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The Greatest Silver Buying Opportunity In History

Make no mistake: The April sell-off in gold created some extensive "collateral damage" in the silver market.

The silver price dropped nearly 20% in just two days… and many Wall Street analysts were quick to downgrade their forecasts for the rest of 2013.

But we believe Wall Street analysts have grossly misinterpreted recent events.

And they have missed some extremely strong fundamentals regarding silver which makes the metal a fantastic investment today.

In fact, not only is this a good time to get your hands on silver… Recent events have made this possibly the greatest silver buying opportunity in history.

Let me explain…

5 Drivers To Launch The Next Silver Rally

All bull markets go through periods of consolidations and corrections. Silver is no exception.

In fact, because the global silver market is relatively small, silver prices tend to be more volatile.

The pounding selloff we witnessed in silver this past April is a testament to that fact. But volatility works both ways, so when silver rises, its price can virtually explode higher.

That's exactly what happened in April 2011, when silver prices rose by 170% in the space of just 7 months. No wonder we call investing in silver like "gold on steroids."

The thing you need to know is, it's looking like the silver market is on the cusp of doing the same thing all over again. According to our research, the next stop could be $40 by year's end, and $60 by 2014.

So what's supporting and driving silver higher?

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Peter Krauth is the Resource Specialist for Money Map Press and has contributed some of the most popular and highly regarded investing articles on Money Morning. Peter is headquartered in resource-rich Canada, but he travels around the world to dig up the very best profit opportunity, whether it's in gold, silver, oil, coal, or even potash.

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