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Exclusive Interview: Protecting Yourself from the Worst of Obamacare

Even its staunchest supporters are beginning to worry it's a "train wreck."

But the truth is there's no fixing it now. 

In less than five months, on Oct. 1, the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges will go live online. Soon for millions of Americans, Obamacare will become a reality.

But are you prepared for the changes Obamacare promises to bring? Or are you still completely in the dark?

If you are anything like the majority of Americans, you likely have no idea about the changes your "new healthcare" will bring.

This issue is so important and misunderstood we had our own Frank H. Marchant, Money Morning TV's Chief Correspondent Anchor, interview one of the country's foremost experts on the Affordable Care Act.

Her name is Betsy McCaughey Ph.D. And unlike the politicians who put this bill together, she has actually read the entire thing-all 10,000-plus pages.

She is the author of the book: Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for the New Healthcare Law.

In our exclusive interview below you'll learn:

  • Why you need to act now-especially if you're middle aged and don't have a doctor.
  • How you could be one of the millions about to lose their on-the-job coverage,
  • And how to get through the next 18 months without getting clobbered by penalties you didn't know existed.

Of course, there's much more to it than that. In fact, the dangers are likely greater than you realize, so feel free to forward this to anyone you think this information may help. 

Also, if you have any questions you'd like Ms. McCaughey to address in a future interview, please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Vincent J. DiPentima | May 14, 2013

    The IRS has been enlarged in order to be the guardians of Obama Health Care. Now wqe are told that the IRS has been targeting certain groups who oppose the Obama administration. Just think what will happen once Obama Care goes into effect

    • m-girl | May 14, 2013

      you will get sick, and when you use your insurance, they won't be able to drop you, unlike the insurance company death panels were allowed to do beforehand.

      stop being afraid and start thinking. you can't get past the fear and hatred being peddled to you so you don't know any better.

      my premiums went down AND I got a rebate check because my insurance company didn't pay out at least 85% in healthcare from the premiums they took in.

      Sounds to me like you like to be screwed out of your money than to have some black guy put into place a program you will love. But, if the program were by any other republican, it would smell sweet. You obviously have a problem with facts and perception.

      • J.E.N | May 19, 2013

        …"blind following the blind", "stupid is, as studid does", "dumb and dumber", "idocracy", "sheeple"…I take it none of this rings a bell? Do you have a bell? Oh, and and that sly little toss in of the "race" card as well. You and this kind of thinking will get what you deserve, a very painful education!

  2. Reverend Jim Williams | May 14, 2013

    I was taught that all tax laws must come through the House of Representatives. The Supreme Court has ruled that Obama Care is a tax, and since it did not come from the House of Representatives but from the Executive branch, why then is it allowed to stand. It looks like to me that it is a simple matter to rule it null and void for that reason. Can you explain this to me?????

    • Denise | May 14, 2013

      FYI, the Affordable Care Act was voted on and passed by Congress. That means the Senate and House of Representatives voted in the majority for it. The Supreme Court ruled that the penalty for not signing up for health insurance is a tax, and that penalty/tax was passed by Congress.

    • Prof HP Finner | May 14, 2013

      MM: Please request an immediate response to JW's 5/14/'13 above question from the House of Rep Chrman and the Supreme Court, ASAP. Any run around Congress on tax law cannot be accepted nor tolerated in the USA.

