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If this Works, Facebook Stock Could be the "Buy of the Decade"

Facebook stock is one of the most controversial stocks in existence today.

With one billion users, investors have been waiting to see if Facebook's business model can pay off, especially after its IPO tanked.

Today, Money Morning's own e-commerce director, Bret Holmes, is going to give you the inside scoop on Facebook stock. Not some theoretical financial analysis, but what the future looks like for Facebook, from a guy who understands e-commerce and can explain how Facebook stock could be the "buy of the decade" for investors.

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  1. Donald Devaney | May 21, 2013

    I am 76 and believe in FB to the point that I bought 20,000 shares at $30 – so now I am behind the power curve however by Xmas I should feel better and in 2014 my friends will start to think I am smart and not dumb like many think I am now. I cant wait to tell you what happens.

    • Javier | September 19, 2013


      Don't believe your friends. You just made over $ 300,000.00. Not bad for one year if you cash in now, but don't. Facebook will go to over $45 after the 3rd quarter results. Sales will be over 2.1 billion for the third quarter. After that I do not know what will happen. Good job.



  2. Javier | September 19, 2013

    Meant $ 65.00 per share and not $ 45.00.

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