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Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Yield-seeking investors know that holding the right dividend stocks means they get paid even if the market pulls back.

That's an enticing idea now that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at a record high.

That's also why Money Morning Global Investing Strategist and editor of the Permanent Wealth Investor service Martin Hutchinson warns that holding only non-dividend payers could hurt investors.

"I find stocks that don't pay dividends rather alarming because there's no way of getting any return from them at all," explained Hutchinson.

His favorite dividend stocks are "heirloom stocks," a select group of 82 stocks listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq with a reliable dividend-paying history.

In the following video Hutchinson explains how to spot heirloom stocks and why they should be an important base of any portfolio. He also shares one of his favorite "heirloom" dividend stocks to buy now.

Want to Learn More About Permanent Wealth Investor?

Hutchinson's Permanent Wealth Investor advisory service uses a long-tested strategy to generate immediate cash from a select stable of companies paying extraordinarily high dividends – we're talking annual yields of 10% and 15% or more. With his proprietary "Certainty Index," Hutchinson runs companies through the proverbial ringer to determine the probability that they'll continue paying dividends to shareholders.

Right now, for a limited time, you can get access to Permanent Wealth Investor as well as every premium resource Money Map offers, except for one… over $27,500 worth, for just $99. That means you can get immediate access to Martin's method of finding the best dividend stocks.

We've never offered this before. Needless to say, the response has been huge. So huge, we can't offer it much longer. See here for details.

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  1. Gordan Finch | March 16, 2013

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    But typical of any tyranical bunch of crooks they will destroy everything for greed and control of money "YOURS".

    Both using communism or Gestapo tactics, similar to the Nazi trait where millions were subjected to rape, confiscation, extermination and "Total Domination.

    There is no difference between the European Union and the IMF, both are just Banking Gangsters who will rape everyone of everything— if you do not stand up and be heard peacefully. Sing out loud your national song at every meeting of government and authority.

    The portuguese sang "Grandola Vila Morena" and very effectively embarrassing the Prime minister and the Government.

    Just how many more £trillions will you allow these banking gangsters to pillage from you, before you stop the banks. They caused this mess and you are paying to keep them in luxury while you and your country are being destroyed. Do you want to starve and have your childrens future gone.


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