1, 2013

      I agree with everything except the first one. That one has been made illegal and they can be convicted just like everyone else. Tho it wouldn't surprise me if they found a way around it

  2. Mike | March 3, 2013


    • Linda | March 5, 2013

      They could care less about the people they were elected to serve. Its all about them – not we. Balance the budget – eliminate their salaries and perks for a couple of months!!!

    • BOB DAVIS | March 6, 2013


      • Nancy McCoid | March 6, 2013

        You are on the right track!!!These leaches are not even satisfied with this they now are causing hard working Americans, Federal employees to lose 20 percent of their income from April through September. I as a GS 4 only make 10.00 an hour after taxes and insurance and they are going to take 2opercent of that away! I am facing homelessness or losing my car. I am livid they can cut American jobs but yet they get work done by Mexico to the tune of 50 grand for uniforms. They want to give 750 grand to Egypt, but take 85 grand from workers. Is this their idea of putting America to work????? I think this is just their idea of finding more money to steal from the backs of hard working Americans that can least afford it.

        Why do they not take from Medicaid and then some of the career Medicaid lifers might have to work. I know many can not find jobs, but a good 50 percent have never made their own way in life.

        • Joan Osborne | March 7, 2013

          Yes it is time that the Federal government reined it the perks given to our representatives and return this country to fiscal conservatism. They have no problem spending money that does not belong to them.
          I realize that you may only make $10 an hour, but do your realize that since 2008 when many lost their jobs the Federal government never laid off any employees from the rank and file.
          We need to eliminate Lobbyists. When our fore fathers said we had the right to lobby our government they meant the citizens not paid lobbyists. Time to trim all government bloated representatives and agencies.

        • Sue | March 7, 2013

          Nancy, I bet you are younger than 50. Medicaid is not the problem except like all things, those who abuse it. Medicare is not the problem except for those who abuse it. You are listening to propaganda from the government. Did you know that they do not keep your social security you pay into all your life in an account to pay for social security. They use it for whatever they need it for like subsuties to foreign governments for bases and such on their land and wars and such. No telling what because they don't account for it that I know of. In addition, what if you reached the age that you needed social security benefits to live? You are throwing the problems of government on people who have worked all their lives such as my Dad, who was a RR engineer and is dying of alzheimers/dementia and needs medicaid to live his final days in a lackluster nursing home because he needs 24 hour care and prior to going through the qualifying process for a year my mother spent her life savings on paying for the home at $3700 a month and that is cheap compared to most nursing homes. Please research and blame those who really need the blame>>>our lawmakers who have no idea what its like to live a normal working mans life of serving his country in WWII and working for the Railroad for 43 years and retiring and then being struck for the rest of his life with alzheimers and no way to live a decent life. Its not medicare or medicaid, it's the abuses of people who don't qualify, it's misinformation of news programs and our government, it's abuse by those who have learned to work the system for not just their lifetime but their children and then their children, and it's our responsibility as a whole to elect leadership who are of the people, by the people, and for the people and uphold our Constitution the way it was intended. By the way, I don't believe in lobbyists. That's why we cast our votes are to elect people who represent who we are and I guarantee you we are not a nation of rich people but hard working people trying to make ends meet. You don't see those people in Washington now do you?

    • ellen | March 7, 2013

      they just do not care about the people that voted them in – and it is time they started to IMO

      • Deklan | March 7, 2013

        I voted only for "the new gal/guy" no incumbents. But look who came back. I did not vote party line, I wanted all new people in DC, but there are too many people who vote without actually knowing what/who they are voting for. My state (washington) has been screwed up royally, did we elect a Republican to see if a new face in the Governors mansion would be better, no, another Dem, and we are facing more taxes. WTF! Wake up AMERICA, put your vote to use! You want CHANGE? Change your voting habits, and FIRE those lazy jokers, who are laughing all the way to the bank………………….

        No career politicians. And I think a single 6 year term as President would be better than spending the first four rerunning for a second term. Only to be followed by who will run after that.

  3. Kent Greenough | March 3, 2013

    Like so many critics you are focusing in the chump change of the Congressional office. Where they make the real money is in trading on insider information, buying property "in the path of federal legislation", and the cushy benefits of providing preferred legislation for big donations and their grateful patrons. For example, when you he a Congressman crying about the minimum wage you will never hear him or her mention all the union contracts indexed to the minimum wage. Hmmm. As a governor of Arkansas Clinton was paid $33,000, but Hillary, at the Rose law firm got $500,00. Oh yeah, she was worth that! Corruption is all you get when you have the finest Congress/Politicians money can buy and they have ALL been bought and paid for, many times over.

  4. Patricia Moran | March 3, 2013

    I did not realize you were a financial advisor. I am 92 years old, fixed income, no more investing and risking capital. Please remove my name from your web site. I am intereted in politics and the "perks" of congresss people interest me. Thank you for that info.

  5. amina | March 3, 2013

    FIRE the bastards in CONGRESS!!! Anyone who lies to the citizens who elect them should be charged for saying things and giving people hope to get in office. This is not MY AMERICA!! To live the fat cat lives that they do is unconscionable. And the media need to have rules too. they should not report altered information, but the truth, I have known the media lies and turns the public in a way they benefit them since I was 16. I believe its called sensationalizing. Keep to the facts and keep their own opinions to themselves. Respect the position that Our President and his wife have taken on. Instead they report about her bangs. What the hell??? Lets have a new election, that carries serious consequences if their intention is not meant for and by the people. Not about how much money it takes to get them there. As they wring their greasy hands thinking they have the golden ticket. 2 Blocks from the capitol in washington dc are homeless people. To think ahhh lets cut peoples income when they are disabled, elderly and poor. How dare they treat them as waste material, as if they dont have a right to live a better life then they have and to cut programs or money from them is absolutely cruel and stupid. Many of these people have worked hard their whole life, karma is a bitch. Just wait, you will see all your evil ways you will be accountable for. I am not a teabagger or a republican. sick of it.SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

    • Betty | March 4, 2013

      Congress needs a lesson in "lead by example".

    • Walt Edington | March 5, 2013

      How dose that Koo Laid taste Hard to support the worst we have ever had

    • Nancy McCoid | March 6, 2013

      If we had some worth supporting we would! When he will not even respect the flag, and National anthem! When Benghazi was going on he the Commander in chief was AWOL! He let those people get murdered.

      He claimed he would not do harm to middle class, but here he is for political sake doing this sequester as he wants everyone to blame the Republicans so next year in elections they will get a Democratic house. The Dept. of the Agriculture suggested doing different things so it would not be so painful for the American workers being laid off or cut hours and was told they were to do nothing that would lessen the impact that the President had predicted from the Sequestration. Now almost two million federal employees are set to lose 20 percent of their income for almost 6 months. I would like to end the falsehood all Federal employees are overpaid. I work 40 hour weeks and only take home after taxes, and insurance 10.00 per hour. This atrocity the President is putting forth will likely cost me my home and or car. Not only do we lose our salary we also lose gaining any sick time or vacation during this period as well as altering the date we will get any step increase or the retirement date for us. In addition we have not had any increase for the last 3 years, even though gas has doubled, as well as groceries and medical care.

      He just had taxes raised two months ago and now wants it again so he can spend the country into poverty. God bless John Boehner and the other Republicans for fighting against it. We will end up like Greece where all the rich will leave and we will have nothing. I am not rich in any way but I know you can not raise taxes on people every two months without them withdrawing in backing companies, and projects that employ Americans.

      • john b | March 15, 2013

        Some what you are saying is incorrect. The Republicans in the House want to cut Social Security Cost Living, CPI. Replace it with a chain index that can be fixed each year to pay the lowest cost of living increase. They say they will not touch current retires. This is a lie. The chained index will start with current retires. SS increase have for the last 3 years been – year 1, $0 increase; year 2, $0 increase; year 3, 1.7% increase. SS retires go about .05 for all years. I never heard of a chained index until now. I when and looked it up on the Internet. It is so mixed up and impossible for the lay person to understand. Why doesn't Congress start paying back the IOU'S to Social Security they took from SS over the years. Congress think these IOU'S should never be paid back. However, those IOU's issued by Congress are forgotten and now are worth less. Their value are now zero. As far as Congress see it.

      • Melanie | May 2, 2013

        I totally agree with majority of the comments on here that I have read. We are a family of 8 (4 kids in elementary school and 2 not old enough to go yet). Single income since it's insane to think of what it would cost for childcare. BEFORE taxes it's only $9 an hour. I make everything I can by hand and we are in the process of of adding additional space to our home so the kids can get out of the living room and a single bedroom. Everything possible is done either second hand/freebie find. I am one of those at the low end of the totem pole and not by choice. My hubby has been turned down from labor jobs due to be over qualified (people being job scared here is a real threat). Last year alone we managed on 16,000. How I don't know except for a lot of praying, God's grace and a wonderful small community. Just recently it took a month for him to even be able to find this job that pays more than the last one did. The people in Congress and the President himself, need to def loose all their perks. I can't afford to keep paying for their lives. I have a family to take care of and it down right pisses me off that I have to see blips online from the news community of all their special little passes and perks. I could care less!! I don't even know what a vacation is and I'm a Veteran. Do I use VA…..NO, can't afford the gas for an hour and half to two hour drive. Health insurance? Only one adult and kids on state aid. Dental for adults?? Are you joking? and it's severely needed. Can I even feed my family safely with food benefits??? Of course not, government has allowed GMO's to take over. Now not only is there mandatory space adding on to this house and doing everything by hand already, I have to plant my own garden to make sure my family can eat safely. Do I get all the benefits that I could?? NO…. I don't want to be on any hook line and sinker for handouts. I get pissed every night that I feel like I cooked a healthy meal only to KNOW that it's not healthy at all. No matter how hard we work and help to take care of our relatives…. it's not enough. We have learned the best way to stay out of the gov's reach is with sharing and bartering and trading. I love my family and we are happy without all the nonsense and extras. But every once in a while it would be nice to reward the kids and ourselves for learning to live closer to the land since it is a family way of life living closer to the land that we are HAVING to learn :) I liked the skeleton crew idea….. Let's start over and take our constitution back!!!!!!

  6. Robert Kain | March 3, 2013

    I have NEVER been more disgusted with Washington politicians. After witnessing the Republican "party of hate" approach to everything from immigration policy, tax reform, non regulation of banks and Wall Street I have never been more pro democrat. That is not to say the Democrats are all correct but at least the party policies attempt to include citizens in their solutions. Finally any party that allows Rush Limbaugh, John Sununu, and Mitch McConnell to represent is pathetic and out of touch. As voters we deserve this inability to govern as long as we continue to vote such indecisive assholes into office.

    • Nobu | March 4, 2013

      I think both parties are despicable. We need immigration reform. All they do is fight and argue. The citizens that abide by the law are beaten up by it and immigrants that come here illegally are given a pass. They need immigration laws fair to all and then ENFORCE them.

      Banks and Wall St need to be drawn and quartered.

      Ahhh, Party that is the key word – they are there to party, not serve the people.

      Democrat, Republican – all worthless, self serving thieves

      • gino guadagnin | March 5, 2013

        Time to do house cleaning and get rid of all of them

    • debbie sayatovich | March 5, 2013

      robert cain have you read all the cities and state going to bankruptacy, they all need help. they all voted obama, and they are all democratic states. not repubs. you have to look at that seriuos. obamas is costing us billions by just going to talk shows and any shows that will have them. the democratic press that admire her iconic arms,dress bangs and everything slse. and for the president to be making out with his wife in public is unreal, demo reporters. WHILE HIM AND HILLARY IS LYING ABOUT BENGAZI. HILLARY WHEN TOLD IN CONGRESS ABOUT 4 AMERICANS DYING, SHE SAID"SO WHAT" TAKE YOUR DEMOCRATS AND GO TO THE POOR HOUSE WITH THEM, THE PRESIDENT IS MAKING MILLIONS OFF OF. THOSE SHOWS

      • pat | March 6, 2013

        c'mon are you serious it was republicans that put this country in the shape its in now…and neither rep's or dem's are willing to put politics aside to fix their mess…..

        • BB | March 7, 2013

          Are you kidding? after 4 years you still think the evil is just the Republicans? The problem is our political system. We allow the corruption from all parties and say "thank you" for doing such a great job! We need to cut the perks down, salaries down, and if the budget is not balanced when due, cut the pay! In a real world these people would not be allowed to stay in there jobs! The people need to take the power back and install term limits. EARN YOUR JOBS!!!

        • Fed up with these politics | March 7, 2013

          Can you still say its republicans after this the second term for Dems and all they do is spend. You must not have any children you are worry about paying for there spending. Our children will be paying back all this spending the rest of there live's. I think this country is now a bunch of sheep that like to be lead, at least 47% anyway. Also don't you read the news on all the failed attemps with our tax paying dollars, come on now have you seen any progress in Washington since this Admin took over or are you one of the sheep?

          • JERRY KELSEY | March 9, 2013


        • Terry Forrester | April 30, 2013

          you are one of the low information voters. If you think the republicans are responsible for the poor shape of the country. You are a pretty ignorant person.

    • Sharon | March 6, 2013

      It's obvious you are one of the many who are ill-informed about politics…….

      • Sharon | March 6, 2013

        Let me clarify, it's obious that Robert Cain is one of the many who are ill-informed about politics…..

    • JTB | March 6, 2013

      Robert … your a fool … party of hate? Give me a break! I am not a Republican I am more of a Conservative but I do not like what either party has done and continues to do but if you are a Democrat … then it is the "pot calling the kettle black"!

    • D. Miller | March 6, 2013

      Robert Kain: I totally agree with you. Good post!!

    • Sandra | March 6, 2013

      Robert Kain believes the Republican Party is pathetic in part by allowing Rush Limbaugh, John Sununu and Mitch McConnell to represent them…well, what about a certain liberal party that allows a person to "rule" this country who has a questionable background of associating with criminals (and still does), who may not be an American citizen, who hates the United States and has admitted that he will and is taking us down to put us on an equal basis with other very poor countries. Also has committed treason by apologizing to our enemies on behalf of America and ignoring and denouncing our friends and allies? They put this disgusting person in the most powerful office in the world and he is absolutely bankrupting us and overstepping the boundaries of even the President of the United States. He rejects the decisions of the Supreme Court and make his own rules. The clincher is that you liberals and democrats either can't or won't or don't see what is happening.. You just continue to act like he is a god of some sort. About the only thing he hasn't controlled and probably doesn't want to is Congress. These representatives of the people are paid much more than they are worth and have perks that only the president may have…..and after all that they dont even do what they were elected to do simply because they don't have to! They are a mixture of Republicans and Democrats and all need replacing. They can't possibly know what the average American citizen needs because their every need is supplied and most care only that they are re-elected again and again. Between Congress and the White House Administration, we have very little chance of survival! God bless America and God help us!!!!

      • David Freeman | April 23, 2013

        Sandra your a loser to believe the potus is not a citizen. Don't you think they did a million background checks on him. After reading that i knew you have been watching to much fox propaganda. Get with the rest of us on here & lets get something done about the congress. Stay on topic. Support your President, he's what more than 1/2 the U.S. voted for. Deal with it & vote in the next election

    • Doug | March 8, 2013

      Out of curiosity, what, exactly, has Rush Limbaugh said that is untrue. Not, 'what have you heard from other people', but what have you heard him say 'from his mouth to your ears', in context, that is flat-out wrong? I ask because so many times when I have heard people rant about what conservatives have said, the complainer hadn't actually listened to the person themselves, they were just regurgitating angst that they picked up from the web, the mainstream media, or some other outlet, and their information had been edited and/or taken out of context so that the message came across far differently than it had been originally delivered.

      • John | April 16, 2013

        Well if you think that Rush Limbaugh is not a narrow minded Man..and does not care what is said..other than speak against anyone that has a different opinion! Than you are just as pin headed as he is! You have no interest in what actually is being said..and only hear what you want…and what others say will never change your mind! There is such a thing as common sense..of which is not being used by your party! Maybe enough is enough..get rid of the heated nonsense and just stick to lifes realities! :)

    • Jeri | March 31, 2013


      Have you ever read the Constitution? I am not too happy with either party either because neither are following the Constitution. However, the Republicans have tried to slow down the spending and made some effort to stick closer to the Constitution. The Dems are way out of line. In terms of the party of hate, it is the Dems that are doing the name calling and attacking citizens while sticking up for illegals, putting more people out of work and on welfare, and giving money to other countries that have vowed to destroying America. Get you head out of the sand and get informed about what America is suppose to represent.

    • Bill | April 3, 2013

      Include the citizens in their decisions…funny…..unless you mean welfare….immigration needs to be shut down…. period. We are up to our butts in illegals already and it keeps increasing and dragging our economy into the gutter with entitlements for them.

    • John Raymonda | April 16, 2013

      Indecisive? Mitch McConnell indecisive? I think not. He has been very decisive in his continuing crusade to screw the average American, as have been virtually all the Repugnantcans. Most of the Dems, on the other hand, have been cowardly in their inability to stand up for what is right. Why does Reid cave on the filibuster and on the assault weapon and large magazine ban, to mention a couple of issues? Why did Obama cave on the single payer option in the ACA? Why does Obama put the rightful social security benefits ("entitlement", my ass, unless one adheres to the dictionary definition of that word which includes having a legal right to) on the table. The average American who can even earn enough to pay taxes (which, right there, might make him not so average) has to pay about 30 to 40 percent of his income in taxes, while people like Mitt Romney pay less than 20% and corporations like GE pay nothing. So, why aren't off-shore accounts, off-shore corporate earnings, the "carried interest" ruse that Romney and hedge fund types get away with, and a host of other loophole and breaks, on the table instead of the meager social security payments that hard-working seniors have earned? In my view, both Rs and Ds are very decisive in their protection of their wealthy donors.

      • SFC_Swede | April 23, 2013

        "Why does Reid cave on the filibuster and on the assault weapon and large magazine ban"….because despite your personal beliefs, and those that are spoon fed to you by the Democrats, and the propaganda State run media, which cant be argued is the PR firm for the DNC and the hard core left in this country, millions of average American citizens wrote, called, and emailed their representatives and flatly told them they would be sent home if they supported much legislation. Thats why! The NRA? What is the NRA? According to the MSM, it is some boogieman that scares and intimidates Congress critters, when in reality it is a coalition of American citizens who pay dues to an organization to lobby in their behalf. It is no different than the damned Sierra Club or other leftist lobbying group! That Bill went down in flames in the Senate not because of the NRA…or the evil GOP…but because We the People demanded it. Just because your beliefs, and those around you agree with you…and the media parrots your agenda, does not mean the majority of citizens agree with you John. To quote Barack Obama, "We won, get over it".

        As for Romney's taxes…I find it interesting that you make no mention of the President paying an effect tax rate of 18% as well. I guess what is good for the goose, is not good for the gander.

    • Marsha | June 7, 2013

      I agree!

  7. Wayne A. Silkett | March 4, 2013

    We get precious little for the unforgivable largesse that goes their way; give them less and we would not likely get less but how would be able to tell? If they're so important, why aren't there any impressive people in the legislative branch?

  8. Rick Blackerby | March 4, 2013

    The only reason these current lawmakers ran for office in the first place was for the money. They never had an real intentions to do anything for the American public. It is all about making a name for themselves to be remembered in the history books and how much money they made in the process. I think all publicly elected officials should serve pro bono. It was their decision to run for office to supposedly help America. If they truly believed that, they would accept their positions that it is a public service to Americans, not a way to become richer. Ross Perot had the right idea when he said if he was elected president, he would not take a paycheck from the American people. Why should he? He was rich like most of these "public servants" are today. If we continue to pay these kinds of salaries, then you should limit who can run for office. If you make a 6-digit income, you are ineligible to run for office. Give the "common man" a chance to make a difference in America. See how the Congressional "fat cats" like that kettle of fish.

  9. Nobu | March 4, 2013

    They deserve healthcare while "in-service" and then medicare. They are civilians, like us.

