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15 Obamacare Facts the President Doesn't Want You to Know

From the first rumblings of a new healthcare law, critics have preached that the real Obamacare facts are far worse than the promises.

The real Obamacare facts include higher healthcare costs, diminished treatment quality, hidden taxes and an inflated deficit.  

"Obamacare was a political nightmare for Democrats in the 2010 election. In 2014, it's shaping up to be a political tsunami," Brad Dayspring, a communications strategist for the National Republican Senatorial Committee wrote in a recent email to supporters.

Indeed, President Obama's own party is even having second thoughts.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-MT, called it a "train wreck." Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-WV, described is as "beyond comprehension."

And, Henry Chao, the government's chief technical officer in charge of putting in place the insurance exchanges mandated by the law, was quoted in the Congressional Quarterly saying, "I'm pretty nervous…Let's just make sure it's not a third-world experience."

The president himself envisions hiccups: "Even if we do everything perfectly, there will be glitches," he told reporters April 29 at a White House news conference.

President Obama acknowledged that more than half the states are prepared to initially sit out the law's new Medicare expansion goal. As a result, millions of low income Americans won't have access to health insurance through Medicaid. Additionally, 33 states have opted against running their own insurance exchanges.

These are just two wrinkles in Obamacare. These 15 others are more shocking.

15 Obamacare Facts You Must Know

  • Roughly six million of the 19 million people with individual health policies will pay more. Single adults age 21-29 will be walloped with a 46% increase.
  • Three million people will lose their insurance altogether, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects.
  • Six million will have to pay the individual tax mandate penalty in 2016 because they don't want or won't be able to afford coverage. 
  • People that have insurance via an employer could have their plan dropped as a result of increasing rates. By 2019 (five years into Obamacare), an estimated 12 million people who would have had an offer of employment-based coverage under prior law will lose their offer, the CBO reports.
  • Health insurers will need to increase premiums between 1% and 9%.

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  1. thomas listing | May 15, 2013

    After reviewing Obama care it is my opinion it should be overturned now before it ruins our medical system and bankrupts our country In addition with the facts that are at hand about the Benghazi incident, both Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama should be brought up on criminal charges as well as the should be impeached. The butchers of Benghazi, Clinton and Obama should be held accountable for the needless loss of Americans.

    • Barb Robbins | May 16, 2013


  2. Samantha Bourdelier | May 15, 2013

    There are more and more states that are legalizing marijuana and I think that is great. If it were up to me the whole country would accept marijuana as a good a proper way to help chronic pain and clinical depression. Even in the states where medical marijuana is legal there are still people with chronic pain find the choice they prefer is suicide. I read that some ways off medicate with marijuana can give the patient with 8 painless hours. In my own experience I have had some real pain relief that I saw as miraculous. Why then would people with chronic pain prefer the ultimate choice suicide. They call suicide as a permanent solution for a temporary problem. It is obvious to me that these people don't know much about chronic pain.

    But that is another story. Why would people choose suicide when there is now they can use medicinal marijuana which comes in many strains and hybrids that give relief to many people with chronic pain. I can tell you why and the answer is money. I live on a combination of SSI and food stamps I get $95 in food stamps and $710 in SSI. It must seem that $710 is allot of money. I must pay rent, utilities, non food items. transportation etc.

    There is not allot of media telling the world how much it costs an individual to pay the required fees. Even with a discount because I am on food stamps I had to come up with $200 that must be renewed every year. I had to even take a bus to the doctor to be certified.

    The next step is the cost of the marijuana itself. My first purchase I paid $20 for an oz. Today I will be paying $90 for 1/4 of a gram. None of that is covered by my insurance of medicaid or AHCCCS. Is the picture getting clearer. The way I put it is something that one time I saw as hope that has turned into despair. Some of the recipes call for allot of marijuana. If you want to make a tincture you need to use 100% proof alcohol. Some require equipment that will run into some bucks. You may ask why don't you just smoke it. As for myself I cannot smoke marijuana because I have bad acid reflux. When I tried to smoke it it felt like all the contents of my stomach were making a rush for it at once. I could feel it in my throat and I had trouble breathing. Other people cannot smoke because of where they live. My neighbor spoke of her concern that her husband would fail drug screening. Some apartment complexes just say no.

