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The Scariest Obamacare Facts Yet

There have been fears surrounding the "real" Obamacare facts since the Affordable Healthcare Act was first mentioned.

"An unfolding disaster for the American economy," 2012 Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney said of Obamacare. Fellow candidate Rick Santorum called it "the beginning of the end of freedom in America."

Signed into law on March 23, 2010, Obamacare was peddled to Americans as the answer to the precarious problems plaguing the country's healthcare system.

Among its promises were: uninsured Americans were to gain coverage through an expansion of Medicaid; insurance providers couldn't deny coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions; employers had to offer health insurance to employees; and costs would come down.

As many Obamacare provisions start to kick-in, the nation is finding out how the sweeping health care overhaul fails to live up to its promises.

At over 20,000 pages long, the legislation is full of stipulations chipping away at what it claimed it would achieve.

Following are some of the most alarming Obamacare facts uncovered to-date.

The Seven Scariest Obamacare Facts

  • No cancer care at age 76. In March 2010, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at the Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties, "But we have to pass the [health care] bill so you can find out what's in it…" What's in it on page 272 is that age 76, when most people need health care the most, they will no longer be eligible for cancer treatment.
  • 50% of Americans to become reliant on the government. Obamacare makes half of all Americans dependent on a government program through its huge expansion of Medicaid and the implementation of tax-payer funded subsides to purchase health coverage (which is now required by law). Government programs are rife with poor outcomes, a prime one being that government handouts further fosters dependency while discouraging independence.
  • Part-timers get punched. Many part-time workers will have to pay for their own health insurance. The law requires employers with more than 50-full time employees (those working more than 30 hours a week) to provide healtchare. As a result, scores of companies are increasing part-time headcount while slashing full-timers. Part-timers, now required by law, must buy their own insurance with whittled down paychecks.

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  1. J | June 7, 2013

    Even though I have group health insurance through the city, all costs have gone up including monthly payments, doctor visits, and prescriptions.

  2. Louise | June 7, 2013

    The most concerning aspect of Obamacare appears to be the lack of information available through existing health plans. I have contacted Blue Shield and others, plus public employee retirement systems, and have been told that they simply have not been provided with adequate input on a vital subject which affects everyone. With four months remaining before Obamacare kicks in, people need facts in order to make intelligent decisions about changes in coverage and increased premiums.

  3. Dennis Cox | June 7, 2013

    It's ObamaRomneyCare! And I don't think much in your seven scary points constitute facts. It may turn out better than anyone thinks, but it's still no substitute for a universal healthcare system that removes insurance company profiteering from the equation.

    • bkh | June 8, 2013

      Universal healthcare costs a fortune in taxes and gives lousy quality. I don't know about you, but waiting weeks or months for treatment doesn't suit me well!

      • Keketa | June 22, 2013

        Sorry, but people are already waiting weeks and months for treatment. Especially in Endocrinology, and Dermatology. With the increased rate of diabetes and Skin cancer due to excessive tanning, These are some of the most important specialties needed. The shortage on family medicine providers is what is hurting the U.S.

      • Bud | September 22, 2013


        Agreed – we should restrict the availability of medical services by economic means!

        This will help up to continue to develop a society that feeds on itself – convincing people that the majority of people are "takers" and are to be despised.

  4. Bruce | June 7, 2013

    It is said that the provision against excluding those with pre-existing conditions was taken out of the bill in the dead of night. Anybody else hear that? Seems that the pre-existing condition portion of ACA was a major selling point and now the rug has been pulled out from under, so to speak.

    • Bud | September 22, 2013

      Just read it – still in the bill! Wheh – that and keeping the kids until 26 are BIG BIG benefits.

  5. tedbohne | June 9, 2013

    the increasing use of Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants does no more but DILUTE an already diseased medical system. these people's education comes no where close to those who hold the Medicinae Doctoris degree. they DO NOT have the expertise, knowledge base to practice medicine. to look to these for medical care is to involve yourself in an action makes billions on by paying them much less than an MD. this is not to say that miscreant MDs do not exist. they do. but they have the AMA and as in specialty, for example, Emergency Medicine. There is FACEP. Fellow of the American College of Emergency Medicine, and the position of Diplomat. American Board of Emergency Medicine. Not to mention countless Continuing Medical Education, CME. all the use of these untrained people is to settle for staggering dilution of American Medicine.

  6. Lorne DeWitt | June 9, 2013

    "La, la, la…wasting away again in margaritaville…hmm, hmm" ~ WHACK!!! ~ "Ugh!" ~ THUDD!!!
    _ _
    x x
    ( o )

    Taps ~ Ta, ta, taaa…Ta, ta, taaa… R.I.P.

  7. Matthias | June 10, 2013

    Overweight and Native Americans will be exempt from Obamacare even though they are forced to pay for it through taxes

  8. Albert Schepanski | June 25, 2013

    This is in regards to the first of the scariest facts, "No cancer care at age 76." I went to page 272 of the Affordable Care Act and I could not find this provision mentioned there.

    • Daniel | June 25, 2013

      I couldn't find it either – and I searched through the entire document. There was no reference to age 76 or any withholding of treatment for cancer. Ms. Alter, can you verify your claim? If not, that doesn't give too much credit to the rest of your arguments…

    • Bud | September 22, 2013

      Albert – Don't try to make senses with facts and research. It is a losing battle with these folks. All they know is 'Obamacare' is bad- I think it is called a self serving bias. You only see what you want to …….

    • Beverly Hashimoto | September 26, 2013

      Ditto. No mention of "age 76" on page 272. Would author please copy quote?

  9. Screen | July 6, 2013

    Part of the problem is we don't have enough information about what's going to happen when Obamacare takes effect in Jan 2014. So we have all these articles creating terror in our minds about this so called train wreck. Is this terror true? Or is it just Obamacare haters creating terror to get rid of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Obamacare, but we have to live with it when it takes effect. If it is truly the train wreak that people claimed, then we should rise up and demand that these politicians that put Obamacare in office get booted out to the streets.

  10. Screen | July 6, 2013

    In addition, if Obamacare does increase premiums, then the economy will suffer as those people will have less money to spend. I know my individual health plan had a 65% increase in premiums within the past two years. I've already reduced some of my spending in the local economy because of that. I should also comment that health care premiums are not the only insurance premiums on the rise. My homeowners insurance went up 40% this year and I've never had a claim within the 30 years of owning my home. Then to top it off, my household income dropped 76% during the past two years due to lay-off when my company lost its government contract.

    America may only the land of opportunity for those crooked politicians in Washington and those greedy corporate executives. It's not the land of opportunity for the working stiff.

  11. steven grieder | October 10, 2013

    Your 7 scary facts are absurd and not true. You cite facts in the law and then twist them to whatever direction you can to try to scare people. Anything that makes healthcare a necessary thing, taking the corporations hands out of the process is good. Stop lying about a program just because it hurts your investments in big corporations and big business. You should all be ashamed.

  12. Peter Michael Martinez | November 11, 2013

    It is far worse than most fear. The plot against the average person is devastating. Everyone only has a limited amount of time to find "the way of escape" before we all see the real end game.

    Beyond Evil.

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