    They should pay for their own vacations. Their residences. They should only be able to serve two consecutive terms. Pay for their own cars, clothing, hotels.

    If they are in another state they can stay at the nearest military guest quarters. And yes, they are only guests.

    They should not have a raise unless WE vote them a raise. They work for US.

    If we do not get a raise due to economy or due to job performance, same for them.

    They are pitiful. If we performed our jobs they way they do, we would not have a job.

    • chuck | March 5, 2013


      • Joseph | May 16, 2013

        No overtime. Are you kidding. What overtime. There is no overtime when you only work part-time.

    • seasiren | March 6, 2013


      I think you may be on to something. However, it will never happen. The American people are too weak or lazy to do anything but complain.

    • Ron | March 7, 2013

      "Performance begets rewards"….meaning, if you don't get the job done, you don't get paid….term limits and then civilian "entitlements"…no double, triple, or quaduple retirement packages and retirement begins @ 65 minimum and it's social security only….no private insurance packages but only what the rest of us civilians get…see how quick they want to cut medicare then…another so-called "entitlement", and oh yes, did I say, term limits?

  10. Jim | March 4, 2013

    When the goverment stopped working for the people, and the people started working for the goverment, it has now developed towards a socialist party. There are more bad than good people in the Senate and House of Representatives. Pick a party, they both think more about party goals than what is best for the American people. We have no one to blame but ourselves, they tell us what we want to here; and we vote for them. A large percentage of the American people are just as greedy as the politicians, everyone wants more money and perks for doing less, or nothing at all. The bad news is that it has all been predicted a long time ago; the good news for some of us is that shortly it will all be worked out. There is only one person you can believe; I hope you pick the right one.

  11. DENNIS & SARA GUTMAN | March 4, 2013

    I nned to send this to everyone on my e-mail list & you show no way to do it. How about some help with that??

  12. kathryn grider | March 4, 2013

    yes, i think they should have to live like the rest of us. NO PERKS

  13. Jim Mackin | March 4, 2013

    You know the perks that Congress gets are a pittance in the scheme of things. If the perks were that great everyone would run for office. The real problem is that great, intelligent, reasoned people don't run and get elected to these offices. Great men have both vision and the ability to compromise. This country is in trouble because of party driven politics. We can pick 12 good people at random and decide a mans life in court, but 535 people chosen by us can't compromise, and find enough common ground to keep the one truly free government running. I once read that during our first congress we had such disagreement in how our government should run that there was even talk of rejoining the English Crown. If we could come together under such decisive times, it is well within our ability to care for our poor, heal the sick, and defend this nation. I would give congress a bonus if they would give up their party politics and do the work of the voters that elected them. There is one more important point for congress to remember, and that is most were elected by 51 to 65% of their constituents. they may be beholding to their base, but the are still required to represent all the people in their districts, for the good of the nation

  14. herlinda chavez | March 4, 2013

    I disagree with monies going into politicians hands, especially our monies. What these people need to do is fix the IRS for those people who had their identity stolen. Stop immigration
    they are stealing our jobs. When I go to the hospital we have foreigners running the wards.
    Where are our jobs promised??? Where are our monies that use to stay here in usa? Our cuts are going to the wars that are started by Republicans and Demoncrats. We need one party only for our country . How many politicians are involved with the stock markets?


  15. Judith Shirinian | March 4, 2013

    Get rid of Obama first and they will all go away. Impeachment?

    • pat | March 6, 2013

      wake up and get real

    • john b | March 15, 2013

      Obama won the election fair and honest. You want to impeach him on what grounds. You want him impeached because he is a Democrat, Black, liberal and you hate him for these reasons. Do you know it cost millions to impeach. Impeachment stops Congress to take all their time on the impeachment. All other things come to a halt. Congress will have no time to work on any other matter. Remember when Clinton was impeached how daily work was stopped in the Congress. In the end he still was in office.

  16. STEPHEN F | March 4, 2013

    the insider trading is waive is horrible that these elected officials don't have to pay "anything towards their health is sickening "what a Union"

    • Eleanor Rohl | March 6, 2013

      So what if they have to pay a pitiance for their healthcare insurance? Compare it to Obamacare and they have the greatest of the insurances. Why should they not participate in the Obamacare that they have deigned the common man to have? Perks and daily pay for travels are rediculous. They can merely shake hands with a city official or state oficial and claim it to be a buriness trip. Think we culd do that> I kinda doubt that even most CEOs can do that in their business dealings. We, seniors on S.S. do not get a raise, so why should they get one, or if S.S. does get a raise it barely covers the raise in the Medicare payment we have to pay. Where is there any fairness in any of this?? I can remember time when a Hospital Administrator's salary was more than the presidents.

  17. Jan | March 4, 2013

    What would be really fun would be to require them all to punch a time clock to see how much time they actually spend at their jobs. I am imagining that most all would be fired in a short amount of time if they worked under the same rules as the average American worker. Let's get some Statesmen into Washington and get rid of the modern politician.

    • Eleanor Rohl | March 6, 2013

      I agree that they should have to punch a time clock, but think it should be a highly regulated to recognize who is punching that time clock, like having a fingerprint to ID them. It would be so easy to let someone have our "time card" to punch you in. This happens in the private sector when ID cards are used, someone can keep your card overnight and punch you in the next morning so why wouldn't our esteemed senate think to do that?? We have to have them accountable for every penny they earn and spend. Their accounts need to be itemized and open for public scrutiny at any time, after all we are their employers.

    • Deklan | March 7, 2013

      Just like they have staffers running ahead to punch elevators, they have a staffer clock them in too.

  18. tom | March 4, 2013


  19. paul vasiloff | March 4, 2013

    They say they feel our pain.!!!! Lets find out!!!

    Also AIR FORCE ONE and TWO. Except for emergency.And I don't mean VEGAS OR HAWAII.

    Eliminate books written on goverment time, That are offered as tax deductions and payed for by tax payers.

    Also speeches at universitys should not have to be payed for twice. Tax payers support them. Most are Political anyway.

    Let us submit the budget, Get it voted on. The fiscal cliff could be avoided!!!

    Lets take back AMERICA and re-establish fiscal responsibility.

    When a Sen. or Rep. retires send him home. Private citizens can lobby for a lot less money.

    If the PRESIDENT can't submit a budget and get it through Congress in 4 years and le

  20. Cathy | March 4, 2013

    Start raising their full retirement age
    They can pay for gas

  21. robert johnson | March 4, 2013

    you are missing the real bottom line, or are just afarid to admit it. IT'S CALLED TREASON, from the bush family orcastrating 911 to pass the patriot act, to the bush collusion in the deaths of the kennadys, dr. king and the bill of rights. it's treason and should be treated as such.

    • 32 year GOV EMP | March 5, 2013

      are you out of your mind

    • jack | March 5, 2013

      You forgot to mention the Bushes breeding sasquatches on their ranch in Texas and being responsible for Pearl Harbor.

  22. Kris Alton | March 4, 2013

    Total BS, if the people that choose to run the country do not want to live by the same rules they mandate. I call BS. Captains of ships must abide by law, even if it means going down with the ship. Why do we tolerate such nonsense. Stand up, stand up. If you know the truth, speak it. The truth will set you free………

    • jack | March 5, 2013

      The law does not require the Captain to go down with his ship.

  23. Barbara Richards | March 4, 2013

    Maybe they could do the job they were elected for if they had to feel the pain of higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher insurance premiums, a car payment and car insurance, jailed for insider trading, pay for their own vacation, flights. meals and lodging. Who gave them these perks, not the American public that works hard everyday for everything and then have half of their paycheck going to taxes. You can bet your bottom dollar they would make the changes needed in this country if they had to pay for everything like we do. Every one of them should feel ashamed of their greed while others are living paycheck to paycheck or working more then one job to make ends meet while they get rich. Instead of working together to make things better they bicker like children "It's my toy and you can't play with it.". How many of them lost their home? Home many of them lost thier job? Home many of them lost their pensions? The rich get the perks and the bailouts and the rest of us pay for it.

    • Anna Morrison | March 6, 2013

      Barabara; I agree the politicians live in a world with no connection to the reality of financial challenges and losses that most Americans experience. I would like to eliminate the perks; quite possibly would go a long way towards balancing the USA budget.

  24. Daniel D Janson | March 5, 2013

    Term limits all government jobs, two and then a check of thankyou for say fifty dollars. No benefits after public service, they wanted the service make it a service then back to the real world you helped create.

    Lets stop making kings and queens. I believe we left England in part for that reason. There has been no need for these folks to tighten their belts in this down turn and they need a reality check.

  25. robert | March 5, 2013

    It appears to be unanimous. These scoundrels in Washington are supposed to be "public servants". What ever happened to that concept? I see no good reason why they should enjoy anything other than the conditions they set for everyone else. The problem is HOW to implement this universal public wish? Any suggestions?

    • Margo | March 5, 2013

      Robert, I agree with you completely; how indeed can this insanity be stopped? I can do all the moaning and hand wringing that everyone else can but to what avail? How do we stop this??

      • pat | March 6, 2013

        start a petition to vote on eliminating state perks to start..i'd sign one right now

  26. Robert Thornton | March 5, 2013

    Our political system has become corrupt in part due to the fact that our representatives have the authority to manipulate their authority. They institute the laws for the people and hence they can make the laws governing themselves. Is it fair? NO But I don't see a change because they control
    the decisions and they have no intension of eliminating their benefits. What's happening now is a better understanding by the people. More people are getting involved and are speaking out. Unfortunately the complicated issues facing our government have been created by them and they are becoming more exposed. They are not as smart as they want us to believe.

  27. John Boyle | March 5, 2013

    It is time to clean house completely and start over with public servants who will serve the people. It is time to tell all the politicans in Washington to "Hit the Road Jack and don't come back." To all the politicians, "You all have one think in common with new born infants and that is you need to changed frequently and for the same reason."

  28. Walt Edington | March 5, 2013

    The Senate should be forced to pay back there last four years of wages sence they haven't past a budget in four years. Politicians only have the power we the people give them. I believe they are out of touch because we allow them to be. After a tax increase in January Obama wants more,I'm not rich and my taxes went up. If you don't believe me look at your pay stub if your lucky enough to have a job, pay attention to social security tax up 2%. Are goverment spends to much and cutting benifits for congress, senate,and white house would be a good start.

  29. marie dewitt | March 5, 2013





    • wylie | March 7, 2013

      Isn't it a known fact by now that the american people (us) do not have any "cojones"? all we have is a big lousy complaining"whining mouth".. complaint, complaint, talk, talk talk; do nothing, do nothing; three hundred years being bamboozled and brain washed into thinking that by voting for this or that party, the problem will be fixed, that the vast wealth and resources of the country should and shall belong to all americans and to not just a few congressmen, bankers politicians, big industrialists.. did we not have enough already?? let's stop being sick and tire, stop being so dumb and gullible idiots , for too too long we have been fed the patriotic stupidity, and the beautiful and exceptional americanism, the best country in the world, the christian nation, the land of the free, justice for all, etc, etc. while the great majority of us have been trampled under foot by the powerfull few and their friends and families who live like gods and kings and princes, I say, we need to start thinking about doing something really drastic; because dreaming and hoping, working hard, unionizing, saving for the future, playing the lotto, whatever, did not work…so i've come to the conclusion and i sugest we seriously think about starting another revolution, but not like the one started in 1775, but the one started by the french in 1789; come on, america! let's do this, if the french did it so can we; bring out the guillotines, the hanging trees the electric chairs, let set one in each town squares, if the french did it so can we..God bless america

  30. John Amabile | March 5, 2013

    This is ashamed what is happening to us in this country, what can we do about it besides nothing,

    we give money to the world, what about are money to us, how can we get these congress men and senators and tea party guys out of office

  31. Tracey | March 5, 2013

    Wouldn't it be nice if we all could vote ourselves a pay raise every year. Wouldn't it be great we could get paid to screw everyone for our own self interest. Interesting that these idiots get a pay raise automatically every year for doing what? The worst of these is the socialist government that is now in place. Steal from the rich and give to the people that do nothing. Why should they work when they get more by sitting on their asses. Then the vote to give to criminals. Illegals are criminals yet they get Social Security that they never have paid anything into the system. We are supporting people in the form of foreign aid to 192 countries that hate us and want us gone.
    These include China, Japan, the middle east and every other country you can think of. What is up with that?

    • Nancy McCoid | March 6, 2013

      Tracey you are right, so stop giving money to people who do not like Americans, let them take care of their own country. All of that money could do a lot of good in America.

      I agree programs we have paid in all of our working lives are being given to people who never paid into it. Disability is being given to drug addicts, alcoholics, this is crazy. These are inflictions they have given themselves. If they do not test clean for drugs, alcohol, they get nothing. We have to test fro drugs to work but people do not have to test for drugs to get Medicaid, disability.

  32. julio larraz | March 5, 2013

    No vote even an overwhelming one against the perks of congress, would do anything to change it. the greatest aspiration a father would have, is to have their children run for office and gain a seat among those living in that higher dimension, so they could live the esplendid life of those fortunate ones; It is true that "we are all created equal."….till you get to Washington. It was very inteligently omitted.

  33. John Gorski | March 5, 2013

    Yes, yes yes, a total of 20 trillion times "YES!" I want to see words from Nancy Pelosi to the fact that she has turned her airplane back over to the Government Accounting Office now that she has no reason to have it at her beck and call. It is time she began paying her way through the system that she has been able to rifle those things into her daily life and making the tax payers pay for that perk. Plus, any other perks that the congressmen and women decide on their own to spend perk dollars that are not authorized during this period of time. If th military have to take a shot in their backside during this period, members of congress as well as the Presidient should also have to suck it up and give back all monies received.

  34. JONDO | March 5, 2013


  35. Mike | March 6, 2013

    "We the people need to take the country back" "Vote these people out of office"

    • Keith Douglas Foskett | August 2, 2013

      The people should of done it along time ago. And kicked there buts clean out of the White House and show them what hard times are all about. We the people need to fight back and take back our rights that they took from us, before its to late and they lose our country to China or Japan. People wake up, its time to take a stand and tell the assholes in the White House. NO MORE

  36. Alonza Howard | March 6, 2013

    When the light of the truth finishes exposing and burning away the "MILDEW", that American politics have become hopefully no one else no other individual, group or nation will ever attempt to mislead and misguide the people who "ALLOW" them the privilege to govern over them… most public officials are "cowards" who never had to do a hard days work to provide for their families they would rather work very hard at keeping the," lies" and" deception" going just long enough to ease away from the people with all the material and hypothetical financial wealth they supposedly have amassed hummm … outer space and doomsday bunkers getting popular nowadays or how about getting your ten million dollar deposit paid for a chance to live in the "NEW WORLD" off the coasts of Dubai… "NO WHERE TO RUN TO BABY NO WHERE TO HIDE", from yourselves…GOD BLESS AMERICA thanks for letting me share

  37. Patrick Joseph Tayman | March 6, 2013

    What needs to happen is that the members of the House and Senate give up these perks. They also need to live within there own means and not accept any outside money at all. We need to see every American with decent jobs and better apppreciation for the people in there own districts more jobs and less taxes. We also need to bring in the spending measure. By putting across the board taxes on everyone and make things amongst the people and American public. The education system needs work on and decent hourly wage all across this country. This big CEO's are making the big bucks and the rest are not getting there fair share of the money in the wage earning department.

  38. L. Dye | March 6, 2013

    Iam totally ashamed and disgused with each and everyone of you for having the kind of perks we are paying for. I don't get a vehicle to go to work for paid by other tax payer / I don't get free flights or parking or mileage / a spending account /free gym / pension plan even close to yours / full retirement at 62 with no less 44% of my pay / $174,00.00 salary for about 3 days a week / free gas / per diam / free insurance or get to choose between 10 company's.
    BY THE WAY THIS IS ALL PAID FOR BY US; THE WORKING CLASS. I really don't how you live with yourselves. Maybe your the people that needs to be in some of the hazard jobs of this country and get there pay. (like front line).
    l dye

    • pat | March 6, 2013

      i agree 100 % pay them only for the work they do….which might come to about 100.00 dollars a year if they even work that much

  39. C. Ess | March 6, 2013

    Why can't we vote on their pay when their approval rating drops to a certain point.

  40. Georgia | March 6, 2013

    If they can't compromise and develop a budget, I say NO PAY…..NO BUDGET, NO PAY….AT ALL.
    Join no for more information. It's time to take our country back, to compromise on issues and develop a plan, not fight like little kids. Congress works for us!

  41. Michelle | March 6, 2013

    If they had to personally experience paying for gas, fighting with health insurance companies for promised benefits, scrimping for that treasured vacation, and working a full work week, they might make better choices for the rest of us.

  42. Mark | March 6, 2013

    Tie thier wages, benefits and retirement to the middle class and they will stop backing the rich and stealing from the rest of us and they will start looking out for the middle class

  43. RICH | March 6, 2013

    Above The Law?

  44. Mary | March 6, 2013

    So why do WE keep re-electing them? Let's do something about it and quit talking about it!

    • Debbie | April 23, 2013

      it hard not to elect . Honest men and women don't get respected votes. Who have the people in mind. The asses pay to get their way. Like John Banger I wish he just get fired and every one else who think only of their wallets. not the people they work for.

  45. Robert | March 6, 2013

    I am really fed up with these career politicians and their screwing of the people. All perks need to stop, health care needs to be like our and not ours like theirs(which will never happen). No government trip, they get 401k not pension and by the way they need to stop all federal, state and municipal union pensions also and convert to 401k. Heath care needs to be something you pay for yourself or through your employer, so stop this crap called obamacare. Worst thing they ever thought of. And now finally I will say it and get hell for it but it is time to push granny off the cliff and into her families arms. It is past time to end this socialist experiment call social security and medicare. It really should be called the social people will screw you and politicare is no one cares. Keep the money I have paid in but stop taking anymore from me. The government needs to be cast aside and a new one installed by the people as stated in the Constitution. This government is the oppressor now

  46. joey caruso | March 6, 2013


  47. ken senner | March 6, 2013

    It is our fault, period. We elect these bozos,and donot think twice. Term limits should have been in effect. No elected offical should be given a lifetime job of doing nothing. And by nothing I mean nothing. Perks should be earned. This is just plain CRAZY. Like I Said we deserve this cruel and inhumane treatment.

  48. William | March 6, 2013

    So based on all that has been said here, what actions are needed to correct the problem?

    • Mary Ann | March 7, 2013

      We need two constitutional amendments….first one for term limits for congress and second one for a balanced budget.

      • sunny | August 9, 2013

        I think we should have those two amendments, too. How do we get those?

  49. sophie | March 6, 2013

    I just want to why in hell they get full social security. they don't even pay into it in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kevin Patrick Dillon | March 6, 2013

    Words like "theft," "stealing," and "hypocrisy" have suddenly in between the lines. Anybody else see those words?

    • Lee | March 22, 2013

      Where's the verb in that sentence? "…have suddenly ______ in between"
      Have suddenly what?

      • guy | August 20, 2013

        Here is the question: all the politicians, no exceptions, are crooks or morons, they supposed to serve the people and not themselves and their friends, the corruption in the US is everywhere because the government is corrupt from the top down to the stupid. So the question is: why do we, hard working and law abiding americans, allow to be governed by these crooked politicians, caring more about hiding their scandalous
        behavior than working for the good of americans.
        They should not be paid for their services and should only have one term, and no pension, then we might have real leaders in politics for the good of all americans

  51. nancy guthrie | March 6, 2013

    Why do they get the perks? They need to take cuts just the rest of the people. Besides, they are supposed to be working for US. How do they get to vote pay increases, etc. for themselves? It should be up to the public to give raises when they are deserved.

  52. Eyde | March 6, 2013

    I think that is a wonderful idea most of them are getting paid to not do their job so we really should not pay them for the rest of their live for screwing us all over.

  53. S. KISER | March 6, 2013

    Its not democrat or republican anymore, its about the constitution. Its being ignored! Both sides are guilty, and for quite some time now. The founding fathers warned us what would happen as the power shifted to the federal level and away from the states. This is a perfect example. Sickening its gotten to this point.

