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The Best "Bargain" Silver Mining Stocks to Buy Now

Precious metals related stocks have been under selling pressure all year, but smart investors are having a field day scooping up some of these best "bargain" silver stocks to buy right now.

Companies that mine gold and silver have seen their stock prices punished as the metals' prices have declined. So far this year gold is down 18% while silver prices have been punished even more severely, falling 28%.

The metals had experienced a multiyear strong run as fears of contrary instability and potential inflation drove investors into metals and miners alike. As the economy has shown signs of stabilizing and inflation concerns remain subdued, the rally has stalled.

The mining stocks have been hit even harder as marginal capacity became too expensive to maintain and profits fell sharply.

Now we appear to have reached an unsustainable condition in the price of silver mining stocks.

The total cost of producing an ounce of silver is estimated by some analysts to be as high as $24 an ounce. When this happens marginal capacity is forced out of the market place as higher cost mines are simply shuttered rather than run at a loss. Plans for expansion or exploration are delayed or eliminated and the level of production decreases.

We are seeing this in silver right now.

Although first-quarter silver production was up slightly year over year, it was down compared to the fourth quarter of last year.

Eventually the production decline puts in a price floor for the metal and demand will once again exceed supply. When this happens the surviving silver mining companies should do very well.

Silver mining stocks may face additional pressures in the short term but as marginal capacity is phased out supply reductions should lead to higher metal prices and higher profits. It may take some time for this to begin but it appears that that silver mining stocks are now cheap enough when compared to their asset value to represent a long-term bargain.

Of course if we get any signs of inflation or geopolitical unrest metal prices and stock values could increase much faster than anticipated.

Three "Bargain" Silver Stocks to Buy Now

The first on our "bargain silver mining stocks to buy now" list is one our own analyst David Mamos recently profiled…

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  1. Barry Murray | June 21, 2013

    Absolutely underpriced operating silver mines are the place to store your wealth underground. We will soon be experiencing the truth of the game where — depending on East Coast, or Western rules— rock covers paper, or is it the other way around?
    America's mining industry has taken huge hits since the introduction of free trade, and EB-5 green cards sold to Asian workers to replace Alaskan miners who somehow do not meet Canadian 43-101 standards, but the most egregious of all is a casino capitalism stock market hijacking mining development funding for non-taxed transactions flipping lead mines in a New York nanosecond via a very unfair HFT system that thinks it actually rules silver.

  2. Ronnie Wessels | June 23, 2013

    I bought 128 ounces (coins) 2
    Months ago @24.27+
    premium . Now it's under
    $20.00. Should I hold or

  3. enthusceptic | June 24, 2013

    Could a company like PAAS keep on producing even at some loss, and sell ehen prices rise?

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