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Three Ways to Avoid the Intrusive Eye of the IRS

Earlier this week I wrote about the IRS's hidden tax business owners must pay for free speech.

In the wake of the IRS scandals we've learned American business owners are being persecuted for expressing opinions that differ from reigning political agendas.

Political donation activities, Facebook posts, and nonprofit mission statements are all fair game.

Today, when those in power don't like what you have to say, your business can be audited or refused tax-exempt status in painstakingly long and intrusive processes.

But the reverse is also true: When the powers-that-be approve, life is good – it's all rubber stamps and smooth sailing.

Sure, if we had our druthers, we'd without a doubt prefer to stand up for our ideals.

However, when your livelihood – and maybe the livelihoods of your family and your employees – depends on the success or failure of your business, it may not be worth the risk.

And that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways you can game the system to avoid IRS discrimination:

#1: Donate to the President

What better way to stay off the President's enemy list than to donate to his cause?

Of course, this method is particularly unpalatable to some, since you are being strong-armed in the first place.

Read on!

#2: Donate to the same charities as those in power

What causes does the President believe in? How about the First Lady? Or the heads of the IRS, HHS, and US Treasury…?

In 2010, the Obamas gave $245,075 (14% of their income) to 36 different nonprofit organizations.

The Fisher House Foundation, whose mission is to provide housing near hospitals to the loved ones of injured soldiers, received the largest check from the Obamas.

The Obamas' 2nd largest check went to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to help rebuild Haiti and its economy.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was recently in hot water for soliciting donations from companies she oversees to contribute to Enroll America.

Enroll America is a nonprofit tasked with signing people up for Obamacare – clearly, another great donation choice if you want to stay on this administration's good side.

#3: Stay neutral

Pick out charities that have nothing to do with party lines.

Make sure to examine a charity's activities beyond its mission statement – it may be less neutral than initially meets the eye.

Never publicly support or attack a political regime. This includes social media and phone records, people.

Don't forget, Big Brother is watching!

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  1. H. Craig Bradley | June 15, 2013


    Look, if you are not free to publically voice your political opinions, at least to friends and associates when appropriate, then you do not really have free speech anymore do you? If you are always looking over your shoulder and "watching your backside" then you are living and working in the equivalent of a "zero tolerance" security environment, similar to any U.S. Airport post 9/11. Not free, but rather under the cloud of fear. That is today's America and it could get much worse as the public's mood further deteriorates.

    I don't think I would register or use any social media site. If you have to use them to post comments, then I would pass. The less you put out there, the less they have to use (against you). E-mails are also non-private no, but neither are they a matter of national security either.

    Our "golden age" was probably 1945-1972. Before that, the period from 1885-1929 was pretty darn good for most everybody too, and we had a small population. Back then, you could say whatever you wanted (in public), government, regulation, and taxes were as low as they could ever be, and economic growth relatively unlimited. It was all up to the amount of effort you put into it. Now, you have to be politically correct (P.C.) and often connected, as well.

  2. m-girl | June 18, 2013


    Too many people are paranoid. The ONLY way to prevent censure of speech is to PRACTICE FREE SPEECH.

    The writer of the article is clearly paranoid and buys into the bullhockey that the President directs the IRS. No, that was Republican Richard Nixon that did that and he ended up impeached.

    The IRS is fully within its authority to target those unpatriotic groups whose sole mission is to find any way possible to NOT PAY TAXES. These groups are looking to skirt the laws or push their limits. There is not a thing wrong with putting extra scrutiny on a group that claims to "educate" taxpayers on how to pay less taxes. Come on! Do you really think that those groups should get a free pass? No!!! Just like the terrorist that put his occupation down as a terrorist should receive extra scrutiny.

    Freedom of Speech is still Freedom of Speech, but if you say you are going to cheat the government, my goodness, you should expect an extra level of scrutiny. People can be so stupid and think that whatever they say should not have any consequences. WRONG. What you say DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

    If you think that you should be able to say whatever you want, then you should also take the responsibility of the consequences of what you say. You cannot scream "fire" in a movie theater, and if you say you are going to cheat the IRS, expect an audit. The ignorance and paranoia of people that do not understand Freedom of Speech is NOT a free pass to say whatever you want (terrorist threats, ripping off the government, hate speech, etc.).

    The Patriot Act, loved and beholden to the republicans, is the free pass for government to intrude on your privacy. Don't like it? Then vote out the republicans that are reconfirming The Patriot Act and vote in whoever vows to repeal it.

    Those who give up their freedom for security deserve neither.

  3. Daver | June 18, 2013

    Constitutional rights in a sense are like muscles — use them or lose them. Cowering and keeping quiet in response to the unconstitutional and possibly criminal actions of many in the federal government is not the answer. Speaking out and voting out public officials is a much better choice.

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