  54. Craig | March 6, 2013

    Remember this in a few months when the primaries come. Your representative may look sweet on the campaign trail but collectively they are useless sorry, individuals with no integrity and not regard for the people they are supposed to be protecting and working for. If they are only working 2.5 days a week it’s no wonder a budget can’t be passed be October. These buffoons are making us look like total idiots to the rest of the civilized world.

  55. cheryl | March 6, 2013

    I think thay should live like us because we work every day just to put money in there pocket you have to think there not spend its holding money that some one may need and work is hard for some one with tree kids to get jobs thay want and still need help step by stepwe sat there waiting for a good job to hit

  56. Booker Asberry | March 6, 2013

    I am totally against of of these perks. They should pay for there perks out of their salary. All of this money and they can't make a decision. When and if they do, it is the middle class and lower class who will feel the pain.

  57. Donald Mace | March 6, 2013

    Yes one other perk they voted to give their selfs was a 5% to 10% raise where ,the people on Social Security and Disability only got 1.2% . And most people on Social Security doe's not have a total Household Income of $ 23,000 .00 per year . And anything over $17,000 its hard for them to get any other kind of help from the Government or Medicadeor any kind of Social Services programs.It sucks being retired or Disabled.

  58. Jeffrey Schaefer | March 7, 2013

    It was once predicted that the United States would not be destroyed by any outside country but destroyed from within. Our administrations, senators, and congressmen are the ones that are doing the most damage to our country and we are standing by and letting them do this to us. So look in the mirror and you will see the person who is letting this to happen to our great nation. Our government is giving our money away to other countries, but we have to borrow the money from other countries to be able to do this?? It is very plain that we can no longer afford to give millions away to other countries when we can no longer help our own citizens. So when our we going to stand up and say enough is enough and start to rebuild and support our selves before we becomes slaves to other countries. We will be the first generation that is letting this to happen to our children and grandchildren, because we only think of our selves and continue to let our government put us farther in debt?? Do we stand up and fight or stand by and let it happen?? It is up to us, so what do we do?? Kilroy from Viet Nam

  59. Dan W. | March 7, 2013

    Demand congress takes an immediate 25% cut in pay. This stays in place until they work together for the good of the country, instead of working for themselves, and implement a multi-year budget plan that significantly reduces our debt, and strengthens the country – Not weakens it.

    Pass this around – can we get a million votes?

  60. Robert Barsy | March 7, 2013

    If I have to bal. a checkbook every month why is it congress shouldn't have to?? To me this is very desterbing !!!!!!! I am 71 going on 72 and have to re-emberce the govt. $226 every month for money i made in the stock market and the only thing I have to live on is $1,450 a month. Try buy fuel for auto, and pay elec. mortgage,food, fuel for heat(at over $4 a gal.) instead I have to go to the woods and cut wood (AT 71 yrs. old) if I want to be warm!!! ONLY IN AMERICA CAN THIS HAPPEN I was in the military for 3 yrs. and if it weren't for that I would not have insurance!!! Our country is based on a welfare state now along with the leeches in the congress and senate. This is all part of the system the govt. has created to keep the poor man poor. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!!!!!!!!!!!! Just ask Nancy P. how she got so rickh She has all inside help to accumulate her wealth and they make laws to confiscate mine!!!Again only in America. How many other people out there like me????? No retirement , Only SS to live on. The market and their cronies go me twice. But not b****ing, just stating fact!!!

  61. Terry | March 7, 2013

    Publish this article in every newspaper in the US. Post it on every Internet news website. The Only way anything will change is to get these facts out to the public. This is a good start and would be timely to do it now.

  62. sam | March 7, 2013

    if obama reallys (lol) wants to balance budget then lets start at the white house & cut 20% of his budget ( their trips around the country would be a great start) stay at home and DO YOUR JOB !!!! then theres congress , cut their budget by 20% ( 1.52 mil x 100 + 4.2 mil x 435) @ 20%
    equals 395,800,000. savings per year ( no white hous cuts figured in yet) so in 10 yeras which all they talk about balance in 10 yrs we have going STRAIGHT to the budget deficit over 4 trillion dollars . it does not talk a rocket scienentist to knoe you ALWAYS start at the top to save $$$$$$$$$ not the bottom if you really want to do. & obama & this congress does NOT want to cut just scare. ythey love the POWER….

  63. joy truax | March 7, 2013


  64. John | March 7, 2013

    Our leaders both at the Federal and State Levels continue to think the people will put up with their arrogance and abuse of our trust. It's time to put an end to this abuse of power by implementing a grass roots campaign to force new laws that reign in their greed.

  65. Mark | March 7, 2013

    It's ironic that the news papers and most Democrats like to go after CEOs of big business that get extravagant perks but don't say much about the waste of tax payer money that the congress spends for themselves. When Nancy Pelosi was speaker of the house she had nearly a half a million dollars worth of alcohol stocked on the speaker's jet, to "entertain" dignitaries and important people. All of this money came from the taxpayers and yet Pelosi is worth millions. Not to mention she racked in millions from the stimulus package to help out her personal business back home. The hypocrisy of government is amazing. We have career politicians who make millions of dollars off of the taxpayers while doing who knows what in congress. Charlie Rangel, having more than 40 years in Congress had 11 counts of ethics violations a couple of years back. These violations would have landed the average citizen in jail but Rangel was only censored, basically a slap on the hand. We are no longer a country of the people by the people for the people. We are a country of the gullible and easily swayed, by about 50% of those who can vote, for the rich and politicians. Don't kid yourselves on thinking one party is good and the other is bad. When it comes right down to it both parties are corrupt and only care about votes to get themselves back in office so they can make more money from the taxpayers and from big businesses who the politicians create legislation helping big business in return for "campaign contributions". If politicians really cared about the people they would take the examples of George Washington and Herbert Hoover. George Washington only served two terms, turned down the offer of king and advised against political parties so as not to divide the country (around 50% don't vote and in the last several elections the winner only received from around 50-54% a very even split of the country). Herbert Hoover donated his presidential salary to charity. Time for American people to wake up to what the politicians are doing, and stop acting like mindless sheep playing follow the leader.

    • Mark | March 7, 2013

      I really get tired of people calling Republicans hatefully and racist, this is simply not true. Are there racists that are Republican, sure. Are their Democrats that are racist, yes. When you lump an entire group of people's actions together based on the actions of one or a few of that group, that would be the same as thinking poorly of an entire ethnic group because one or two of them committing a crime, and that would be called racism. As a teacher I always tell my students not to believe things just because I teach them but to research the information to really understand so then they will know I am not trying to be biased. Too many people get their information from the media like Fox or MSNBC, but both present information with one political view point in mind. Wake up America and research information don't be a drone and follow the information of a source with one political view.

  66. al | March 7, 2013

    With the poll showing these kind of results, why is at continued??? How can we stop this from happening. I understand some perks are needed, but this is over the top.

  67. Mark | March 7, 2013

    The hypocrisy of government is outrages. If anyone claims to blame it on a single party, you would be wrong. The government does not care about the average citizen, only those who can help line their pockets. We are no longer a country "of the people, for the people, by the people. "We are now a country "of the gullible and easily swayed, by the rich politicians, for big business." And if you think big business is a Republican thing do some research before you speak. America WAKE UP!

  68. Donna Lampkin | March 7, 2013

    Liars and crooks and we reward them for it. The rest of the population struggles to survive.

  69. richard kilekas | March 7, 2013

    if they truly want blance the buget they should pay half there own heath ins . i pay almost all my health ins 1,700 permonth and have a 401k plan. they should also do away tax funded retired plan. how much money would that save us in tax paying.deport all aleans that are in our prsion systems saving? i could go on and on

  70. Mary Bates | March 7, 2013

    I think it's disgusting that our elected leaders live high on the hog while the rest of us are busting our butts just to keep our heads above water! They are supposed to be seeing to the peoples' business and they can't even do that! If I did such a poor job where I work, I would be fired! It's time they experience how it is in the real world.

  71. John Stannard | March 7, 2013

    This group gave us Obama care and they should be required to have the same medical care they gave us!

  72. Sal Ruffino | March 7, 2013

    There should be term limits on congress like there is on the president. Also, there should not be any retirement benefits for congress or the president. This is never going to happen because congress would have to approve it.

  73. Willis McKee | March 7, 2013

    I think the majority of the general public votes yes on this subject. The issue now is how to get going on action to make some of these things happen. Congress's favorability rating is lower than whale excrement and rightly so. We need a political scholar to map a route to action that the public can and will support! We ard fed up with their do nothing for the majority antics and would replace them in a heartbeat. Help! Someone show us how to best get this done. Recall pettitions,etc..

  74. Deborah | March 7, 2013

    This has been an issue that has been asked about repeatedly, and addressed via internet repeatedly and yet nothing seems to change. What is this "poll" going to do different than the rest of the "polls" that share this. I would prefer to see a plan of action instead, getting an elected official on board with reducing debt by reducing or removing the perks.

  75. D Arendt | March 7, 2013

    The fox is really in the hen house. These are the people that make the rule on education for our children, social security and many other programs that are suffering. It doesn't sound like their perks are even affected. It is crimminal and needs to stopped.

  76. Barbara Yagatich | March 7, 2013

    Elected officials who do not do the people's business should be impeached. It's that simple. Get rid of the bums. Nothing is ever done to these people, & they just get reelected. When you vote, use your head.

  77. Pat Jackson | March 7, 2013

    Why aren't they allowed only 8 years like our President. When there term is up they should go back to the real world where we all live and work

  78. Dennis Spillman | March 7, 2013

    I would like to see the individual perk facts (current term for freshman and past and present term for seniors) publicly disclosed for all to see and judge. For example, Pelosi lives in California and weekly round trip transportation for her was provided by U.S. taxpayers while she was Speaker of the House. I believe the annual cost of that perk alone was estimated at between 6 & 7 million annually and, in addition, she was upgraded to a bigger plane (at God only knows what cost to U.S. taxpayers) with larger fuel capacity so the trip could be made non-stop. This perk alone, by any business standard, is abusive. If her job assignment is in Washington, she should be transferred there by the State of California and they should pick up the tab. If she cannot transfer and legally maintain residency in the State of California, then as an employee (elected official) representing California, not the federal government, California should pick up the tab for her commute. It is my opinion, if the "Perk Facts" attributed to elected and appointed officials were publicly exposed and handled properly by the media, more people would question their justification and reasonable changes could be mandated.

  79. Joe | March 7, 2013


    Lets just evaluate the fairness of the issue. Sure Congress only works 2.5 days a week in DC, then they come back to their home states and are supposed to participate locally. So lets assume Congress works 5 days a week. We should also recognize that governance is a full time job and I think a 5 day a week salary is okay. A reasonable salary, not a top 1% salary. Their office does accumulate expenses, so an expense budget should be included; but not an excessively large and unreasonable budget. The fairness comes in to play when average Joe Publics have to pay for all the extras congressmen don't pay for themselves out of their public salary. Extras like health care, physician preference, monies paid into retirement plans not out of their salary, that is if you can afford a retirement plan;

    It is sad but true in America, Congressmen and women believe they are the entitled class and not "Servants of the People". Our elected officials need to be reminded everyday, they serve the People, the People do not serve them. They should live as the People live, not above the People . Congress should have to participate in the plans they make for the People. The rationale here is that if its such a good plan, why aren't the Congress people part of the plan. Really, the American People, you and me, should vote with a philosophy of " if your in office, you're not for me" , regardless of political party affiliation. Elected office should be 'one and done" and remove the special little perks Congress like s to give themselves. The USA does not have royalty, we are a country of the People.

  80. D.A. | March 7, 2013

    They need to be limited (like the president) by the 22 nd amendment; 2 terms then go home and get a real job.

    • Sylvia | March 7, 2013


  81. Mary Potzer | March 7, 2013

    It is despicable how these "supposed to be servants of the people" get away with taking our money to get what THEY want instead of helping the needs of the people like they are supposed to do!
    They break every commandment when they steal from us and get rich doing so. Someday they will be held accountable!

  82. Frank | March 7, 2013

    While I agree with most of what is being said…….. YOU / WE ALL KEEP VOTING THESE PEOPLE IN…………WHAT IS WRONG WITH US ?????

    This is not what I call representation, but we keep sending them back..


  83. BarbHildebrand | March 7, 2013

    I'm so upset with this bunch of spoiled brats running our country on their terms.They don't even pay any attention to the Cpnstitution.I',m trying to live on my social security and help my children sometimes and try to save money to buy a car and it's hard and then this government cheated us out of our raise for two years.What's wrong with this picture?They have no clue what the normal person has to live.They think they're God.They definitely need term limits,lowersalaries,pay their own expenses for travel,cars,gas for their cars,entertainment,anything we have to buy including health insurance.I seriously think they should have all this luxury lifestyle taken away for at least a year and live on a fixed income and budget like most normal people and maybe it would think how selfish they are.They're like raising a teenager who doesn't care about anything except themselves and they have to have a car but expect your parents to buy it for you and then they keep expecting more and nev er learn to appreciate anything in life.It's time for them to face the music and wake up to a normal way of living

  84. Sylvia | March 7, 2013

    These same people starting with Pelosi, voted in ObamaCare and you know what? They are exempt from it. This alone speaks volumes…. These people have forgotten that they are "servants of the people" and that we pay their salaries. LET'S GET RID OF EVERY ONE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMACARE…. IT IS GOING TO DISTROY HEALTHCARE IN THIS COUNTRY……

  85. Bill Shillingsford | March 7, 2013

    You forgot congressman/women also are under Social Security and medicare in addition to all
    civil service.And they want to cut entitlements.We also have them to thank for 1.32 Trillion
    that they ripped off from the social security "trust". (more than we owe China)

    Keep up the good work.

  86. Elizabeth | March 7, 2013

    Even if new representatives are elected, it will make no difference. They may be honest and upstanding when going in, but it won't be long before it will be business as usual. They may not be crooked when elected but they will be before long because the people in this country are like sheep and follow where led. I see another revolution about to occur and I hope I'm alive to to see these politicians get what they deserve. It will take a very strong leader to rally the sheep to take a stand, but I'm sure there is someone that can do it. If not now, then in the (hopefully) near future.

  87. Robert | March 7, 2013

    I dont' know where evryone is getting the information that the federal workforce is losing 20% of there income because I am a federal employee and I will lose 34% of my net pay when WE are sequestered.

  88. Gerald L Marvel | March 7, 2013

    No comment at this time thank you. I prefer to cogitate this before making any comments.

  89. Elizabeth Walker | March 7, 2013

    No wonder they become millionnaires, they have to pay for nothing while in office. If they don't pay in Social Security how can they draw, it is based on what is paid in? They should have to live like the rest of us for a while then they would appreciate what is given to them for basically doing very little. No one is worth free stuff for the rest of their lives just because they held an office in the Congress or the Senate. I can see where we need to take care of our Presidents because they may always be targets for assainaton, but not everyone in the House or Senate.

  90. Gerald L Marvel | March 7, 2013

    Again no comment at this time. But I am interested in why congress isn't bothered by taking the tax providers laborus dollars that they could use to cloth, house, and feed their families. Then use that money for self perks that make their life less laborus and more comfortable.

  91. Sandy | March 7, 2013

    I think the president, Senate and Congress need their perks taken away, they all live a lavish lifestyles and I can think of no one in all three houses that have a clue how much Americans suffer and these last 4 years has been hell on most Americans. Its not the Congress that is to blame its the Senate which has done NOTHING these last 4 years, they have had no budget and spend like it grows on trees and the president lives like a King and like other presidents this president puts the blame on everyone but himself. Every president say's the buck stops at their desk but this president which try's to blame everything on other people. The media would love to put all the blame for this mess on the Congress but the truth is right now the Congress is powerless and have been powerless for the last 4 years, they can pass all the bills in the world but the bills then go to the democratic senate and democratic president and both will either no bring it to the floor, kill them or veto them, so why is the congress blamed for everything when the truth is they have no real power to do anything. I also think all those in the White House & Capital Hill should work a full 40 hours /week like the rest of us Americans and their pay should be cut because NONE OF THEM DESERVE TO MAKE THE HUGE PAY CHECKS THEY MAKE NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT. They also have to many days off, they never work a full day or a full week and they are still paid more than they deserve. I'm sick of working 2 jobs and giving all my tax money to a bunch of spend crazy idiots. The tax increase hurt a lot of families across this country at least those of us who actually pay taxes, wasn't we told that the only tax increases would be those making a million $ or more, trust me I'm no where near that and more like 75, 000/yr. and that's with 2 full time jobs ! That tax increase took a big bite out of a lot of the American people and add increase in gas prices and increase in the cost of food and other things people need to survive and the increase in electric bills and fuel have been huge and these are just a few things and oh yes the increase in property taxes and property insurance and these are just a few increases we've had to deal with these last few years and unemployment has rarely been mentioned in the media and what's amazing its high unemployment and yet the media has been ignoring and candy coating it when there are more people homeless now, soup kitchens are full all the time, food banks can't keep food in stock and homeless shelters are full and there are real Americans suffering now and the media is no where to be found, they have no intention on reporting what's really going on across our country they only are set on their own political agenda and if they report what the country really looks like and how much suffering is going on across this country then their political agenda wouldn't be the illusion of all is great across America that they want the American people to believe is going on instead they feed the American people with lies and candy coat or just not report at all what's really going on in this country . If we had a media that dealt with the truth things might change but as it is the media we have today are hell bent on protecting their own political agenda and the hell with the truth and until that changes this country will stay on a down hill spiral until we're all on the welfare line !

  92. Eddie Edwards | March 7, 2013

    Start by term limits, no more Foreign Aid to anyone untill we get our house in order,no more new planes that run over budget,someone over look spending no more 600.00 hammers, all congressmen and senators wages rolled back to a more honest level ,no more perks and no pork barrel spending.No more use of Air Force one for famliy vacations or golf outings, really he doesn't need to leave DC as bad as things are.A couple years of this should put us on the way to where we need to be.

  93. Sylvia | March 7, 2013


  94. Charles Ostroff | March 7, 2013

    ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT GRAFT SEEKING GREEDY PARASITES. Those innocents who attempt to change things are quickly absorbed and accept the status quo for their own benefit. The nature of fair HONEST self government has been shown to be a fallacy only supported by those PIGS who feed at the trough of public money. I don't think HUMAN BEINGS of any RACE, RELIGION or ethnicity are any different. GREED is a constant in the DNA. Lesser animals will kill to eat what they need. Human beings aren't that FAIR or equitable. HB's will eat till they burst and continue to hide excess for future consumption way past any future need other than simple GREED. As all statement there are always those few exceptions. The Ghandis. H Trumans, and non profit visionary providers. The greedy POLITICIANS love to hide behind them to further their own lusts. Even if it doesn't seem to be a PIG, DON'T YOU BET IT'S NOT ! The most successful PIGS are masters of deception.

  95. Steve Obremski | March 7, 2013

    If you want to solve most of the problems,All we have to do is tell them they should have the same health as they pass for us,Same retirement age, Ifyou put in your 40 + hours and earn your vacation time,No second house or 20K portraits,No free decorating or furniture for your office.No free staff when you leave office,No pention same benefits as regular employee,If you cant resolve issues you should be terminated.Etc/Etc

  96. shirley | March 7, 2013

    Support this President?? Surely you jest!! He is lying to all of us, including his followers, to get Socialism in the door, take the most important cuts from the poor, disabled and elderly (as above) and forcing all this and more down our throats. Start with cutting their perks & force them to live like the rest of us & if they do something that is against the law for us, it should be against the law for them. No, I do NOT support this sheep in wolfs clothing, but I will pray for him to turn from his wicked and bullying ways. The ppl better get off their pedestals and begin upholding the Constitution and the Law….which they swore to do "to the best of my ability".

  97. Kathryn Cornett | March 7, 2013

    Somewhere along the line these public servants got elevated to the status of untouchables and gods. They are neither. They have forgotten why they were elected and have failed us miserably. They need a wake up call, but the lines have been disconnected.

