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Rick Rule Explains Falling Gold Prices

The Federal Reserve and other central banks keep printing money. The U.S. stock market is soaring. And gold prices, after a brief recovery, have continued their plunge.

Are these phenomena connected? We put the question to one of the world's foremost gold experts, Rick Rule, founder and chairman of Sprott Global Resources Investments.

Listen to his explanation for falling gold prices in the following interview.

And even as gold prices sink, mining costs have climbed. If gold prices keep falling, miners could take "fairly drastic measures" to remain profitable, according to Rule.

Check out Rule's analysis in the accompanying video.

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  1. Rezanades | June 7, 2013


    is there any chance that Gold will come back up again ?

    It's just not makes sense to me that Gold would be falling against the $

    Thank you for your answer

    • fred | June 8, 2013

      gold is falling yes margin requirements changed was 200 to buy one contract now 13000 real reason same with silver 200 now 11000 this happened when this happened at 1800 in gold and 50 in silver first stop 12.80 in silver

  2. nelson wailo | July 3, 2013

    please keep me briefed on the market news

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