    Altogether there is many roadblocks to using medicinal marijuana but the biggest one is the cost. In some states they have compassionate aide to those who need help because they lack the funds. I live in Arizona and there is no such help. Some would say why give help so some people can get high. I have different pain that hits me in different ways. There are many days I have to convince myself that suicide is not a good idea. I still am alive although for the love of the Gods I don't know why.

  3. Vancouver1941 | June 6, 2013

    This highway robbery Obamacare/Obamatax is not about your health. This administration planned all along to make sure we pay more and get less. Does the government think people can actually buy health insurance that cost half of what they make a year! There will be chaos, alot more homeless people, crime, more mandatory fines and penalties that will never end. This will be like Europe in mideveal times when there will be no middle class, just the rich and the peasants. This country was founded on the immigrants that in Europe had heavy taxation, religious prosecution , tyrants and kings. Now with the "Unaffordable healthcare act" the government actually think people will buy this "freight train wreck' disaster!!!

  4. Wigington | June 7, 2013

    It is beyond me how anyone could think that 'handing over' our national health care system to the federal government could be a good thing. And the IRS is going to be involved in administering it?? Really?? They'll probably have another multi-million dollar 'conference' to celebrate all the new employees they'll need to finish running this economy into the ground.
    Even more incredible is the fact that the author of this impending 'train wreck' got re-elected in the first place. I don't guess I should be surprised, though. If you hand some people the 'free goodies' they want, they will vote for almost anyone. I wonder how all those who voted to keep their 'Obamaphones and Obabmaloans' are going to feel when the U.S. economy finally comes crashing down around them?

    • Scotty795 | June 11, 2013

      We are not handing over our national health care system. The government already runs medicare and Medicaid! Insurance companies aren't the greatest thing ever created and they are no prefect. They need to be regulated. Deomcrars are way better to manage the economy than republicans. Look and Clinton and Obama compared to Bush! You need to learn you 're facts son.

  5. jay | June 11, 2013

    As if GWB did any better! I am a Republican. However, the mess that George and his big business-take as much as you can crooks got away with… not to mention the enormous war debt heaped upon taxpayers, is far more detrimental to America than Obama!

    • Jeff | August 9, 2013

      Enjoy paying more for your healthcare! thanks for re-electing Obama! You are responsible for this Obamacare mess. Happy?

  6. Scotty795 | June 11, 2013

    All you're points are inaccurate. The truth is that millions Americans will now have access to affordable health care. Also, people will not be denied coverage for pre existing conditions and it will be illegal to charge women more than men. Furthmore, Obamacare will reduce the spending on health care and will lower the deficit.

    All in all, Obamacare ahs way more pros than cons and the benefits are huge while the cons are very minor. The only people that will have to pay more are the RICH! And im pretty sure the rich can afford it. People will also have GREATER health care quality not worse! And there will be no medicare expansion, just a Medicaid expansion for people who cannot afford a insurance plan.

    Please learn you're facts and stop wasting time trying to convince people of the "evils of Obamacare". You and all your conservative friends are whats wrong with America.

    • H. Craig Bradley | June 14, 2013

      Scotty is sounds like a Democratic (Obama) Plant. He HATES " the Rich". He is envious of his neighbors who have a nicer car or bigger house. He covets his neighbor's wife. Scotty is smally. How do you likey?

    • L Plant | September 25, 2013

      Please learn the difference between your and you're.

  7. Doug Nordhaus | June 17, 2013

    If I can't locate a doctor to accept me can I get a refund on the required insurance fee?

    • Lrgo1 | October 8, 2013

      I doubt it. Isn't that the point: to steal money from hard working citizens and give them to Obama's supporters? And Obummercare also hurts seniors because the "death panels" they talk about decide who among the elderly get health care. If one man is getting the best treatment for cancer and is in his late 70s, they feel he isn't going to die soon so they cut his treatment so the money funding it can be sent to another just because he's a low-income person. What if the reduced treatment worsens the cancer? That's why the ones distributing the health care through Obamacare are called death panels. The older you are, the more Obamacare HURTS you and the lying media have never said a peep about this.