  98. B. DesRoches | March 7, 2013

    The Perps (that`s right, PERPS) should live like the rest of us and should only be allowed two terms in office like the President.
    Where else in the world do employees decide how much they earn and what perks they can have.
    We the poeple should vote on it.

  99. Buba | March 7, 2013

    Firstly, if those fat-cat payments are indeed cut, then only richest people would afford running for that office. Consequently, the situation will be worse than now.

    Secondly, the question is still open who will tackle the USA fat-cat crossroads. Money Morning cannot, since putting Pelosi's ugly picture shows their political agenda, but no desire to genuinely attack the problem they have address.

  100. Mary Hirschel | March 7, 2013

    Two words LEGAL THIEVES

  101. Theresa Tomek | March 7, 2013

    Elected officials are sent to DC as representatives of the area they live. Just as an employee is a representative of the company they work for so are elected officials. As an employee, if I conducted myself like these people do I would have been fired a very long time ago.

  102. Penny Lamb | March 7, 2013

    Congress and all appointed officials (including the President) should be held to the same living standards as its constituents. NO ONE should be footing the expenses of these flagrant spenders. These so called "percs" are insulting to the real Working class of Americans. Especially when we struggle with making our OWN ends meet. We do not have the funds, to help support thier spending habits. Tell me this,,, Will Congress/government pay me to drive to work, or for my Gas????? THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS TAKEN OUR COUNTRY AND MADE IT THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD…….

    • Bill V | March 8, 2013

      GREAT COMMENT! Miss Michelle Obuma has luxurious trips for her and her friends and daughters on our tax money. THATS CRAZY AND GREEDY!!!!!!!!!! Mr Obuma just travels and plays golf and just has fun. They could care less for our DEFICEIT they are wealthy and can afford to live on our dime forget that our dollars!!

  103. Stephanie McDonald | March 7, 2013

    Too many crooks in Washington

  104. MK Armstrong | March 7, 2013

    Unfortunately I can't write the words I would say to D.C. The current resident in the White House will accomplish what he set out to do change America. Just not the way a lot of people thought it would be.

  105. carol | March 7, 2013

    Each member of the House and Senate should be required by a type of lottery to review each spending program meeting certain criteria as to whether these programs are justified ( I bet we are still subsidizing buggy whips) and must be redone every10 years. Those programs that are no longer pertinent should be eliminated. Foreign Aide reviewed every two years and must be benefiting it's people, or it is cut off. There must be a yearly job review of all these law makers like most employees are require to undergo. The results of this review sent out to all the tax payers in their districts since we are their employers. The rating agency hired to do this should be replaced every five years. That is the only way we can get control of the problem in Washington.

  106. Shirley Mannon March 7th, 2013 | March 7, 2013

    I think the should live like the wrest of us and then maybe they would do there jobs better after all then they really would be fighting for us working people for real and not just a blow hard party and who can tell the biggest story

  107. Charlie | March 7, 2013

    They do nothing important to be compensated for.

  108. Edward Manner | March 7, 2013

    It is funny. I am a VN vet served over 8 years and still have to pay the VA a bunch of money to go to a clinic. My health insurance cost is outragoues in cost. I work for an East texas school district and when I retre some of my social security allotment will be taken away because I have TRS. I live paycheck to pay check. My wife works also and we are both underpaid.
    1. I belive that the professional political criminals should not get social security unless they contribute to the fund. Then they should get the same percentage as the average worker. Not 100%.
    2. The politicos should pay for their own vacations. How much did it cost the prez when he went to Hawaii with his family? Fact finding missions a fancy word for vacation.
    3. Pay for the spouse and other family members. When I go on vacation/fact finding missions and take my family not only do I pay my fare I pay for the family member's fare also.
    4. I work 260 days a year. This includes 2 weeks for my vacation time. TWO WEEKS ONLY. it also includes 12 holidays, but not VETERANS DAY. I work sometimes more than 40 hours a week to keep my comitments to the teachers and students. I provide more than 100% in my work. I feel that as the old saying in the south goes "it's good enough" does not apply my Motto is do it better and better.
    5. The polticos should keep promises. I make a promise to my wife or child I keep it. END OF STORY.
    6. Accept the blame and quit pointing the finger at others.I hear that it is someone elses fault. When I mess up I admit that it was my fault and try to do better.
    7. Quit adding pay raises to your bills that keep giving you more of my money. If you want more of my hard earned money come and work with me for a month. Go home tired and worn out from the physical demands of my carpentry job. commute 1 hr each way. Arise early in the morning and stay awake late at night because you are working extra jobs to help pay for medications and basic items needed in the household. Do your lawn and hedges yourself because you cannot afford to have someone do them.
    8. I enjoy Hunting and fishing yet in the last 9 years I have not been able to afford the luxury of indulging in these pasttimes. yet how many times have you polititians enjoyed your favirite pasttimes.
    I could go on and on for the problems but the average person does not get the point and vote out the existing and usher in new ones. If the new ones don't live up to exppectations get rid of them.
    I wish I could be a polititions so that I can get all these perks save my easy earned money let the people pay my way.
    Every time I vote I vote for new people hoping they get in and change yet the new people just follow the crowd and it is the same old B.S.
    I remember someone said that if elected change would happen in Washington. What happened he sent airforce 1 to Chicago bring a pizza chef to washington to make pizzas for his daughters and sent him back on air force 1. Also how much golf does one need to enjoy when the world is so screwed up. How can you do your job when you are gone?

  109. corey ramos | March 7, 2013

    I think all in office need a reality check as whats going on in the real world -they throw around the tax moeny collected and also borrowed like there is and endless supplie! stop the madness!!

  110. Larry | March 7, 2013

    First, let me say we deserve what congress is doing to us. We continue to believe that our representative is doing a good job but "your's" is the real problem, so the same ones go back in and do what they want to do. Second, most of us respond on sites like this but do nothing else! We don't advocate changes to our state in how districts are established and act like we have no power. Consider the following suggestions – a) fight to pass legislation is your state to disallow gerrymandering; b) help to pass state legislation that would allow you to vote for "none of the above" and if that offering won, then a new election would be held and none of the previous candidates would be eligible to run; c) begin to collect enough signatures in each of the 50 states to add to the Constitution that everyone from the President, congress and all their employees have to abide by the same rules they invoke on us; d) add an amendment that they have the identical benefits as the average citizen and upon leaving office will be treated the same as we are when we leave a job; and finally e) we want all of our freedoms back!

    Have a great day!

  111. Irene serdin | March 7, 2013

    It must be stoped. It's total abuse of the power American people give to their representatives. The length of the service also should be limited, just like for President. It should NEVER become a life long career. That is why Senators and House Representative loose their touch with real life. !0-12 years of service is enough to be in one privilege position and after that they must become regular citesens.

  112. Peter | March 7, 2013

    WHY is it that one party (D) offers to help the underdog and the other party (R) won't even consider eliminating loopholes even for the extremely wealthy? One group wants to share and the other doesn't want to but wants it all! They all are over compensated – no doubt – and before cuts are made they should be the first in line and set the example for the rest of the country. HOWEVER, our country owes or has promised $123,000 BILLION and with the large number of wealthy people created we better go back to IKE taxes and start leveling the playing field besides cuts.

  113. Kelly Curry | March 7, 2013

    Not only do I feel that they should lose those perks, they should also be required to live on Social Security benefits at retirement like the rest of us. I bet Social Security would get fixed rather quickly then.

  114. joyce doyle | March 7, 2013

    I think congress should live the life style they have chosen for us. They should have the same medical benefits and deductibles that are so high that they can't afford to go to the doctor any more. Maybe congress wants us all on medicaid. They should not have free life time benefits for themselves and their families. I don't. With their salaries, they can well afford to pay for their own medical benefits. They should not get all these free perks, they can well afford to pay for whatever they want. There should not be any life time anything. I would like to hear that some of the FAT has been trimmed there instead of digging in my pocket all the time. Has any of that FAT been cut? Three day work week. How do I get elected to do nothing and get paid mega bucks. There should be a one 6 year term for congress. Not a life time job. They should all be fired and new congressmen voted in. They are too comfortable because they are untouchable. The way I see it is there won't be a middle classs of people in the future. GET OUT OF MY POCKET AND LEAVE MY PAYCHECK ALONE.

  115. Joan Osborne | March 7, 2013

    It is time to run the lobbyists and politicians out of Washington DC. They only care about themselves, the next election and how to make themselves rich at our expense.
    The politicians are the problem, have been the problem and continue to be the problem.
    They make bad laws that they expect the citizens to live with and like. They created all the taxes and loop holes to benefit themselves and their contributors. They have forgotten why they went to Washington DC. All The politicians are out of control with their spending habits.
    Isn't is funny they don't know how to attach a good amendment that stops their pork barrel spending onto one of their lucrative spending bills. They always know how to attach a spending amendment onto one of their bills and it always gets passed.
    Disgusting politicians.

  116. donald griffis | March 8, 2013

    Remind them they work for the people and that they took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution Of The United States not to try and end-run or weaken it via legislation. If they enjoy making laws so much perhaps they should outlaw accepting $ from lobbyist of any sort including PAC's.

  117. Debra | March 8, 2013

    I agree, I am sick of politics. The government has left the middle class high and dry.Government officials are supposed to be elected BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. What happened? It is about time it is turned back to the people. I am unemployed, no health care. Apparently the only thing I am entitled to is food stamps on a month by month basis. I however am not entitled to any healthcare, even temporary from a system that I have paid into for over 40 years. THIS IS A DISGRACE.

  118. Darryl | March 8, 2013

    Talk about entitlements!!! They need to live like the rest of use, earn what you make.

  119. Paula Walsh | March 8, 2013

    It is so hard for me to comment on this without really getting angry since I find the U.S. economic condition and the government overspending outrageouously out of control. All of us American citizens should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen. YES, WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN since this is a democracy remember??? We elect these crooks so now WE need to help them fix the mess.

  120. Bill V | March 8, 2013

    they should be living just like us not way above us like they are now! its an outrage, they have no clue on paying 3.75 a gallon for gas, or trying to play with your bills on which one to pay first or should I buy food or pay a bill they have no clue how that feels!!!!! they are the very rich and are ignorant to society they have no clue on working family survival!!!! LETS DROP THIER SALARY TO 50,000 TAKE THEIR TAX FUNDED RETIREMENT AWAY AND FORCE THEM ON OBUMA CARE AND LETS SEE WHAT THEY DO!!! SEE HOW THEY ACT!!!! let them travel the bad spots in cities by foot and lets see how they like it.

  121. Bill V | March 8, 2013

    GUNS! here they are trying to control our guns the law abiding citizen BUT they have a criminal in office that is SELLING GUNS to the enemy in the south and one of them is connected to a DEAD ICE AGENT but nothing happens to him! WHAT A JOKE OF A JUSTICE SYSTEM WE HAVE HERE UNDER THE OBUMA ADMINISTRATION!!!!!!!

  122. Sherry E | March 8, 2013

    Somebody needs to be all over Claire McCaskill, her sneaky no good husband & their government back room deals. For years they have stolen from MO tax payers & why people keep voting her in I have no idea. The very person they voted in to fight against Claire they didn't vote for in Nov 2012. Show me'rs are sick of this mess, that's why many are moving to KS.
    Claire is an Obama fan & expects MO tax payers to continue paying for her private jet & businiesses.
    I'm sure she is a lobbyist & unions dream politician, because she sure isn't there for us!

    btw…I just found out I am getting fined on 2012 taxes for not being able to afford healthcare. I try my best to take care of my parents & run a small 1 woman business, thanks all who voted for Obamacare, you can send me a check for $300.

    Lets all make our voice heard & Vote Them Out!

  123. Aimee Aguilera | March 9, 2013

    And they are supposed to work for us? and we pay them? this is absurd!

  124. Thomas Dillon | March 10, 2013

    What we need in America is tax revolt. Let's simply, as a whole, stop paying our taxes until Congress stops wasting OUR money. "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". I'M SERIOUS!!!

  125. james whitcomb | March 13, 2013

    Wouldn't it be nice to have congress working for the PEOPLE again instead of corporations.
    I believe that if our elected officials were working for us then there wouldn't be ANY foreign aid unless ALL of our own citizens were taken care of, we certainly take care of them.
    Third, keep your stinking greedy hands off of MY social security, that money belongs to the citizens, not you politicians, LEAVE IT ALONE. Dig into your retirement if you want to steal from someone.

  126. 000035260784 | March 13, 2013

    For running up a $16.5T debt, the current and past president as well as most in Congress over the time, have committed fiscal malfeasance. Those that voted for turning taxpayers into debt slaves should be charged with economic treason with the appropriate punishment swiftly carried out.

    BTW, most people don't know that the only thing saving the USA from official bankruptcy is that the FED has pushed interest rates down where the average interest on the debt is now at a 65+ year low of about 2.7%. The average over the previous 20 years was about 5.5%. It hit 10.5% in Carter's reign. WHEN, not IF, the FEDs can no longer surpress interest rates with all their funny money, we are in deep doo-doo, especially as the Treasury has been rolling over more of the maturing debt into short term securties.

    BTW2: Ryan and the President use unrealistically low interest rate projections for the next ten years. It is the only way to keep the budget from blowing up. In just three years the debt will be $20T. If rates return to their 20 year average, the interest owed will almost equal all personal income taxes currently collected.

  127. Bob Mitchell | March 14, 2013

    Where is Congress in controlling our free spending White House?
    The White House and its Administration "leaders" agendas are bankrupting our country and making a mockery of our existing laws. Our government has been borrowing inordinate amounts of money with no plan or ability to even pay back the interest – we can't even afford our existing debt. The Federal Reserve has been printing $85B paper dollars a month with their "quantitative easing", with no reserve assets. This has significant impacts and is eliminating the American dollar as the standard for international trading. Major countries (Russia, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, etc.) are now trading in their own denominations, eliminating the US Dollar as the international trading standard, which is going to collapse our monetary system and our economy, and create major inflation on food, clothing, oil, loans – every commodity you buy. The USA will not be able to sell bonds or treasury notes, or get international low interest loans to prop up our economy. Our government (Congress) won't even develop a budget to pay the interest on all existing loans – they are mismanaging and manipulating our own currency, and our international creditors are very aware of this debacle. The White House keeps giving away American funds ,they don't have, to other countries, regardless if they are questionable "friends" of the state, i.e. Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria.
    Our White House's lack of respect for / and bypassing existing laws is impacting our economic growth, potential prosperity and jobs by circumventing Congress and the regulatory processes. Examples include: making cabinet appointments when Congress is still in session, making regulations for hydraulic fracturing / ocean policies / global warming / networks neutrality / auto efficiency mandates / religious employment definitions / coal usage / new land programs. White House is bypassing laws such as waiving work requirements under Welfare, contraception mandates for religious employers, expansion of refundable tax credits, Medicare Solvency requirements and medical loss ratios, rewriting bankruptcy laws, failing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, Dream Act deferred action, amnesty for illegal emigrants, executing executive privileges to protect the Attorney General for illegal guns sales internationally. New programs are being created by the White House not authorized or approved by Congress, such as a Healthcare Independent Payment Advisory Board, or a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They continue delaying projects which impact domestic jobs and the general economy, such as the Canadian Shale oil pipeline construction. The EPA is out of control by issuing legal mandates without any authority.
    There is no excuse for this continuous abuse of legislative authority not granted by our Constitution, as a President has no authorized power to make laws. Congress currently legislates and gives themselves automatic annual raises and separate retirement and health plans coverage, yet can't even generate a viable budget.
    If Congress can't administrate existing laws and cannot control the White House through legislative powers and the legal system, then we need to replace every one of them!

  128. Chuck | March 14, 2013

    Human nature at it's most self serving, greedy peak has been with us since the dawn of civilization. Why are we surprised by the behavior of our immoral and selfish "elected" officials? They're just looking out for themselves, wouldn't we all? I suspect there were concerns this may happen back when our founding fathers wrote our constitution, but not being a constitutional scholar, I can't say for sure. I suspect our founding fathers viewed the populace as God fearing people with internal moral compass based on the Ten Commandments so there needn't be specific laws regarding selfish greed that would govern the part time, non-career politicians of the day. Why is the behavior of our self serving full time politicians a surprise when money is their god? Time and time again I hear and read the need of the American people to "wake up" – OK, so once awake, then what do we do? Vote? Write my Congress-person? Call Rush Limbaugh? Write a book? What? What can an awake American do? History is simply repeating itself, Rome fell, Washington will fall – all from within. We can only hope that the politicians that allowed it to happen swing high for all to see before our cities burn.

  129. Kevin Beck | March 18, 2013

    If not that, then all members of Congress should be paid in Confederate currency.

  130. Rafael alinsunurin | March 18, 2013

    The end times have come and at full blast ! No one can correct any of these greed and selfishness abounding to all leaders and government powers. Those in power try to stay and overpower eeryone but it's ok, when all is said and done, some will lose a lot and some lesser. That is when chaos and purging will take place.

  131. Ed Papineau | March 19, 2013

    What a tragedy, greed,deception,corruption,have pretty much destroyed the american dream, United we Stand, divided we fall

  132. Farley | March 19, 2013

    We sit here complaining – – What concrete steps can we make to get these parasites out of office and to change the perks that they have? – – How can we demand and change to a proper accounting rather than hidden system as exists now? This is our money and we have the right to see where it is going. – – Do we have to control the "Kings" by cutting their heads off or will they cure themselves?

  133. Patricia | March 25, 2013

    Our Constitution does not detail such an extravagant life for our politicians. They are not above the people, they are of the people. They are supposed to represent the people, and clearly through all of the extravagance added onto the lush salaries above, it could be no clearer that we have a political atrocity that must stop. While they have used welfare and taxation to dumb down the public, they have propped themselves up to live a life that all of us could only dream of having. They align themselves with the majority who hold most of the money and companies doing business in America so that the average hardworking person has no say.

    What is really sickening is if you look at this in the long term it was planned. Why do you push food stamps and subsidized housing? So you can make people complacent, and so you can keep them from going to school and moving up in the world where they would question your actions.

    Why do you make student loans with an extraordinary interest, so people fail and are stuck working two jobs to pay them. Then the same people have no time to follow your dirty deeds. Why is a much larger percentage of the population kept out of college because colleges are doling out scholarships to foreigners? Because those who control the money in America see they can hire this same foreigner for less money than an American. Thus preventing another American from achieving their highest potential.

    Why has the cost of living tripled yet minimum wage never rises to a point that people can afford the basics, so ultimately they qualify for food stamps, but not Medicaid? Because those dependent on a handout are not going to rock the boat and question or rail against the hand that feeds them. The lack of access to basic healthcare results in premature death, and preventable long term consequences as a result of disease and illness. If they kill off the inferior class they use that same amount of money to make someone else shut up and fall in line. What we don't realize is over time there will be fewer people with access to basics like housing, childcare, education, and food because they have been used to manipulate the economy in such a way that either you have or you don't have. Those who don't have will eventually succumb.

    We have been lied to for so long by our government, and the deficit is proof of that. The benefits stated above are only a small part of that deception. You do not write about all that money they are given for housing, satellite offices and personnel, supplies, and trips or so called conventions within other government organizations. You do not address the government organizations that are set up to do jobs, but pass the work around to a hundred others that all pass it to someone else. They are agencies that do nothing and get paid. I have personal experience on this level. Of all of the agencies set up to help traumatic brain injury patients only one sent an information packet. Then when you use the information packet and start calling you get passed around from one to another, back and forth and nothing gets done. Over 27 such agencies and none do what the other says, and they just pass you back and forth between soap operas or card games.

    What is going to happen when you are middle class which is the new low income and they put the healthcare mandate on you? It isn't that I wouldn't love a good healthcare plan. It is that they did not fix it when you see that the insurance companies are planning to raise the premiums because they know the government is going to be paying for some of it. They try to say it is because they are going to be offering more. But in fact they are replacing what they took away in the last two years and calling it more. What they needed to do was call it a monopoly. That is what insurance has become. You call around and they are all offering the same benefits for the same amount of money based on tiers. But it is the same all the way across the board. That is a monopoly folks! Why doesn't our government call it that? Because those same companies contribute to their campaigns or political parties, thats why.

