The Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Weekly Roundup

In case you missed last week's profiles of some of the best stocks to buy right now, here's an overview of the profit plays our Money Morning experts shared with members.

There is also a stock to avoid...

Best Stocks to Buy Right Now

Monday, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani talked to FOX Business Network, sharing two picks and two pans. Gilani explained why he believes Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN), with a P/E of 110 and no profits, is too pricey. He named Seadrill Ltd. (NYSE: SDRL) as a stock he likes right now, citing its hefty 8.4% dividend and upside potential with oil likely to stay above $100 a barrel for some time. Another favorite is "unloved" Western Union Co. (NYS: WU). Find out why Gilani calls WU shares a terrific "Buy."

In his latest piece, Money Morning Global Income & Investing Strategist Robert Hsu provides an inside view at what it was like to work in the hedge fund division at the prestigious investment firm Goldman Sachs. A coveted position like that is reserved for only the best and the brightest. That's why the firm's address was given the moniker "Masters of the Universe." Hsu shares his firsthand knowledge on how investors who want the best global returns in their portfolios need to tap into these new Masters of the Universe in private equity.

Mexico makes headlines for its myriad challenges, but investors shouldn't overlook its strengths as a major manufacturing and industrial power. Mexico has the world's third-largest economy and is ranked 11th by purchasing power. Its competitive edge is supercharged by a weak peso policy that had pushed the currency down a staggering 1,500% against the dollar since 1987 (currently, the currency is starting to enjoy an upward trend). By 2050, Goldman Sachs and PriceWaterhouseCoopers project Mexico will be the world's fifth or seventh largest economy... Learn more about the best stocks to buy in this explosive economy.

A big change occurred in the agricultural landscape last week when Russia's Uralkali broke-up one of the world's largest potash partnerships and altered marketing ventures in the space. The move completely changes how to invest in agriculture. Money Morning Economist Garrett Baldwin was quick to cover the breaking news and highlighted why investors should focus on new forms of innovation in the sector in the global plant and animal science market. As Baldwin noted, the world is on track to feed 9 billion people by 2050, resulting in a significant strain on food supply, water sources and energy resources. Readers hungry for profit opportunities can find the best stocks to buy here: How to Invest in Agriculture After the Potash Price Crash.

The shale oil boom is altering the worldwide energy industry. And, the epicenter is in Williston, N.D. The global impact has been so pronounced, oil-rich Saudi Arabia (almost entirely dependent on oil) recognizes the burgeoning American oil and gas production as a verifiable threat. The desert kingdom needs to get used to the idea that it's not the only one with oil. Money Morning enlightened readers about America's technological advantage in the flourishing shale oil industry. And with some 58 billion barrels of recoverable shale oil still untapped in the U.S., investors stand to be handsomely rewarded. Get the full story here: How to Invest in the Next Stage of U.S. Shale Oil Production.

Money Morning featured a piece on Foot Locker Inc. (NYSE: FL). The footwear company, which enjoys a prominent position in malls and shopping centers all across the United States, is "running laps ahead of the competition financially with better earnings per share, better operating margins, better same store sales growth, a better price-to-earnings multiple, and a better dividend yield." Don't miss the full story: Buy, Sell or Hold: Footlocker Races through the Mall.