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Is the Housing Market 2013 Being Propped Up by Wall Street?

The housing market 2013 is showing signs of improvement from last year – but there's reason to believe this recovery isn't sustainable.

Home prices and sales have been climbing, fueling optimistic outlooks for the rest of the year – but mortgage lending hasn't risen by a similar amount.

That's because it's not families or new home buyers driving the housing market rebound in 2013. There's another major buyer moving markets. And if that buyer stops purchasing homes, this "recovery" could lose its steam.

We caught up with Money Morning market expert Shah Gilani, who in the following interview explained this development in the 2013 housing market.

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  1. Peter Mindenhall | April 16, 2013

    So in essence what's being suggested here is a (probably) nominal amount of cash from the likes of Blackstone is being used to borrow more cash from the banks that have been bailed out – as a result, the rise in the US real estate is a consequence of the government indirectly throwing cash at it via institutions at the expense of the public who still cannot borrow? How long do they think they can keep that going before it collapses?

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