    I think that all of the states should secede the union. I think that all of the people should pay into the state for support of their local infrastructure, police departments, education, fire fighters, and such. I think we should do business within our own states, and trade with other states for goods not available within our own state. We should have a set of laws that are dictated by those within our state, and some that are national but imposed at the state level. I think that we should grow our local economies and stop importing anything from China. We should make our goods and services locally and practice trade locally and on a statewide level. We should totally disband Washington D.C. There may be a President and a representative from each state but they should not be the determiners of taxation, assistance, education, or anything else outside of the military who would be in charge of protecting our people and our soil. This representative of each state would be tasked with voting on important things like protecting our people with the military, representing our interest in foreign countries, and representing our country. The military could take on the FBI and the CIA. We would pay into this after being presented a detailed budget and given a vote. If we became responsible for ourselves, and were actually allowed to create our own companies on a local level for basic needs like food, energy, and commerce there would be less wear and tear on the interstate system. If housing were designed to be efficient instead of built like urban sprawl, there would be more green space, less CO2, more conservation, healthier people due to less processed food and walking to work and the store. People don't need humungous homes. They need enough space to live comfortably, and they need to exchange as that home becomes to big or more than they can handle. Then you stop the tearing down, overuse, and degradation of resources that are part of the balancing act with our climate. Fresh food packaged in paper or reusable cloth sacs does not add to the landfill in a manner that cannot be broken down. The lack of preservatives and insecticide will probably lead to healthier people, less incidence of cancer, and less incidence of things like Autism, MS, and a host of other ailments that affect us now. Think about it, did you read about a great deal of this before additives? No. I actually worked at a place that kept death records from the 1850's to 1959. Most people died from the flu, pneumonia, polio, and things we inoculate people for. You did not have a bunch of crazies out there doing crazy things. There were some death certificates that said died from insanity but the were few and far between. And most often those death certificate noted lesions and sores. So it is questionable if gonorrhea and syphilis had a role in this. Give most of the control back to the states and the people and you will see less welfare. People who live together in local economies, who are dependent on their own success for survival tend to pick each other up and show each other the way. It is a classless system so to speak because no one is above the other and everyone depends on each other to make it work. So you take the dumbed down from the government and teach them self sufficiency.

    Last but most important, you make families responsible for their children having children, no the local people. It won't occur if you have local communities working together for the common good. Each would look after each other. No more two parents working. This has eroded the marriage and children. Local economies make for better incomes. Less federal taxation makes for better local and state economies. We had a better nation with less government, and now we have an endangered nation with more government, more abuse and misuse by the government, and less control or ability control our own ability to work, educate ourselves, or hold onto that which we have purchased through hard work or saved.

    We need to rethink Democracy as our forefathers defined it because they clearly did not see that the governing body could be so deceitful. They did not see them led around by a dog collar with a dollar bill dangled in front of their snout.

  134. Patricia | March 25, 2013

    They are the biggest source of entitlements out there both now an in the long term. This darn war and their excessive behavior is the problem. When is Biden going to be billed for that trip to see the Pope? That trip was not necessary. Air Force one should be off limits until we can get out of dept unless it is an emergency. No foreign travel unless they stay at the embassy and only if it is absolutely essential to our security as a nation. No more travel allowances unless they travel by car, train, or bus. No more temporary housing unless they get a regular room at the Super 8 or a single bed at the Econo Lodge. We are not paying for their families to stay or travel. We are paying them to do a job and that is it.

  135. maria garcia | March 31, 2013

    Congress personnel should be made to live like us NORMAL average AMERICAN citizens since that is what they are to. They are no BETTER than the rest of us. Only difference is they were voted in UNDER the assumption that they would HELP AMERICANS not HELP THEMSELVES!!! Furthermore, its cause of their STUPIDITY that has us in some very bad situations with money. Make them pay for their own membership, parking, gyms, food, retirement plans, 401k and all the other things that I HAVE TO PAY with MY OWN MONEY. Bunch of no good free loaders is all they are. And then they want to control our money when they probably don't know how to make their own.

  136. larry | April 2, 2013

    i recently heard that they have some kind of barber shop privilege in the capital building what else do these swine get?

  137. frank lupul | April 4, 2013

    I and my friends and family see what is going on in washington and we think it is DISGUSTING. It is LONG overdue that their practices stop now!! I talk to people from all walks of life and from all over the country and they ALL say they are fedup with congress and most governments, state & federal. The biggest problem is we the people can't do anything about it. How can we change things for the good of the people? With one vote? It doesn't work, neither do telephone calls.They have all screwed us and have done a tremendous disservice to america. They have enriched themselves at our expense. They are supposed to be working for us, however it has turned out that we are working for them. I hope I never see it, I see america seething inside, my gut tells me that sooner or later the people are going to vote for the real bad guy ,then watch things explode. Unfortunately thats probably the only way that things will get straightened out in this country. Our leadership and common sense are missing. The people that have contributed to this country and worked the hardest got screwed the most !!

  138. Barley Phillips | April 5, 2013

    Warren Buffett said it all before: Take away all elected official's medical, retirement and everyday vastly over-the-top perks and benefits and make them live like the "rest of us" — the folks that elected them — and maybe there might be a little reality in the way U S government works. My social security means nothing to them but when it comes to their jingoistic forays in the world they want my "patriotism". Give me perks like yours and I'll think about it!

  139. Tim Uribe | April 13, 2013


  140. Sam Lewis | April 13, 2013

    The trouble in this country is we don't teach anything about the Constituttion anymore.
    Would you play the game Monopoly without knowing the rules. When our president and elected
    officials break the law most citizens don't even know it. We need to take back our country by
    any means possible.
    The founding fathers said that when a government becomes what ours has become is is our duty to tear it down and replace it. Whe do we start!!!

  141. gloria | April 13, 2013

    I am a senior citizen who worked all my life for retirement. I cannot afford to buy my medicines, food is getting harder and harder to buy and these people live like royalty. I am so fed up with congress if there was a way to cut all their benefits and pay I would be the first in line to take my share of what they have taken from me. These people are the most corrupt people we have in the US and there is nothing we can do to stop them. There are too many people who don't see what they are doing and will vote only because of the D or R after their names.

  142. Lewis | April 14, 2013

    Do you think that t a time when people ae losing their homes, people are scavengering for food, paople can'tfind jobs, crime is rising because of the economic conditions that have been created, we are becoming a socialist state dependance on the goernment, etc., etc., etc., that our "President" should have $20K haircuts every two weeks, spend $7M to go play golf with Tiger Woods, send his family on monthly vacations, go on vacations for a week at a time himself, live a lifestyle that even the "rich" don't do??? Are you all crazy???

  143. Rich | April 15, 2013

    Ken Senner and Wylie are spot on. We the people have allowed this to happen and now we are reaping the benefits. How's does it taste? The "as long as it does not affect me I'm not worried about it" attitude just hasn't worked out has it? United we stand, the forgotten words. Meanwhile, the punkasses in Washington have brought this great country and its citizens to its knees and all we can do is fight over the scraps and bullshit that they are feeding us. You don't think they're not laughing their asses off at everyone of us and somehow get re-elected back into office. I'm sorry, but if you voted for obama's 2nd term, because he did such a great job the first 4 years, you are a complete fucking moron and should be bitch slapped. He should be in prison for treason. All this crap that's going on is by design, to include disarming of america, devalue of the dollar, tax hikes, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on and on. Gun control, well why don't he start by going back to the southside of Chicago and disarming all the gangbangers. Start with Eric holder, on why he gave the cartel 2000 "assault weapons" that have been tracked to many murders. Why is he not in prison? Gotta love the selective judicial system here in america. Oh by the way, you can be assaulted with a frying pan but no one's picketing Rachel Ray. Before anyone starts bashing me for hurting your feelings, shut the fuck up. Only takes 38 state governments to request a new continental congress. We the people need to wake the fuck up! Good talk, see you when I see you.

  144. S K LeFave | April 16, 2013

    Anyone who voted "NO" to this poll is certainly not worried about where their money is going, who's getting their money or where this country is heading. If any one group of Ameicans who should get these kind of perks it is our military, active and retired. They are the ones who put it on the line so those in D.C. can live like royalty. Give the perks and $ to the soldiers and not the top brass in the military either. Give it to the rank and file, the privates and such. They are the ones who truly deserve it.

  145. richard breveglieri | April 17, 2013

    Its the most discusting thing that could happen to a nation that started off right and is ending up fryed after the servants became the masters of themselves and the people became fodder for the benifit of those few who have seperated Washington into another country like the vatican in Rome…Washington has their own standing army and soon they will turn on the American people make no mistake about that…..this gun issue is all about that …once they disarm us they will become emboldened toward the rights of the public and their right to be heard…..we have little to no representation in the congress and senate now with things becoming much worst …much sooner than we all realize..RCB

  146. Idahogirl | April 18, 2013

    Overwelming yes. They need, must get of their so called pedestal and live like the rest of us.
    From paycheck to paycheck and min wage to min wage. Non of them would survive a week.
    they should all be ashamed but they wont because greed has them all.

  147. Tom W | April 18, 2013

    This is the way it happened, classic example.
    Back in the sixties I joined the United States Army because they promised if I faithfully served for 20+ years my medical, dental etc., would be free upon retirement at 20 years.
    Guess what. I am retired at 20+ years and there is nothing free about it. Have to pay into TriCare for Life and it is getting worse all the time. Now the government is trying to take this one benefit, if you will, away from Veterans. That is one way to make sure they will get every penny of Social Security that I earned and paid into all these years and am still paying at age 70.
    Yes, I believe all government officials, as they call them selves, should have to live by the same standards and rules they make for the working public. They are supposed to be running this country but it sounds more like riding the GRAVY TRAIN. They don't go to work to solve anything, they go to work to argue with each other and don't even think about getting anything serious taken care of.
    Wish I could find such a lucrative job where everything is free. The best part is when they get out of office the benefits keep right on going. If they really want to serve the public then get the fuel prices down where they should be, can't do that because they would lose huge kickbacks and don't tell me big oil doesn't talk. During the cold months my thermostat sits on 60 degrees and it still takes one weeks pay out of every month to heat our house, this is really sad.
    Kind of got off subject here but this is how their freelancing affects every ones way of living.
    I pray that all this chitter chatter brings some good. No matter how hard people try to get things changed it will never happen until some one with a big enough pair and has the power to be heard. Come on people, let's quit kicking a dead horse and if YOU, know some one that could help get the ball rolling please do so.

  148. joseph r carreiro sr | April 19, 2013

    In my opinion the perks that the Government insiders take is equal to stealing from the American taxpayers.If the American people were getting these perks they certainly be paying taxes on them so the Government hierarchy should be no different than the people who they are supposed to serve after they are elected to office.It seems it is the other way around.Think very hard on this one America.

  149. Connie | April 19, 2013

    It's about time that we, the American public, demand that members of Congress no longer get the excessive perks and benefits that they receive for simply being our representatives. Yes, they theoretically work on our behalf, but it is increasingly clear that many are acting on their own behalf, to enrich themselves and their financial supporters. Of course, their lifetime financial benefits are never mentioned in media news reports or discussions about the U.S. debt crisis. If Congress is really concerned about the debt, they would look to cut their own benefits and not the meager benefits that citizens receive from Social Security and Medicare, which are paid for by the citizens themselves and their employers. It's time we stop Congressional Welfare!

  150. Jay Harris | April 20, 2013

    They make all kinds of money, have access to insider trading, elaborate perks all their life. They of all should pay like we have to. They have the money and resources to afford it where the average citizen (99% of us) does not!! Makes no sense at all!

  151. mike bohle | April 20, 2013

    you left out the best perk eliminator-term limits! they may serve two terms and their out and out go the benefits,that they self voted!!

  152. John | April 21, 2013

    Look up the meaning of Politician's, in short they are all crooks, they lie to get what they want and this is not news they are all rich. Americans must pay more attention they are running this country to the ground. We all must understand what they stand for again look it up it is there. Example who was responsible for the freedom from slavery it was the Republican's. Our Schools are invested. Our kids are not being taught what the parents want them to learn. Be Careful America it is possible taking over a country without firing a shot. 17 trillion in the hole and climbing.

  153. Trisha | April 21, 2013

    These People are a buncha Sociopathic Fat Cats.
    The inmates are, and have been running the Asylum.

  154. Jackie Duncan-Watts | April 21, 2013

    I think the so called "representatives" should only make the median for those in their districts. We need an amendment to the Constitution that states "Congress shall exempt themselves from no laws", and they should all be put on Social security. We have turned politicians into elitists by allowing them to raise their own salaries, make laws that they are exempted from, and we need to stop it NOW

  155. Ramona Downie | April 22, 2013

    Congress needs to feel some of the pressures normal ever day people do and the only way is to hit their wallets like ours are they live in a bubble that protects them and makes them part of the wealthier people in the U.S.. I wonder how many of them are taking their money to other countries.

  156. Tom | April 22, 2013

    Lifelong membership in congress is one of the reasons our government is working so poorly. The reduction of benefits and salary would help shuffle some of these bums back into the private sector. Staying too long in Congress creates a huge conflict of interest where the congress person ends up thinking about their career rather than you me and the country. Term limits are needed too.

  157. Edward Hesson | April 22, 2013

    Every time Congress limits one of our freedoms or lays another mandate on us they exclude themselves. Every time they give themselves a perk they exclude us. These actions make Congress an arrogant bunch of liars and thieves. Go to a regular gas station and buy your own lunch. That gas station, are you still paying $0.25 per gallon?

  158. terry campany | April 22, 2013

    People send this to 10 (or more) people and have them send to 10 people and in a short time the whole country will have voted. Show these fools WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Remember this is not about being a Dem or Rep or a CONSERVATIVE it's about telling these people you are not better then us,I why should you get better benefits then us for doing a lousy job. If you can't do it for yourself PLEASE,PLEASE do it for your children and your grandchildren. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO IT. I thank you, and my children thank you!

  159. johnny king sr | April 23, 2013

    i think all of them are full of crap. so start with an ex -lax and flush them all. they have got above there raising and we the poor chose to put who in there. i feel as far as for bev perdue. she is a money hungry women. she raised taxes on all tobacco products but did not do nothing against beer and liquor. she must drink it alot. people in congress forget there are more people killed by drunk drivers than cigarettes. and the president sets up there with his health reform i say it is a crock of sh**. demanding health care. well mr president u demand it u pay for it . quit penalizing the poor american people who pay your salary. and for the wars in the middle east get our people out. let them kill there nations out and then we do not have to worry if we have to help fight the wars. yes this nation is blessed Barack Obama get use to it. but this nations has had enough. time we do what god said CHARITY STARTS AT HOME. IF U DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND THIS U CAN CONTACT ME PERSONALLY AND I WILL EXPLAIN IT TO U . SO ALL U DEM, REPUBLICANS, AND THE SO CALLED PRESIDENT, U GET WHAT U SOW. HAVE A GOOD DAY .

  160. philipo maffia | April 23, 2013

    a few thousand years of pragmatic building,destroyed in 30 years.The most terrible thing of corruption and nepotism of recent times is the DESTRUCTION OF INTERnATIONAL MORALITY.
    Most of the world looked to America for development,human rights and international co operation.
    The cynics may argue it was all propaganda but I'm sure the vast majority of Americans and europeans would disagree.
    Its no different in the UK.Our politicians are secretly sponsored by financial concerns…..many before they enter politics….mere placemen.In recent years our politicians have been exposed defrauding their expense and housing allowances.In too numerous cases our politicians have used their London home allowance to purchase new property,which many RENT OUT.The UK taxpayer has even paid for a 'duckhouse'!!!!!!
    What is very noticeable about UK fraudalent politicians is how they work behind the scenes then depart the world of politics through the revolving door of finance and industry…… to the very companies that have profited from legislation that they have taken a major part in.
    The word democracy,we must remember,was designed for an athenian city state of 10,000 people where only wealth and property owners voted,women,slaves and lower classes were excluded from voting,where men enjoyed boys.

  161. Fred Belanger | April 23, 2013

    We are taught in school about all the atrocities and injustices that "other" regimes and governments have committed throughout history to the present day. All the while our attention is drawn away from the Orwellian nightmare our world has become. All animals are created equal, it's just that some are more equal than others.

  162. Betty | April 23, 2013

    We need to clean house! Get rid of the whole bunch of crooks…..but, we know that won't happen..Our President is as dirty as they come.I hope I live to see him out of Our House…….taxpayers……..

  163. Crazy Pete | April 23, 2013

    Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling … "I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that any time there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months and 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 – before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.

    Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land all because of public pressure. Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.

    Congressional Reform Act of 2013

    1. No Tenure/No Pension

    A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

    2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately.
    All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.

    Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

    5. Congress loses their current health care system
    and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 06/01/2013.

    The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career.

    The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s),
    then go home and back to work.

  164. Donna | April 24, 2013

    It is the NWO – These guys/girls work VERY LITTLE- their very limited to when they actually work as they have so many days off (9xs more than American workers).

    They enter these jobs with intent to snag a BETTER job as a CEO or lobbyist. Political interest is now just a ladder step to corporatism and 99% of those in office will receive compensation from their corporate campaign contributors ( via promised jobs).

    The NEW business workings in America DO NOT provide benefits. We are demeaned and belittled for EXPECTING our employers to be fair with their RESPONSIBILITIES for a dedicated career person. Why should we give or why should politicians EXPECT benefits for such paltry time and effort?

    They should ONLY GET a pension after serving 3terms… Anything less should
    Not be rewarded. ALL their healthcare should be privatized – a voucher should be given to them and they should pay for their own families medical responsibility.

    Perhaps their pension funding should be checked… Seems union pension holders are relinquishing much of THEIR savings BACK to the people and that would only be right for our elected.

    Sadly their ignorance and silence on what THEY can SACRIFICE for the BANKERS brew of filthy greed we now pay… Whispers of more political ineptness and disregard for THEIR people.

  165. Dewayne & Dorothy Neely | April 24, 2013

    They should remove all Secret Service coverage as soon as the President leaves office; ground Air Force except for OFFICIAL business; and have term limits.

  166. Karen A. | April 24, 2013

    Washington Bureaucrats are supposed to be working FOR the people, no using them for extravagant lifestyles. They are out of control and nothing seems to change that. More people need to come out from under their rocks and start demanding accountability.

  167. Steve Maynard | April 29, 2013

    So I read this "article". Basically you say that congressmen and women should live like everyone else, except you leave out a number of things. 1. Congresspersons have to be re-elected and serve 6 terms to qualify for a retirement under FERS. Senators have to serve 2 terms. A total of 12 years to be vested in the retirement. 2. Congresspersons need a staff do you really think they should pay for that themselves? 3. Of course they get travel perks–they have to spend time in their districts (that's why they have two homes). You talk a lot about people not getting pensions, well my brother works in manufacturing and they still give pensions to workers. there is a reason for that, skilled labor is necessary to keep companies profitable since they are not paid a lot they are given pensions to encourage them to stay. 401Ks are for highly paid managers who frequently move between companies this allows them to take their retirement with them. Everyone who pays into social security is entitle to receive it, whether you like that or not. All congresspersons are on FERS so they have to contribute to social security. Congresspersons earn a pension at 1.7% time the average of their highest three years times 20. For every year past 20 the pension is earned at 1% per year. There is nothing extravagant going on here. I wonder if the author is deliberately trying to stir up trouble that doesn't need to be there. You want to point fingers–the thieves on wall street could sure use some jail time for what they have done and continue to do to middle class Americans.

  168. gordy | April 29, 2013

    they need to be shot for treason! every one of them!

  169. Claudia Creason | April 29, 2013

    These are the same people that accuse the 47% of voting for entitlements for themselves.

    Hubris on a grand scale.