    • NickyJC | May 14, 2013

      Read the text. Cover page: Prepared by the Office of the Legislative Counsel for use by the U.S. House of Representatives. The Affordable Health Care Act was written, voted on and passed by the HOuse of Rep and the Senate.
      As are ALL laws. AND taxes. Do you or any of your family get Social Security checks, SS Disability checks or Medicare treatment/coverage?
      They're all from taxes returned as benefits. The AHCAct is the same.
      The lady's video makes only 2 points against the AHCAct. 1) Doctors will get lower payments for helping seniors (probably because they ALSO get medicare payments) and 2) A lot of the funding for the AHCAct comes from the current Medicare budget. DUH! Nearly half of our population and certainly most of those needing medical care are seniors, currently covered by Medicare. So there IS NO PANIC. It is NOT true that a majority of Americans are anti-AHCAct. I know way more people who are currently unable to afford the annual doubling of their health insurance premiums, ESPECIALLY the self-employed, who grow this country, and they are more worried about being uninsured than they are about the unknowns in the AHCAct. Stop drinking the Right-wing-Terror Cool-aid. This country has NEEDED mandated affordable health insurance for decades. It DOES need some improvements. The same idiots who made it most profitable for the big Pharma and Health industries are the ones that want you to fear "Obamacare" and repeal it. You are fighting on the side of those who want to screw you and leave you sick and medically-bankrupted. Or maybe you ARE them.

      • scott | June 10, 2013

        That's weird because my ex-wife, now a single mother of THREE CHILDREN, who makes roughly $40k a year just had her health insurance premiums increased by 50%. Also, you should read the Congressional Budget Office's projections about the 12 million people who are going to be denied employer based health insurance because of the increased cost. This is a GOVERNMENT AGENCY not a republican body. The office of Government Accountability estimates that the long term cost of Obamacare to our deficit is an astounding $6.2 Trillion. Government agency again, not republican propaganda. Or how about the 3 million people the CBO estimates will loose coverage all together? Or the 6 million people who will weigh the costs and benefits and still elect to pay the individual mandate penalty and still not have insurance? What about the study conducted by the Physicians Foundation of nearly 14 THOUSAND doctors, 77% of which said they are "pessimistic about medicine's future under Obamacare?" many of which are seriously considering packing up their practices and calling it quits BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE. They must be idiots, because clearly doctors don't understand the costs involved in the medical system, right? Do you just make stuff up or are you a moron? Research your facts a little bit before you take up an attack! It's easy…you type in and in that cute little search box type in "Obamacare" and anything you want to know about the issue. Just try to avoid clicking on because I've been there and there just isn't another source on the planet that will substantiate the nonsense they spout.

  3. PEGGY | May 14, 2013

    all this man cares about is himself! He does not care who he hurts as long as it is not him! Everything he has done wrong it is someone elses fault but not his. He is nothing but a liar1. This man should be impeached as of right now! He has not done one thing right since he has been in the White house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • m-girl | May 14, 2013

      seriously, you need to check into a mental hospital because you are clearly WRONG and are not reading the facts. Or possibly, you read one thing and it means something completely different to the teabag party, which then means you are crazy.

      peggy, I usggest you start educating yourself instead of drinking all this right wing manufactured fear and hate. The woman that wrote the book is selling you lies and fear — it is how she puts money in her pocket.

      Start by reading the Affordable Care Act. It is double spaced and has huge margins on both sides — lots of white space. This is an easy read. If you are scared off by the number of pages, then you have no right to talk about something that you have not personally read.

      Read the WHOLE Affordable Care Act and then get back to me with an intelligent and informed comment AND cite the page number and paragraph of the ACA as to the points you disagree with.

      As such, you above comment is just teabag hatred for a black guy – believe that is called racism.

  4. m-girl | May 14, 2013

    trainwreck? only in your wildest dreams. This is just more right wing manufactured outrage peddling fear and hate.

    I suppose it is a trainwreck for the insurance company death panels that can no longer cherry pick ONLY the healthy people to cover, and then drop them immediately when they get sick. As for Americans, this simple protection put into law by the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCares, is going to finally enable people to get insurance AND keep it if they get sick. Anyone who thinks this is terrible and devastating is an insurance company executive. Speaking of insurance company executives, they will HAVE to start paying benefits out at 85% of the premiums collected!! What a great idea! I was really getting tired of paying for those executives 20 million bonus money so they could go buy a fourth or fifth vacation home. In exchange, I get to receive more of the health coverage that I am paying for and my premiums have gone down. If the insurance companies are charging too much in premiums and the healthcare isn't being used, then they can no longer pocket the difference. That rebate check for OVERPAYING premiums made me happy.