  8. j | June 29, 2013

    Obamacare should be for all elected people and come out of their own money. If not, I don't see it for everyone and I don't see Obamacare working for all the people. Imagine the bottom line of our cost for theirs and now add to it the cost for updateing all care units and services to it. Throw in the cost of people on Welfare for udateing of the price increase from all the services. Now add the cost of Taxes going through the roof for people of income $42,000 or less. After normal taxes that's $653 a week for a family of 4. $600 house payment,$200 for food, that's $28 a day for food. Now add a car,lets not add a payment,$30 for fuel,$29 or more for ins,#50 or more for gas=water=gas,if you own a phone $50.That's about $500 aweek cost. You have $100 left to pay for, no increase of any sort, no eating out,no buying clothes,no travel,no sears,target or anywhere else.But you have to pay for obamacare,or else, so there goes you $100's. This is a great way to balance real people bills. Oh yeah. don't send your kids to school for you can't afford their lunch and pay Obamacare. If everyone joins a union and votes for stronger wages maybe we can start paying for all the writeoffs the companies have with more taxes. Right, only in America!

  9. Rex Feltenberger | August 14, 2013

    All of the Rats are running for the door. The Politian's don't want to be covered Obama care and the IRS employees don't want to be covered by it. What does that tell ya???

  10. Leekie5 | August 18, 2013

    George Soros has charged his Boy with the duty to destroy America and it will happen if we, as Americans, go to sleep and let it happen. WAKE UP America.

    • Judy | August 25, 2013

      I totally agree! I don't understand why so many people are ignorant concerning their relationship and goals. America's destruction has been carefully orchestrated.

  11. Mike | August 19, 2013

    Amazing, why is it people are just now starting to wake up to this disaster? Anyone with half a brain could have seen this train wreck coming a thousand miles away. Why, simple, it was always obama's plan for single payer government controlled health care, plain and simple, even that idiot Reid let it slip this was the plan all along. The one phrase that said it all was Pelosi which will go down in history as the most stupid remark of all, "you have to pass it to know what is in it". LOL Frauds, idiots. morons, thieves, that is what we have running this country and obama most pay for destroying America.

    • Lrgo1 | October 8, 2013

      Well, when people keep electing a brain-dead hater like Pelosi over and over, I hope they're the FIRST to get Obummercare so they suffer through it first. And I hope Pelosi's family gets it too although I KNOW she wouldn't touch it with a mile-long stick.

  12. Patty | August 23, 2013

    Health Insurance goes up every year. It is laughable that one of the "facts" Obama doesn't want you to know is that Health Insurance will go up 1% – 9%. At my job, we change insurance coverage every year or two to find the insurance that is going up the least!

  13. Ray | September 12, 2013

    HAHAHA…you people are all stupid. Democrats and Republicans are both money mongering monsters and I'm a Republican. Obamacare is going to suck this country dry. This "Plan" (LOL) is set up to reward the poor and punish those who make a decent paycheck. I'm not worried about any of it though because we can only speculate…until it happens. BUT facts are facts….when the government gets their hands into this kind of stuff its going to be a mess. Do you people realize what WILL be affected? A business is just a business….to make money. Obamacare will provide ways to screw the little guy. If they don't work you more than 40 hours, they don't have to provide healthcare. If you don't have healthcare from work or buy your own (which is ridiculously expensive for a family plan) you have to buy the government plan or pay a fine. So you will work less hours and have to pay no matter what. And what if I don't want healthcare….I have free will to make my own life decisions taken away. These are just small steps to you all becoming lemmings. Such a sad state of affairs we are in right now. I hope the next president decides to defund it as that would kill it. If it's not funded then it becomes void. Obama is the worst thing to happen to America since the agreement on NAFTA. How's your change so far….America is in ridiculous debt, we are barely recovering from an economic downfall, you have had more free will decisions stripped from you in the last 5 years than ever before, a hispanic man killing a black kid is more important to the president than 4 black people raping, sodomizing, and grusomely killing a white couple in North Carolina.

  14. Jess | October 29, 2013

    True, but it is now up to the Republicans to bring this to light and make the citizens of America realize what they are getting into before it is too late. The enrollments are not complete and the snag in the website can probably be a blessing in disguise.

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