  170. elle | April 29, 2013

    No other people ON THE PLANET get to approve their own raises!! I suppose unions come close. Who wouldn't award themselves a raise if given the opportunity? The American people should have demanded long ago to put a stop to this insane practice. Any business that allowed such an idiotic practice would inevitably go broke – because of this and countless other egregious business practices, cities across the country have already either been completely destroyed – e.g., Detroit is a wasteland today because of government corruption, misappropriation of tax dollars and wasteful spending for decades and other cities across America either already have or are going bankrupt because of similar practices. Obama propagandizes about raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour, to make sure people can "earn a living wage." What a crock. Meanwhile, members of Congress, who're supposed to be servants to the American people, award themselves salaries that far exceed median incomes across the private sector, and award themselves regular raises and cost of living increases. Then, adding fuel to the fire, the Fed prints more and more money thereby continuing to devalue the U.S. dollar, and every sector of the economy continues to raise prices and increase taxes to compensate, and Government continues its misappropriation of funds through perpetually expanding bureaucracies, frivolous spending and government sector, self-enrichment entitlements and perks which all is leading us right over the real fiscal cliff.

  171. Len Williams | April 30, 2013

    Ive said it before and here it is again: TERM FRIGGIN LIMITS!!!!!!!!

  172. Wayne Fengya | May 1, 2013

    It's disgrace the way they milk our taxes. Insider trading, destroying the Constitution, forgetting their oath. They have no morals. It was predicted 200 years ago that a democracy would destroy itself from within. We are watching it happen right now. There are a few honest ones. The crooked ones are buying a place in Hell for themselves. ISAIAH 10 "Woe to unjust judges and to those who issue unfair laws".

  173. Wayne Fengya | May 1, 2013

    Most of them are crooks without a mask. They have no morals and they are trying to destroy the Constitution. They forgot their oath. They are buying a seat in HELL. ISAIAH 10 " WOE TO UNJUST JUDGES AND TO THOSE WHO ISSUE UNFAIR LAWS".

  174. Zachery | May 1, 2013

    If any of you think those elected fools are going to vote themselves out of the best gig they ever had you are sadly mislead.

  175. Richard La France | May 2, 2013

    I was forced into early retirement because the firm I was employed by downsized. That was a year-and-a-half ago. I'm now full retirement age. I had no 401(k) or savings because I could never afford either, so I'm now living on about $30K less a year than when I was working. When I think of all the taxpayer dollars those slobs in D.C. and in state offices throw around it makes me sick. I am, by the way, a second class citizen who has never reaped the benefits I deserve from the taxes I've paid since age 14. I wish I could have every cent of taxes back that I've paid into the feds & states. Those do-nothing jerks in D.C. don't deserve even half of what they earn, especially not the perks. I'm so fed up with all of them I could choke. If they took away all their perks I do believe we would have people running for office who really love this country and would be far more responsible. They shouldn't have any more vacation days than the rest of us. Disgusting.

  176. Kevin | May 2, 2013

    I prefer "Drunken Democrats" over drunken sailors

  177. Dennis | May 2, 2013

    They pass laws, that we have to live by, then live like kings and queens on our $$$$. Isn't it about time the REVOLUTION starts. Vote them all out and start over with some common sense..

  178. Kevin D Slack | May 2, 2013

    They also should not be able to vote them selfes raises withouta public vote I'm sure that they would find the majority would not agree to it.after all there only in it for there own interests.they only pass things that benefit them.

  179. William Kimball, Sr. | May 2, 2013

    Ever since I became aware of what OUR employees were doing to their bosses(US), I have only been able to see RED! Also, I KNOW they are over paid for a part-time job, one that most of them can't get right anyway!

  180. Tom | May 3, 2013

    The Republic has a CONSTITUTION???

    Amendment 28

    Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .

    Imagine what we could do if everybody passed this around.
    Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .

  181. Denise | May 3, 2013

    I think the board should be cleared in Government and we as tax payers should vote on any perks, salaries, health care, etc….the Politicians get. They love passing laws on us and sucking the life out of us. Lets turn the tables.

  182. Robert William | May 4, 2013

    Dear heart, Dianne Feinstein whil on the Senate Military Appropriations Committee, did not disclose that her husband (Blum) owned the company to which she dibetrted over $4billion in defense contracts. Her personal take from them was over $100million of our tax dollars.

    Not just a war profiteer but a thief as well.

  183. Dave | May 4, 2013

    What makes this bunch in congress so much more special than the American Tax payers who work daily, Make the congressmen s staff pay Taxes just like the rest of us, and take away the perks, work a 40 hour work week with two weeks vacation should be enough for anyone…….

  184. Dale DeLillo | May 4, 2013

    Take way the perks and reduce the salary to the median income of the area they represent. That should give them a while new outlook on reality, while saving hundreds of millions to the taxpayers.

  185. Republicae | May 4, 2013

    With the nationalization of the Senate through the 17th Amendment one of the bulwarks of federalism was eliminated, since that time both Senators and Representatives have been effectively transformed into federal government employees who now have a vested interest in continuing the furtherance of government power rather than what is in the best interest of the People. They control the power of the vote through controling the power of the government purse and intentionally use that power to create a patronage system, both with voters and large corporate as well as banking interests.

    Repealing the 17th Amendment, placing the power back into the hands of the State Legislatures, while not perfect, can be no worse than the monstrocity we currently suffer under. Also, Congress should be prohibited from managing their own wages and benefits, that responsibility should be determined by the individual States, each setting wages, benefits and any pay increases for their respective Senators and Representatives.

    All laws passed by Congress should equally applied and Congress should be prohibited from any distinction at law between members of Congress and the People! The Democrats and Republicans alike, all nothing more than two faces of the same corrupt coin, debased and essentially worthless now, the Country woulf be better off telling this illegitimate goverment that they may legislate all they want within the Ten Square Mile District, but, as it should, Let the Free, Sovereign and Independent State Republics govern themselves as noted by the Constitutional Compact between the States. The federal government is the creation of the States and is merely a deputized agent of the States, the States created this federal government and it is, though not currently apparent in the minds of the People, dependent upon the will of the States. The creator cand destroy its creation.

  186. Don Kaltenbach | May 4, 2013


  187. Rick Berry | May 4, 2013

    I would like to see them change the law that they have to abide by any and every law they pass for the average American to live by. But, when you control the gold you control the rules. They are to greedy and interested in tending to their special interest group's needs to worry about us.

  188. JOE ROBINSON | May 6, 2013


  189. jack | May 6, 2013

    These civil servants are the royalty of our freedom loving, rich abiding nation. They are the kings and queens of democracy, sacrificing the taxes of the people to support their royal lifestyles. They are like hawks. They fly above the rest of us and we never see their backs.

  190. Art | May 6, 2013

    I think all of those should be voted out of office. I feel they should only be allow to be in office for four (4) years and then move on.

  191. Richard | May 6, 2013

    Where are the poll results not on this page

  192. Mar | May 7, 2013

    I wonder what kind of government would we have if members of Congress were paid
    Minimum Wages, had to pay for their own Health Insurance, and lost the rest of their fringe
    benefit they receive!
    The members of Congress have alienated themselves from the rest of the American People.
    Congress is immune to the laws they make for the American People to live by. Insider
    Trading is an example of that. But as long as they have the Police, The Courts, and the
    Military on their side they will continue to have the POWER to get away with what ever and
    when ever they choose.
    The American People are going to have to demand SHORTER TERM LIMITS for both the
    Senate and the House. Take Corporate Money completely out of the Picture and if you are
    caught in the act of accepting Corporate Money you could be terminated from office,
    brought to trial and be imprisoned if found guilty.
    Congress has gotten to big for their britches and it is up to the American People to put a

  193. TERRY R HEBERT | May 7, 2013

    Who the hell gave them all these perks ?They are not suspost to have anything the people don't have ,this is a law that is being broke daily. It should be removed and repaid or go to jail !!!!!!!!!! Why are they better than any of us ; we the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Vickie Krueger | May 7, 2013

    Power to the People! This has gone too far, too long!

  195. steve hammontree | May 7, 2013

    Limit them to one term…. no benefits after they leave. Most are millionaires anyway, they don't need the perks. They are just in the job for the power. No retirement either. They should use their personal millions to fund their own after life. We pay enough for them while they are in office. Apparently they don't care about us.

  196. Alan Ritchie | May 8, 2013

    don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet….but the big bankers are the real bad guys. you have a handful of people controlling most of the worlds money & economies. this has been going on for many many years. one banker, (can't remember who it was) said, "give me control of a countries money & I don't care who makes the laws." their goal is to get the whole world in such an economic mess that the only way to fix it is wipe the slate clean & start over with a different currency. which will be in short supply, & only available to a select few. the rest will eventually starve to death or be rounded up & eliminated, thus resulting in a huge reduction of the earth's population. making the remaining population much easier to control.

  197. gary snair | May 8, 2013

    when being a politican became a career choice , thats the moment citizens were in trouble.

  198. Rick Crook | May 8, 2013

    I feel that they should also reduce the retirement packages these so called servants of our country, like they did the civil servants from 50% to 35% and put us under FERS. I don't think these simple minded control freaks should get 100% of their salary even if they served one term. They should also fall under the Obamacare health care as the rest of us are being forced to do. I served in the Army active duty for over 14 years and didn't get anything except maybe the right to be buried in a veterans cemetery and $250 to bury me and an American flag for my family. Whoopty do!!!

  199. Ray | May 9, 2013

    The head of the SEC , when interveiwed, about the need for a New Law on Insider Trading, making it illegal for members of Congress as well. His response was, " That there is already a law, on the books, that makes it illegal.
    And that it has been illegal. "

  200. Harvie R jamison | May 10, 2013

    It kinda bugs me to. I do not see any potential for change, though, since the majority of those receiving the perks are from the Republican Party. We both know they are not about to vote to remove any of THEIR perks. Guess we will just have to deal with it.

  201. Martie | May 10, 2013

    If Congress had to live within the same laws and bills they pass, they might think differently about the consequences of their actions. Who can challenge them when they vote themselves raises and other benefits? Who holds them accountable between elections? Is our only recourse to act on their inexcusable behavior and disregard for their constituents to vote them out when their term is over?

    • Christal | May 27, 2013

      I agree. However, most of us are unaware of the "laws" they have put in place that have totally taken away our rights as voters and citizens. We need to make more of a SINCERE effort to follow what our "representatives" are voting on. Subscriptions to is free. Reading all the nonsense is tedious but if you find the time, you might be surprised to find how much PAID time they consume authoring and passing laws that are taking away all our freedoms.

  202. j morales | May 10, 2013

    constitutional amendment #28 congress shall pass no laws that is binding on the people but not on congress.

    • Christal | May 27, 2013

      Good information. However, is this being legally ENFORCED??

  203. William Dixon | May 11, 2013

    while the fat cats in washinton live like royalty I can't even find a job. I work in construction and have lost almost everything I have worked for because of their NO jobs policy. I have exhausted my unemployment and I for some reason don't qualify for welfare even though I have NO income and am shamefully having to live off of my parents. I can't afford to go to school and be re-trained for another occupation and would like to know how to become a Senator so I can try to change things in Washington starting with DEEP pay cuts and taking away all the perks thery have voted for themselves to have on our backs as well as no lifetime pension or lifetime Cadilac medical bennifits.

  204. Gordon Jobe | May 12, 2013

    I agree with Senator Dean Heller: "no budget – no pay for Congress."

  205. William Meadows | May 12, 2013

    Several times I was able to watch C-SPAN and for four years in a row Congress has voted against raising the Minimum Wage Law and then turn right around and vote themselves a raise –
    they need a raise and the American people don't ? Last week Congress wanted to Exempt themselves and their aides from ObamaCare – like people on $30,000 a year can afford it and those making $174,000 a year can't ?

    • Mike Rudd | May 13, 2013

      William, sorry but I believe that the minimum wage should be abolished, and raising it will only cause further problems for the poor. The minimum wage jobs are for untrained and unskilled workers who need to get a job to gain experience (high school kids). Anyone who starts a minimum wage job who can follow instructions and is willing to work hard will not be at minimum wage for long because the employer wants to keep them around. Keep raising the minimum wage and you reduce opportunities for these workers. Don't fall for the hype.

  206. Stacie | May 13, 2013

    No one person is better than another person, period. Since they are supposedly representing the public, they should be expected to live by the same rules as that public that they represent.

  207. Oscar Lopez-Calleja | May 13, 2013

    The other thing that should be addressed very urgently is "How Many Service Terms", the max lenght should be 2 or 3 terms, followed by the same period of prohibition from acting as lobbist or any other kind of group, present or created in the future, who could influence the senators and representatives in any way.
    It is a shame for our country that Senators and Representatives could serve for years and years, some actually with records of being there for more than 30 years, then later, when not re-elected they use their influence to extract more money by serving the powerful interest but now as a paid employee of those controlling groups. Is it "democracy"?, or is it?

  208. Mike Rudd | May 13, 2013

    Our federal government, and many in the various state governments seem to think we are here to be subjects, not citizens. They seem to think that the money that private citizens and private companies earn somehow belongs to them, and this is evident when you listen carefully to how they phrase things these days. A great example under the Obama administration is how they call "tax breaks" "government subsidies" and refer to any tax break as "costing the government money" Shameful! We the people must pull the rug out from under them and bring them back to earth SOON!

  209. BJ Williams | May 14, 2013

    It is interesting that the senators and representatives promise to "fix" the problems, but , instead, add to the problems and forget their promises to the people. They should have the same, not more, benefits as the rest of us.

  210. Jay Cummings | May 14, 2013

    I'm in construction and struggle week to week to make ends meet. The last 2-3 years have been especially tough, and have tested my faith greatly. I've only worked for 2 companies in the 37 years I've been working that even had any kind of insurance plans. These people in Washington need to wake up and do something for someone besides themselves !!!

  211. Ruby Clark | May 14, 2013

    This is the reason we need term limits, for The House of Representatives and The Senate, and we need a budget for them. A budget that will require say a 10% of the salaries of the Congressional leaders for every week that passes without a budget. This should get some action!!

    • Christal | May 27, 2013

      I agree. Their raises should not depend upon THEIR vote but the votes of their constituents or those whom they supposedly represent.

  212. Wille Wilson | May 15, 2013

    Eliminate all taxpayer paid perks and implement term limits. No work, no pay.implement term limits.

  213. Ron | May 15, 2013

    We need real reform, but will we ever see it?

    I have always wondered why we have a system where folks spend millions to get a job that pays 100k a year? Obviously, there are other "perks" both legal and illegal that is the real goal of the candidate.

    My suggestion to fix this is that we should make a representative earn the same as what he/she was earning before being elected with raises tied to the cost of living – not to their voting. They should only receive reimbursment for things related to their constituency…no free trips to overseas or wherever – they should fly the same lousy commerical flights we all suffer through. Campaign spending should be eliminated or severely limited. All monies spent and received in campaigns should be publicly disclosed or publicly provided. All commercials and advertisements should be limited so that both sides are given exactly the same amount of time.

    Once elected, they should rely on Social Security – just like the rest of us – the same for health care. The biggest though, TERM LIMITS…no one should serve more then 2 terms – just like the president….that way they remain focused on what is their job….these career politicians have no idea of what is really going on in their district….they need to live the same life and come from the same life as who they represent.

    I could go on with my wishlist, but what's the use….these creeps will continue to rip off the public until long after I am gone. It is just too bad that our system – which was designed to depose an uncaring monarchy, has somehow ended up replacing that monarchy with a bunch of privileged bureacratic toerags. Sad…very sad.

  214. Sarah | May 16, 2013

    I understand how some of these things could be needed for there JOBS., However I do not understand how They do not see that it is causing a massive rift in the ability to do the best for the people. If you live such a different lifestyle then the AVERAGE american how can you presume to do right by us. Will no real understanding of the struggles and hardships *except by statistics. some one else gave you* Than how you can truly expect to make changes to benefit us when you may also run the risk of making your own life a little more difficult. as in pay for your own gas, use your own credit card for a motel stay. Take your kids to Disney Land on your own dime.

  215. Pat | May 17, 2013

    Need to do away with political parties and have some common ordinary people with some common sense running the country. They couldn't do any worse that what we have now.
    I am getting sick of the politician in Washington deciding what best for me when it doesn't even appy to them.

    • Christal | May 27, 2013

      I agree. I also believe that temptation and greed will influence even those with the purest of intentions. We are witness, time and time again, how this plays out even in religious organizations. So the question really is, How can we choose people who are above all temptation?

  216. denver roberts | May 18, 2013

    They must live by the same laws they pass on us. I say must for we should see that they do by demanding that the people we vote for agrees to correct this problem.

  217. Charles Neulist | May 20, 2013

    Tie their pay to the budget no budget no pay. make the pensions kick in when they are at age 67 not when they leave. In short make them like everyone else.

  218. Bobbie | May 21, 2013

    Whats up! everyone just wants to complain but do nothing about it. Start a committee in each state and get the petitions signed with at least 100 names of legal citizens you might have to profile to ensure they are legal. then lets put this all together and crack the whip. The website for this need to be built and it could all flow through there and we could make a difference. Need some one to start the website called the Americam Legacy we want equal results!

  219. Larry Bayne | May 21, 2013

    the true facts are this . to all these people that are ok with the way the United States is being run the need to get up and clean their nose off it makes you sick to see people condone these bad decisions coming from the White House, house and senate. Shame On our leaders they have a little power but that power does not make them right. When you are in a hole and want to get out our first step should be to quit digging. But NO!!!! They say hey lets give ourselves a raise , American people losing jobs having to take pay cuts to keep their job. It takes great job performance to earn a raise our leaders failed this test. They keep spending (Digging the hole deeper ) No rest for the shovel.lets let the american people pay more so we don't have to quit spending.They don't hesitate taking the money we earn but god forbid you take any of theirs they want more.

  220. Marilyn Fehrmann | May 22, 2013

    Congress is supposed to be working for and representing the people. Unfortunately, that idea has long gone since Congress became impressed with its own self-importance. Congress should be treated like any other group of citizens – no exclusion from the healthcare or any other piece of crap they impose on us, no special rules, NO PERKS, no exceptions! I have completely lost faith in the American government. It has become a monster that devours everything in its path.

  221. Diana Skipworth | May 23, 2013

    I believe Congress s/b paid what the Average American Wage is. Would also love it, if the Congress had to reflect the actual census data in the HOUSE. Like, if 39% Hispanic, then s/b more Hispanic members. Also s/b 50% female members. If this were so, then we wouldn't go to war so quickly to kill our children, and other around the world.

  222. Eugenia Heist | May 24, 2013

    Congress is employed by the people of the United States. They are clearly taking advantage of taxpayers and should not go into office expecting anything more than the rest of us get. Their individual pension plan needs to go. Keep their 401k since we can have one, too. All the freebies MUST go. Ongoing payment once they leave office MUST go. We don't get salaries once we leave a job, why should they? If you Congressmen/women are reasonable people and not greedy, you will comply with this and change all these things.

    Frankly, this country can't afford you.

  223. john jackson | May 24, 2013

    Maybe we could open up a congressional wing at Guantanamo for all the corrupt panhandlers in congress? Then the place would be of some use for the enormous amount of taxpayer funds used to support it.

  224. Shawn | May 24, 2013

    If you are going to compare to median income levels, make it Apples to Apples. These are educated people, compare Master's degree holders to them or higher! Then the separation is significantly less!

  225. Joy Ann Marie Robinson | May 25, 2013

    I think the majority of the congress and senate are very aware of the padding expences and think that the public owes them. They have forgotten what service and sacrifice mean. They don't listen, they think they know better and more than their constituents. They don't! They haven't tried to get by on poverty level income or even an average income. They haven't spent real quality time in an average home or work place in years. Some of them never have. Someone is always giving them perks by picking up the tab. I am so dissapointed and ashamed of what is taking place in the capital, I can't even describe it. I could go on for pages…sometimes it feels hopeless but I am compelled to try. It is my obligation as a citizen.