    I have NO SYMPATHY for insurance companies. Cry me a river if you think it is such a tragedy that they can no longer charge outrageous premiums and then go on to deny you care or drop you because you got sick.

  5. L. KYLE | May 14, 2013


    • DD | May 14, 2013

      L. KYLE – I'd bet the Gvt already has ALL the info on people they need. Hence the insurance companies gave the Gvt access to all of their customer records etc (or will soon enough) whenever the Gvt needs/wants it. It's not like the insurance companies aren't dictating to people even now, but yes it will get worse I'm sure with Obamacare, but in contradiction and I know contradiction is not always a good thing, I personally would like to be done away with this insurance type system that's in place due to some of the reasons given in my previous comment to m-girl.

      • m-girl | May 14, 2013


        you will be able to get sick and not get dropped. seriously. i know lots of people that got cancer and then they were dropped.

        or, there were my neighbors that had a sick infant that maxed out her lifetime benefit and had been without insurance from the second month of her life. No longer. She now has insurance and her parents are letting her play soccer. Since she was uninsurable previously due to a large premie insurance bill when she was born, her parents restricted all of her activity to prevent anything minor, let alone catastrophic.

        I don't see how you people find all these positives things to be horrible.

        But then, up is down and down is up in teabaggerlandia.

  6. DD | May 14, 2013

    m-girl – Well said.
    I know Obamacare will have many (teething) problems for a long time, but on the flipside I cannot think of anything worse than a sick person who cannot get treatment because they have inadequate insurance or do not have insurance at all! The US health system as it stands right now is one of the main (and worst) reasons why most people declare bankruptcy because they cannot pay the exorbitant ‘out of pocket’ bills even if they have insurance.

    And whoever thought of tying in health/dental insurance with your job, my God what on earth were they thinking? Not only can you lose your job in a blink of an eye nowadays, there goes your insurance too where, for most people; it’s a choice of either paying one’s rent/mortgage or the monthly health coverage bill as few can afford to do both.

    I’d like to see how some of these RW Republicans (RWR) would pay a hospital bill after having a heart attack or such like w/o any insurance. I had even put this question to an unemployed RWR I know, he is not working and has zero insurance as he has chosen to pay his rent vs. health coverage. Yet he said he would then put a bullet through his head if he were to have a heart attack w/o ins and was left with a huge bill. I actually think this is a good way to get rid of some of these RWR idiots who think they know better, but are some of the greediest, self centered people on the planet.

  7. Charles | May 14, 2013

    I have seen lots of negative press about Obamacare, but I am waiting to see what actually happens. So far, the only thing that has happened with me personally is that the company that provides my secondary insurance after medicare waived one month of my insurance premium due, I believe, to some benefit that they received from Obamacare. It certainly doesn't appear that they are experiencing any negative effect so far. I believe that it is unwise to try to kill this program before its total effects are actually known. The jury is still out for me. Also, even though this interview says that 70% of Americans are against it, the surveys I have seen are much closer to 50/50, or at least not more than 55/45 against.

  8. Bob | May 14, 2013

    The problems are no one can tell what is in the law and how it will do.It throws the majority of people on Medicaid and no Doctor will take medicaid because they lose money on each patient they accept.Also another fact is the preformance measures that measure the docs results-not everyone is cut and dry and what about the difficult To control diabetic for example ,that does not get numbers that are never well controlled-patients such as this will get dismissed by a practice as a non compliant patient and can not get someone that will take them.

  9. George | May 15, 2013

    There seems to be considerable Kool-Aid drinking on both sides of this issue. Common sense should tell us that those who had good insurance will on average be hurt by the AHCAct, and those who had poor/no insurance will on average be helped. The debate is in the details, which remain to be seen.

  10. Lorne DeWitt | May 16, 2013

    m-girl Do yourself a favor and look up in the dictionary what the definition of racism is. You may realize that the proper term would be prejudiced. Racism has been (waayyy) too loosely used to the point of making it, almost as if one were to fart the wrong way it might be conceived as being, a racist act

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