  226. mike mcclain | May 25, 2013

    The Whole Government needs to Live like the Middle and Lower Class

  227. David Picard | May 26, 2013

    If they want to work for the American People, they should live like the American People, and after all, they do work for the American People, technically. In many of our big cities, for instance, if you are employed by the city, you must reside in that city. I believe the same sort of principle should apply in this case. You should also be subject to the laws you make. Why not? Everyone else is. Are they not citizens also? As a matter of fact, I seem to recall that it's one of the requirements for holding public office, that you be a citizen of the United States. I don't recall ever working for a company where my benefits were better than my employers. While I am not against them receiving some benefits, let's get a bit more realistic here. We fought a revolution to get rid of the monarchy, we don't need another one.

  228. Randy Perez | May 26, 2013

    This is the reason why we do not have real people in Congress that care for the American Public and the welfare of the people! When you make this kind of money, it's hard to find real people that do the job for its true purpose who really care. Cut their salaries and perks in half, and watch how many leave! The Sequester is hurting millions of Americans who now have to make sacrifices but yet Congress continues to get paid! What happen to our Country!

  229. Christal | May 27, 2013

    Political representatives do not represent the "voters". They represent their own selfish interests and the interests of those who fund their campaigns and pay them for their votes. The author and pass laws that support those interests and funders – PERIOD. It's a joke that "voters" are the brunt of since they willingly put these people in office. CHANGE has got to come.

  230. Terrence | May 27, 2013

    Let's start a entire new government under the old constitution and let the people decide which government to support. Worse case scenario, a civil war, and I think that would be better than the alternative.

  231. joedoyle | May 27, 2013


  232. Geoffrey A. Dunnam | May 28, 2013

    Our leaders are no longer smarter or better than us…It's time to bring them back to reality…Geoffrey A. Dunnam

  233. L Jeschofnig | May 29, 2013

    Why are you focusing only on a Democrat? The Republicans are equally if not more guilty of gluttony at the public table. Survey’s are great, but now what are you going to do with this information? Do you seriously think Congress will willingly cut their pay and benefits? It appears only a public initiated constitutional amendment could do that.

  234. Paul Johnson | May 30, 2013

    I do hope that your financial advice is more honest than these contrived benefits to Members of Congress. They get NO retirement. They may participate along with millions of other government employees, if they contribute 8% of their gross income…a terrible bargain that most avoid. They can pay to purchase any of the health insurance programs that every American can join. Days in session are like claiming a priest only works a couple of hours a week because church services are limited. Members get to ride elevators, subways and park their cars….the part of this article that isn't silly is untrue. Pathetic way to induce credibility for an advisory service.

    • john | May 31, 2013

      ask dan rostinkowski who is in prison why he receives 98,000 ayear from tax payers .get it right.

  235. Sean Cunningham | May 30, 2013

    The SOB's should not get any more benefits than the average worker/citizen of the USA !!

  236. Joe | May 31, 2013

    What health care, what social security, what are they illeagal immigrants?

  237. john | May 31, 2013

    they always say the people they represent. I say let them earn the average wage of said people. for than they would truly represent those people.

  238. john | May 31, 2013

    also we talk about how corrupt are leaders are and that they should be replaced.when you have an educational system that is working the way the government wants it to i.e. dumbing down and liberal bias at all levels of schooling an also a media that joseph Goebbels would be proud of. what do you expect as an American to happen to this what was a beautiful republic which is becoming nothing more than a new European catalyst by the idiots you people get elected.

  239. John Milvet | June 1, 2013

    I believe the only way we can get them out is a voter revolution. Elect new people and if they don't give us a choice write someone in.The TEA PARTY is not the way its just a guise set up by them to keep us divided , a way for them to sway an election in their favor. We need some kind of independent media voice that is not on they're propaganda list,a voice that will speak honestly about both sides and not one sided bullshit like Rush Limbaugh shits out. We need a true voice of the people to put these crooks on public display expose them for what they are and what they're doing.We the people need to unite like we did against the vietnam war,let them hear our voice.
    Tell them to bring back the two year term like it is written in the constitution, Congress shall pass no law that benefits them over the people,but yet they do it and we let them. Now they're bering down on us with the IRS,threatening to take away our second amendment rights next it will be our first amendment rights. they want you defenseless,and with no voice,and if we the people don't unite in an intelligent and civil way they will get the supreme control they are seeking. Hell we are already the serfs and they are the lords. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  240. Doug Beaver | June 1, 2013

    Totally agree, They are constantly passing laws etc and stating "This is for the good of the people" Well they are the people too ! Every law etc. they pass should apply to themselves first and the people 2nd. Also to serve is a priviledge so they should get no salary and no retirement from being in office. They should be re-imbursed for actual travel costs they paid out of their own pockets using transportation available to the public and hotels etc. the same. Of cours eup to a limit, Say the IRS limits for personeal travel deductions would do.

  241. Mark | June 1, 2013

    The republicans should give back their pay for the last 8 years

  242. Ted Murray | June 2, 2013

    I have read all of these comments and have a pain in my stomach, I have no Idea how to get rid of these so called servants. and I don't think any of these guy's making these comments know how to do it either. I have to go throw up now and I'm starting to feel a pain in my —- TU-TU.

  243. S | June 2, 2013

    Their pay should be equal to the Average American's salary (to give them incentive to care about such things). They should pay their own school loans. They should pay their own staff. They should work from their kitchen tables with laptops for meetings (they need to be kept near their constituents rather than in DC where they become detached and famous). They should be limited to 5 pages per bill introduced. They should be immediately thrown out of office if they lie, cheat or commit any crime. They should pay their own security and their security should be disarmed (we wouldn't want them shot right). ALL LAWS SHOULD APPLY TO THEM. Each law that is not covered by the constitution, should not be a law. If coming to this country without permission is a crime, enforce the law. Close down the Department of Education, EPA, IRS, Homeland Security and any other agency, bureau, department, etc. created since 1975. That is a start.

  244. James Curtis | June 3, 2013

    Not sure how or why a free People would allow the "Public Service" workers at the top to become the elites in charge of voting themselves away from the taxes and responsibility…if we remove "Perks" from public offices we WILL find George Washington type leaders again

  245. jim | June 5, 2013

    public servants shound not make more than 100000 ayear and not more than two terms or 8 years.

  246. Robert | June 5, 2013

    I have also heard that the children of congress don't even pay back student loans, why is that? they have the money to pay for college, why are they getting student loans? well why are they getting free education? why not go to Harvard or all the best schools in the world!

  247. Rick | June 5, 2013

    I think many of them are skirting insider trading by signing on as franchisee owners with the companies that lobby them. One concern I have is that since the PPACA was passed the EMR regulations have encouraged many healthcare institutions to purchase the Epic system, I have heard that Duke University invested 700 million dollars on the system. I know of another that is pushing over 200 million dollars for theirs. The system is owned by a large money donor of Obama according to an article I read on a Michelle Malkin page. I calculated the cost per bed of the Epic system and it comes out to somewhere near 250 thousand dollars each bed will have to net before the system is paid off. I've also been told that the Hospital shelling out the 200 million will be spending 100 thousand per training session.

  248. GrandDaddy | June 5, 2013

    I'm guessing the two "No" votes are Pelosi and Feinstein…

  249. Bill | June 6, 2013

    Speakingof voting, have any of the Teapartiers and other like minded folks been voting on executive compensation packages on their proxies this season. I ran across several who we're making one hundred times the amounts that a Congressperson makes and some who make a lot more than that. And some were making more than the companies that they were working for were making.

  250. larry | June 6, 2013

    being a veteran of the Vietnam War, I would never think that our freedom of speech would ever be taken away. this is ministration is doing exactly that. bloodshed on the battlefield doesn't mean anything to them! goodbye America!

  251. Keith Brouse | June 7, 2013

    Never before in our history has there been such a 'feeding' at the American taxpayers trough than the hoggs we are feeding in D.C. now and its all because there is nothing more than a 'community organizer' leading the rush to stuff their walletts. there had better be a loud and demanding "STOP" these piggs and NOW!! The runaway feeding frenzy Will put the U.S. lower than that of Greece and we Will see the failure hit us as that of Rome centuries ago as there is the mentality in D.C. to out us there, the runaway Train Must be derailed.

  252. Owen Stevenson | June 7, 2013

    I have worked the last twenty two years under privatized DOD and Surface Deployment Distribution Command to transport private owned vehicles for all branches of the Military. administration
    Due to budget woes that this fiscally inept there will now be cuts to close facility's in four states. Over the previous ten years of doing this I have lost all medical, vacation, annual or sick leave and not to mention retirement benefits.
    For the first time in my entire life I will be unemployed at age 53, not a great chance to find an employer willing to hire considering the worst economy I have ever witnessed.
    I say disbanded the perks for all federal employees forever. There is no excuse for the despicable trough feeding they continue to extend to these vampires, Period!

  253. Kevin | June 7, 2013

    Just another reason to not believe in our political system. This is what happens when one vote per person becomes one vote per dollar. We are given the believe that our vote counts, but not if we are not attending $20,000 dollars lunches or contributing millions to campaign. We lose when they convince us to pick teams (red or blue)….that's just a distraction. The very top have their interest covered by both parties. Wake up America….start reading and researching. Turn off reality TV for one night of the week and ask yourself…what is really going on!

  254. Michel Mandeville | June 9, 2013

    For way-way-to long, the WASHINGTON fat-cats have live hi-on the HOG, at everyones expense, we ARE grateful, for their service, BUT to ALSO remember they are, or were -like WE ALL ARE…
    and it is only just that they be LIKE us, when we retire, we take pay and Benefit cuts, why can't or DON'T THEY… the deficit is not all the PRESIDENTS FAULT….its everyones.. they have been let to run rampant for how long… THE GOP and the DEMOCRATS are all alike.. WASHINGTON has put us all, in this mess, and should HELP and start to do without some of the gravy they have gotten used to……. MAYBE..IF EVERYONE CHIPPED would not be as bad as it is now… MAYBE IF THEY PAID FOR TRAVEL..THEY WOULD'NT BE SO UP ON GOING SOMEWHERE..someones going to have to pay to pay for all their goodtimes…

  255. Bill | June 10, 2013

    For a bunch who does nothing but point fingers, or enact some reasonable measures that won't go into effect for ten or more years, and many times enact laws that benefit corporate "persons" or power brokers at the expense of the American public, their salaries/benefits should be totally suspended until they show up to work.

  256. Norman E Bernal | June 10, 2013

    It is time we demand that the entire congress be placed on a Merit Pay Scale just like many teachers in the nation are having to go through. The privileged class citizen, like the congress, is totally contrary to our basic fundamental concept of "public servant" doing work for the people in this great nation of ours. It is time we act decisively and send a message that sounds clear and will ring in all corners of our country.

  257. Robert Gamble | June 10, 2013

    All of our Elected Representatives on both sides of the isle, are living in LALA Land. They have no clue what it takes to make it in the real world. They are so far out of touch with every day life of the common everyday man or woman. They do not know or get it that the price of gas, milk, bread, tires, groceries, oil changes, medication, braces, sports (school athletics), etc!!!
    Their expenses for the most part are paid for by the common man/woman. They can't lose them if they are fired (not reelected), as long as they meet the requirements of time on the job (the requirements are the limits they set for themselves). All that matters to them is that they have enough time on the job not to lose their benefits. Oh Yeah, once they have them (the benefits) they are for life. They will soon find out "FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE" They are pathetic excuse for humans. VOTE THE BUMS OUT, all of THEM!!!

  258. Buck OFama | June 11, 2013

    The system has been ripe and ready when Obama showed up. Worry not, there will be nothing left to gorge on by the time he will be gone.

  259. John Heltsley | June 12, 2013

    What ever happened to, Congress is not supposed to pass any law giving themselves anything more than the people who elected them? I cannot get insider trading without going to jail. Congress just passed a law allowing them to continue insider trading. Its no wonder why people like senator Mc Connell and Ted Kennedy have or in Kennedy' case did, stay so long in Congress. No wonder why they won't vote for term limits.What checks and balance do we have to make Congress have term limits? As long as the people keep reelecting them, out makes it appear that most Americans don't want term limits. Its up to the people to set limits, by not reelecting them after so many terms in office. I don't vote for anyone with eight or more years in office.

  260. Al Jordan | June 12, 2013

    After 32 years with the gov, I don't get that kind payout. I still pay taxes and have to grandkids to take care of . MY #ss WAS CUT CAUSE I AM A DOUBLE DIPPER AS THE GOVERMENT SAYS. STILL HAVE TO FIND SIDE WORK TO PAY ALL MY BILL, No one wants and old man anymore. But that is the American way

  261. vote intelligently | June 13, 2013

    If the people who don't vote would vote and vote INTELLIGENTLY we might have a fighting chance of saving our country and get rid of each and every one of our representatives who stick their middle finger at all of us who put them where they are and trusted them we may just save this country. As long as we vote like we have been and sending back the same old crap then we the people get what we deserve. You got to let who you like go and vote some new blood in and if they don't change they must be voted out for even more new blood. And so it goes until all of our representatives get it and start working for us, the people, who pay their bills! Wake up America. get off your butts and vote.

  262. robert allen | June 14, 2013

    reading this blog , it sounds to me like we are all thinking the same direction…..let's do it

  263. Joseph Lyddon | June 15, 2013

    Whether they give it up or not, EVERYTHING that they are getting for FREE SHOULD also be reported as Income… TAXABLE Income! Retroactively as far back as the IRS law has been in effect, which has been a LONG time.

    The retroactive pay of income taxes, not paid, would be nice to see for a change.

    ALL the FREE stuff to the President & Vice President should be handled the same way!

    It was not stated whether they paid taxes on all the FREE stuff… my guess is NO…
    It's time for YES…

    Then, we STOP it… They pay for all of their Job related expenses just like everyone else in the country must do.

  264. david | June 15, 2013

    congress should not have any perchs . they r paid too much anyway. and the president of this country should not have perks either. he should pay to take his wife to dinner . or vacation like the rest of us who cant afford a vacation . plus i dont like it that medicaid is now charging more for service. and its free interprise for the rich .what is these united states going to do without representation of any kind .

  265. Pat Burns | June 16, 2013

    It's sad that you think these are great perks and pay for the work they perform. You have no idea what your talking about. OBTW most of these people are great public servants who work their asses off seven days a week and great reflected but large majorities. So EVERYONE ELSE'S REPRESENTATIVE is a leach. Just not mine. LOL. Your slant dribble just adds to the demise of this country. Shame on you.

  266. | June 27, 2013

    This is ridiculous! Of course they should have to live under the same health care system they pass for us ( the little people)!
    Overpaid, underperforming, pathetic for the most part. We seem to serve them, rather than the other way around.

  267. | June 27, 2013

    They should have the same health care options the rest of us must choose from…this would be my minimum change and I think it is quite reasonable, don't you!?

  268. SMurph | July 5, 2013

    Maybe, just maybe, we should quit funding all the foreign countries and put some money back into the people of USA. Seems as if our taxes are the soul (source) of all spending the government enjoy. Could I be wrong ??

  269. Lonnie annan | July 5, 2013

    These fat cats do not care for the nation only to fill their pockets with money

  270. james conway | July 18, 2013

    If they had to live like we do I do not think we would have so many professional MOOCHES on our payroll but then we may have more wanting to get on the mooch list eather way we would see more new faces!!!

  271. Dana Gillespie | July 23, 2013

    A Military man or woman has to spend 20 years to get half their pay grade at retirement. I can't remember which one of our founding fathers (I believe it was Thomas Jefferson) said that political office was never intended to make politicians rich. They were to go and serve their term of service to the public and return to their original jobs back home. There were no "Career Politicians" back then and the American Citizens have been brainwashed by these Dr.'s and Lawyers into believing that they need to stay in office. Also the 29th Amendment needs to be enforced. which states: (Congress shall pass no laws that pertain to them and not the citizens nor shall they pass any laws that pertain to the citizens that doesn't apply to them") Why does the American Citizens sit on their butt and let them get away with it? Freedom is not free. Read the 10 commandants of the Communist Manifesto and see how many we have in place already here in America. If the citizens don't get off their backsides and voice their opinions the FEMA will drag them off of it and place them in the camps that have been waiting for years. Remember under the Patriot Act they can kick anyone's door in at 2:00 AM and arrest them without a warrant as a person of "interest". Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is Null and Void! If people don't wake up and voice their disdain for the government interference then we will have Civil War II. It's within 12 months of happening! WAKE UP AMERICA OR BECOME A SLAVE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

  272. Thebigba | July 26, 2013

    I agree with alot of what people are saying here… the problem is many people don't seem to grasp the situation they are in. They blame the president, they complain about the taxes, they talk and talk and talk but take no action… you cannot simply VOTE congress out of position, you hold no power to do so, you cannot simply ask them for change because the change they bring will not benefit america as a whole, you cannot start a revolution or a rebellion against them for a few reasons, 1. you would need the cooperation of a largely backed military force including most if not all of america's current. (this is a problem even if it were to succeed we would be temporarily weakened and subject to attack from what ever country thought they could get away with it. "
    2. without a largely backed source of military even with a the majority of american backing you the leader of such a revolution would most likely be assassinated to "prove a Point" or to be made example of.

    I would largely like to see some changes within this country namely to deal with money. Why? because money is what everyone is all about and it is what causes all our problems. we should rely less on money and more on compassion and equality.

    the sad fact of the matter is americans want to be led and the majority don't seem to really care by who , just sitting around and complaining but never acting.

    the only way i see a change for the good coming is either by war that wipes out 80% of the worlds population or a natural disaster that does the same. It's a sad thought but really that would give the chance for a real change to not just this country but the world.

    I'm thebigba, and I would love to take some action however I have not yet found a solution to our issues and I am just one man.

  273. Peter Gozinya | July 26, 2013

    They don't spend like a drunken sailor. Even a drunken sailor has enough sense to quit spending when he runs out of money. They don't.

  274. Lynette Fink | July 30, 2013

    You should be given an expense account with limits and your vacation time would be limited according to the needs of the people. Your health care would be under Obamacare, which you passed without giving people time to read and comment.

    Your pay would be based on merit…and if this were in effect today you would be on the street corner begging.

  275. Ray | August 1, 2013

    Congress and just about every elected official think they are special and/or royalty. Well they are not and we have had them pushing us around for decades with lies and double crossing. We need TERM LIMITS and we need it now. Their salaries are far too high for a part time job, maybe cut their pay to $60,000 per year, $30,000 would be better since it is part time. They spend half of their time campaigning. Most of them are already rich and many are lawyers. It is time most of them are Accountants, Managers and have common sense. How about a test before they can run for office – Economics, budgeting, political history, math, English, etc.

  276. Gale | August 1, 2013

    The president and members of Congress have forgotten that we, the American taxpayers, are their employers. Since when is an employee's salary and benefits more than it's employer's? Their retirement should consist of a "401K" plan; they should have to purchase their own health insurance; they should have to pay for their own travel expenses, use their own automobiles, pay for their own auto insurance, etc.
    They never offer to take a decrease in pay or eliminate any of their "perks" to help the economy.
    Because theses salaries are bpaid by the American taxpayers, government jobs do not boost the economy. Only jobs produced by the private sector help to boost our economy.
    Has President Obama ever stop to consider how much of the American taxpayers' monies he has used for his & his family's trips & how many of the starving American children could have been fed with this amount?
    The monies collected from the American taxpayers and their employers for Social Security and Medicare needs to immediately be taken out of the "General Fund" and returned, plus interest, to the account that is specificly set up for the use of Social Security and Medicare. Social Security and Medicare are not "entitlements"; the government collected the monies from the American taxpayers and their employers, to be invested for the American taxpayers and distributed to the American taxpayers. The use of the American taxpayers' monies by the government for any reason that they wish, is theft. Talk about a "Ponzi" scheme!!! if an individual had done this, that person would have been arrested and imprisoned.

    Only the purchase of food items should be allowed for the use of food stamps. There should be a list of "necessary" foods that can be purchased with food stamps, such as powdered milk, potatoes, bread, ground meat, etc. the purchase of such items as soft drinks, desserts, etc. should not be allowed

  277. Thomas | August 2, 2013

    I personally think that all elected officials should be paid the median income of whatever group they are appointed over, ie a mayor should get the median income for his city, a state representative the median income for his district, a house representative/senator should get the median income for their state. They should all have to deal with the same health plans that the rest of us deal with, even if they only have to pay 20%. I also think that we should construct a secure barracks style building for the federal employees, so that they have a secure "home" or apartment in DC. We could build it with the money we save in the first year of paying them median incomes. There should be an in-house medical clinic on duty 24/7 to ensure their daily care, and a bus to take them to the Capitol building daily. It would be much easier to protect them, ensure their safety, AND it would almost guarantee that they showed up for work 5 days/week. If they need to travel somewhere, other than to and from their home state, the military has these wonderful aircraft called C-130's and C-5 transport ships that would be more than accommodating, and we could use them for troop transport as well.

  278. Linda | August 4, 2013

    I wish there was a way to send an open letter to Congress, one to be read aloud on the floor. What I'd most like to say is – You are not special. You are no different, no better, than any other American, though you treat yourselves as if you are. We the people are sick to death of the posturing, the use of public service as a means to wealth, the manner in which you lie to the people you represent, making promises you have no intention of keeping just so you can get elected over and over and over again. Shame on all of you, from the President down to the newest member of Congress allowing him/herself to be seduced by power and money. You may refuse to answer to the American people but you will answer to a higher power. And guess what? God don't like ugly.

  279. Jim | August 6, 2013

    Change has been long overdue . I think my generation has the balls to get these losers out of their cushy jobs . There are other things that need to be changed but this is a good place to start . I love this country and I want it back . The people have the power and they need to have it and redistribute it to those who are worthy .

  280. Kellie | August 6, 2013

    They aren't doing their jobs anyway.

  281. Steve Paramore | August 6, 2013

    So…tell me again, why did we have to resort to sequestration ? How much does the average member of the military earn ? And what is the total compensation of a member of Congress?

    Yeah……as I knew. Once again Congress and the Admin have bullshitted America.

  282. Tony | August 7, 2013

    I think they should make the average income for the people they represent & pay for things like we do. The same with health coverage, vacations, etc. They would at least feel our pain.
    If they were to pass laws & fight to get our incomes up, then their pay would go up also. But if our pay goes down, then theirs will also. I'm tired of their annual salary being what I'll make in 20-30 years.

  283. Larry Wheeler | August 7, 2013

    "Two term limits." "END CAREER POLITICIANS" 20 or 24 years service before retirement benefits. 2 Congress and 2 Senate and one or more some where else. All based on performance.

    • Yitzchak (Joel) Strauss | August 8, 2013

      Amen, amen, and AMEN on needing two terms limits for all government officials at all levels! The only way to rate performance of each politician is to have recall elections and getting more people to vote! No retirement benefits either, because they make money in other ways that we, the average Americans, do not. Feh to those jerks!

  284. Marlin Darnell | August 8, 2013

    All congressmen/women should be required to take at least a 50% cut in salary and no more than a 2 week vacation and there must always be someone in congress at all times no shut downs to protect the people from any power grabs by other government people.

  285. Yitzchak (Joel) Strauss | August 8, 2013

    Too many triple standards: The politicians, the rich, but not the rest of us can do it. No wonder why corruption is out of control and the 98% of Americans are getting poorer! Feh!

  286. Mitch Walker | August 8, 2013

    Following is a transcript of an email just sent to the President. I don't expect a response, but I had to say it:

    Mr. President
    From this furious tax paying citizen — I can say that I and my family absolutely despise the fact that our US politicians and other agencies in the government are being exempted from the Healthcare act. I am now totally convinced that every elected official in Washington should be asked to step down and let working Americans run this country. I am sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans wasting time doing nothing for the breadwinners of this nation. This has to stop. Our country has to get on the track to real productivity not the same old manufactured statistics we see every day. Can you say "the stick that broke the camel's back"

  287. Max | August 9, 2013

    they're all scammers!

  288. Doc Layton | August 9, 2013

    I am a Fed Retiree and I don't get any where near 44% of my salary in retirement, plus I have to pay for my healthcare,working for the people was in the beginning a part-time job and you served 4 months of the year and then went home to your other job. Back then you were NOT a burden on the country. We need AUTOMATIC term Limits, so this part of government can be control, and the President can ONLY serve 4 yrs and have a recall built into his term of working for WE THE PEOPLE.

  289. P.J. Flaherty | August 9, 2013

    Public Service should not mean serviced by the public!!!

  290. Kevin C. Nelson | August 11, 2013

    All politicians should take the Green Party pledge, NO donations from ANY company and NO donations from any person over $100.

  291. Robert Shepherd | August 11, 2013

    I think we have really lost sight of what has happened. They get a full paycheck, not only the perks, for working 140 days a year in Washington. It really is time to send them home and make them telecommute. According to the Constitution, they are only required to meet once a year, that date has been moved from December to January. So let them meet in January in Washington, get their meetings out of the way. Let NSA, (chuckle) set up their home offices for telecommuting, and make them stay home and deal with their Constituents. They have lost fact that WE are the ones paying their bills, not the Printed Money from the Treasury.
    Much like the ACA, or Obamacare, Everyone thinks that its a great thing. The Idea is sound, and I do agree that something had to be done. BUT, the methods that are being used, Pelosi saying just sign the bill, you can read it later. Or the fact that as the timeline gets closer, Oct 1, Unions and health care providers are dropping out the these "EXCHANGES". Now dont get me wrong, It is necessary for everyone to have health care, BUT why havent they actually explained to the people where the "GRANTS" funding is going to come from. Guess what ladies and gentlemen, Politicians and the Wealthy dont have to buy into the EXCHANGES, so the extra FUNDING will come from, dare I say it, EXTRA TAXES!!!! So guess what everyone, there is no such thing as a free ride, unless you are a POLITICIAN

  292. Richard | August 11, 2013

    Vote for the candidate that supports

  293. Jerry B | August 11, 2013

    It is also time for term limits. Our founding fathers never intended these positions to be for career politicians.

  294. Terry O | August 11, 2013

    We don't need an amendment to the Constitution, we just need personal fortitude to do the following . .:

    Everybody talks about how Congress and the rest of our elected officals don't do what they should or don't have to do what the rest of us do. Well I think I have a solution.

    I think all it would take to get the message across that they should do what we the people want and not what they think is best for them and the big lobbies in DC is to vote out every incumbent every election for at least 12 years. You do this whether the person is doing a good job or not, whether they are of your party or not, and even if they are in your family or not.

    If they don't get the message by then they proably never will. Then we just have to make sure there are no professional politicins.

  295. D.L. Jansen | August 12, 2013

    Read all these posts slamming each other….just what the current parties want. If we are all infighting against which party is doing more damage to our Country we are missing the goal. Get rid of all the bums.

    What is also missing in these posts: Why do they continue to be re-elected? Because they have been giving handouts to the less fortunate of our citizens in exchange for their votes.

    Just wait till Hillary hits the trail for the 2016 race, you will then see a massive give away program and she will win by hook or crook.

    There is only one thing I have to look forward to…age and health are going to get me first but I will pray for the rest of you that will have to endure the trails and tribulations of a government gone amuck.

  296. Jason Jarvis | August 12, 2013

    Government should not spend any more than what they bring in taxes. We need a new government that is actually for the people. So fire every politician but bill huizenga and rand paul. Im sure there are some other good ones, I just dont know what ones.

  297. Andrew DeLeon | August 12, 2013

    We should stop with them!! Everyone should be involved all the way up to the President. $100k is the max they should make. No flying first class. The average perdium should apply. All the trips, vacations, and extra spending needs to stop.

  298. andy offringa | August 12, 2013

    ok gentleman you are on the end off the line we the people are fed up you are out off touch with reality shame on you the way i see it you are over paid and expect us to support yo for wasting taxpayers money i don't know a one off you who has earned your keep nothing but empty promises shame on you

  299. ramona | August 13, 2013

    I agree voting them all out is the answer and possibly shorter terms… However, to vote them out we need a candidate that is not chosen by them… Each election cycle their scouts seek out candidates to follow in their footsteps. Republican and Democrats are alike as far as their smoke and mirror games along with their greed. I am afraid too that it is too late.

  300. Michael | August 13, 2013

    It's time to tell Congress you are there to serve not get rich and not have the American people paying for all your perks and when you leave office, you get nothing and cut off all those retired millionaires and their perks. Our forefathers didn't expect anything, they served for the right reason, love of country, the same reason our military serves. I say we cut all of the Congressional perks and either pay down the debt or divide it up to our military men and women (the people really making sacrifices), teachers, police and fire departments. And get rid of the two party system and just have people in office willing to work together for one goal, make America the best it can be for every American. Working for our nation should be an honor, it should be a duty, it should be done for patriotism, it should be done for making America strong and debt free, it should be done to lead the global community in doing things that are right and good for every man, woman and child on the planet and her creatures, it should be done to perserve our earth and reverse (try) the damages that have long term effects if not addressed. We can do better and the first step is getting people in office that are there for America and Americans…all Americans.

  301. Kenneth Buckingham Jr. | August 13, 2013

    yes they should live like the rest of us..

  302. Randall Hart | August 13, 2013

    Taking away their perks should be an absolute given. Before any normal taxpaying citizen has to give up anything of benefit due to our fiscal debauchery, the clowns in Washington (who caused the problem in the first place) should pave the way, by giving up all their perks and live like the rest of us common taters. It's the right thing to do. They're all fat cats getting wealthier by the day with our hard earned tax dollars. Time for some drastic changes in this country starting with the US Congress and Senate taking the lead.

  303. Brady Metcalf | August 14, 2013

    You say you want a revolution
    Well you know
    We all want to change the world

  304. James T | August 14, 2013

    Congress should be put on minimum wage, they seen to think that's plenty of income for most Americans. And they should be covered by the insider trading laws that they pass and enforce on the rest of us.

  305. Pips | August 14, 2013

    We need a revolution. That's the only way things will ever change. The storybook America is long dead. We're living at the dawn of a burgeoning fascist regime, one that will inevitably collapse, just like the Roman Empire. The public is brainwashed, dumbed down and plugged into reality tv, twitter, celebrity worship and Fox 5 /Entertainment Weekly's idea of "what's really happening in the world." Beyonce Nation. People are completely numb, sleep walking in denial, taking whatever this lousy government throws at them with a smile, questioning nothing while big brother strangle holds a new liberty every day. We are just about living in Orwell's "1984". After-all, are we or are we not at war with Eurasia?

  306. Marie Reis | August 14, 2013

    These politicians should try living on a Social Security check and see how they manage. Maybe
    that would open their eyes to the real world.
    These rich fat cats should not even get a salary. They already have too much and take more and more. That is abuse of power. And then they want to legislate what we can and can't do. What is happening to this country? Two terms would be enough, with no benefits once they are out.

  307. Joe Mumford | August 15, 2013

    Well we all know that they are over paid.. over compensated,,, But what about the criminal acts,,,

    2, by not passing a budget in the senate in 4 years…. how do you keep tract of the spending if you do not have one,,,, Is that like stealing? I do believe the law requires a budget,,,
    3. not to mention the spying they they all support,,, and do not give me this bullshit national security crap…
    4. better watch the big o,, as he may sign the U N TREATY, that gives them the right to take your guns ,,,
    5, Putting the crooked IRS, IN CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH CARE,,,
    6, Secret courts,,, what is that all about?

    Really people we had better get our heads out of our asses and take our country back before it is too damn late….

  308. Charlie Welch | August 16, 2013

    Should Congress live like the rest of us? They are NOT like the rest of us. They take the taxpayer money, which should be used for the good of the country, and stuff their pockets with it. If they come into congress as an honest person, they get nowhere, and are soon corrupted by the long-standing thieving, conniving members of congress already there.
    They (all members of congress) should be kicked out of their "jobs", stripped of their money, and turned loose on the streets. None of them know anything except how to spend other people's money.

  309. Dean Waddell | August 16, 2013

    My Senators office hung up on me. Senator Barbara Mikulski.

  310. chuck | August 16, 2013

    I ashamed of most of our politicians making laws and special benefits that benefits themselves, the mofia on the hill" they make laws that benefit their special interest groups we should sign a petition stating that its a crime for our represenatives to do this, and they go directly to jail put this on the voting ballot.

  311. Huck LeBert | August 17, 2013

    They are NOT Elite but they ARE Elitists. They vote themselves raises every year but won't raise the minimum wage or employee's raises by the same amount every year. They take paid vacations, trips and throw luxury meetings any time they feel the need but won't force employers to give benefits to part time employees which in turn forces most employers now to only take on employees part time. Even part time employees HAVE to pay the taxes that the politicians squander. The kickbacks they receive are not spread among the working class OR used to lower taxes but are horded for themselves. The people are NOT in power because the people DO NOT use that power as they should. The people are afraid of government and it should be the other way around. In order for the people to be in power the people would have to stand up for what is right and SHOW that power but I don't see that happening any time soon. Sad. I believe the politicians should be held accountable and most of them should be brought up on charges of "TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". If this were to happen, less corruption would follow. The people talk but will not act.

  312. Jean Makarevich | August 17, 2013

    I believe there should be some compensation for those who work in our Government. Being away from home and family, traveling back and forth, does cost money. I don't believe it could be done on-say- a Teacher Salary. However, the list of perks is far far too long and implies greed and unfair use of American taxes. Which brings up a very UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED POLICY that about 3 million retired TEACHERS, STATE NURSES, POLICE AND FIREMEN AND OTHER RETIRED CIVIL WORKERS endure. If we have worked and contributed to both SS and a Government Pension, upon retirement our EARNED SOCIAL SECURITY benefit is reduced by 2/3 under the unfair and unbalanced policy of the WEP/GPO. We also lose most and in some cases ALL of spousal survivor benefits simply because we worked and at some positions contributed to SS and at some to a State Pension. So YES- I do believe the perks are far far to great and there shpuld be fairness across the board regardless of what fund our money was taken and put into without any consent needed on our part. Please educate yourselves on these policies and join us in our fight for FAIRNESS. Bills to repeal these laws are introduced year after year and sit in committee and never make it to the Floor for a vote. Bi-partisan support is there, but for years it is all talk and no action and we suffer the loss of earned money year after year. Thank you.

  313. Toby | August 17, 2013

    You vote for the very Best for yourselves, with my money and leave me out? You are all scum and it will show that we know this in the next election! Scum you are!!

  314. John G Wedelich | August 18, 2013

    Dear Congress,
    It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
    ? J.K. Rowling
    Life has many twists and turns and sometimes what looks like a very bad day can just be clearing the way for good things to come.
    ? J. Kim Wright
    It is time to lead this country. If you can not listen to the opposing views, get them to listen to you, and then find a better solution than you both have to offer, please step down. You are boring us and pushing this country into a debtor country. Stop wasting our money on frivolous crap. This country gives money away to other countries for what?

    Get rid of our debt. I have only debt that is paid off in a month or max 30 years on large assets. Get this country down to debts that are the same. Make this country strong.

    Tell Americans it is time to shut down all of the give-aways and let's get to work. Bring back manufacturing jobs to this country. Compete globally, but give this country the first bid. Local hire or companies first.

    Wake up America. Who were we in the past, who can we be, but most importantly let's clean up this mess now!

  315. Dan | August 19, 2013

    Every single one of them needs to be impeached !!!!!!!!!!! Obama first ! Biden 2nd, Pelosi, Feinstein and Ried tied for 3rd, then the rest of them. Clean house !!!!!!!!!!!! THey are all corrupt, no more lawyers in DC ! Let the blue collar people take over !

  316. kenneth carroll | August 19, 2013

    this is great hope alot of people see it and sign in its about time the people stood up to all the crapppp

  317. jack | August 21, 2013

    i did not read…the yes or no question…properly… so i voted wrong… so there is one NO..that should not be included…
    YES the perk should be eliminated… these people should be paid stipends and no salaries…

  318. DENNIS ROBERSON | August 21, 2013


  319. Kevin Dixon | August 21, 2013

    Make all jobs in congress $50,000.00 a year like the rest of us. then furlough those ass holes and then see what happens. If I quit or get canned my check stops. WHY DONT THERES???



  320. Pro American | August 22, 2013

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”.

  321. Jack McClure | August 22, 2013

    I want to know how Pelosi is still around the house? To my understanding she was not relected the last term. Anyone know anything about this?
    Thank You

  322. Bob C. Walker | August 23, 2013

    Elected officials will never give up any of the benefits they have voted themselves. The only solution to the cess pool we have allowed to fester in Washington, D. C., is to vote out all incumbents and to lobby for term limits and limits on pay/perks etc., this must be a Constitutional Amendment. It is amazing how quickly the person elected forgets what it is he/she is supposed to be doing and starts to feather their and their cronies nests. They are always on the take and are constantly working to be reelected. Only a Constitutional Amendment to limits terms and to limit pay/perks will return us to what was originally the intent of our founding citizens.

  323. Joe | August 24, 2013

    Politicians make legal for themselves what is ILLEAGAL for the American people.They are the parasites of America,in the highest form,right up there with the welfare cheats.
    ALL of them has violated the 28th Amendment.And,as long as they make the rules,nothing is going to change.

  324. William Walraven | August 29, 2013

    It is time to give up the perks because of the abuse of many….I'm 81 and I remember (long time ago) voting to raise salaries and other perks…Now it too much abuse…I don't believe reduction will happen….Many of our representatives (majority) are in Washington for the money above Salary and Perks..Now as you there is more Lobby money when nothing gets done so our representatives are making more money..It says to me that no one (few) is there for the JOB…Business detentes the direction of our Government and the representatives do what Lobbyist pay the most..I don't want to be cynical but I think it has gotten worse during my life time..We are still the best country in the world, I will always surrogate the US…Unfortunately you nor nor anyone else can change anything from the inside..Good Luck in your endeavors..

  325. Jan | September 1, 2013

    They should be required to live like my husband and I, and many of our friends do. Less than $700. per mo. disability with no food stamps or other gov't perks.

  326. Michael | September 1, 2013

    You really have to ask this question about perks, etc? So we can ask questions all day long. What does that get you? It's action we need, not forever repeated questions on Facebook ads.

  327. C.J. Fauria | September 1, 2013

    Add this reform along with Term Limits and we could actually start to get out Once Great country back!.

  328. James Robison | September 2, 2013

    We have the laziest, overpaid, moronic representatives in the history of the United
    States! I won't put into the words what I really want to say. If I could vote them all out
    of office I would. In fact, they really should do some jail time for insider trading and

  329. Norman Dvorak | September 5, 2013

    It seems that everyone in our Government from the president on down think they are better than the rest of the people in America. When are you going to realize that you work for us, not yourselves. You get involved when you shouldn't and you don't get involved when you should. You enact laws and taxes that you exempt yourselves from which is one form of tyranny. Any law or tax that you exempt yourself from should be thrown out. If it's good enough for the rest of us Americans then it's good enough for you too. If you vote yourself a raise or pay for life then every American should receive the same. Now to me any law or tax that you exempt yourselves from or goes against the United States Constitution is not a law at all and I will do every thing I can to not have to obey it. You are not the rulers of this Country, We The People are and when it's time to vote I will remember what you have done to ruin this Country. Norman J. Dvorak, Brenham, Texas

  330. Tractor Tina in Nebraska | October 4, 2013

    Could the American people vote to "down-size" the Congress to a Unicameral –

    While we're voting, how about a PAGE LIMIT on bills before they go to vote.

  331. Dave | November 16, 2013

    Pelosi committed treason by saying Obama was born in U.S.? Some people are totally nuts! Are they just that stupid or just that racist?

  332. ASHLEY GOODMAN | November 16, 2013


  333. Jaqueline Friedberg | December 26, 2013

    It is your outlook in how we conduct our actions often changes our viewpoint. Sometimes this alteration is good and sometimes this alteration is bad but it is our paradigm that controls the way we feel.

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