Obamacare Info: Your Questions Answered

We can't get enough of our reader emails, and there have been plenty to answer lately...

One huge trend we've noticed recently is that getting more Obamacare info is a priority for many of you.

That's why Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani addressed a few Obamacare "facts" that readers of his Wall Street Insights & Indictmentsservice wanted to discuss.

Take a look at the Obamacare info below. These are just a few of what we've gotten so far. If you want more Obamacare info - like how to profit from the "Affordable" Care Act - you can get that here.

Obamacare Question #1: Why hasn't the Republican-controlled House defunded Obamacare? The House controls the purse strings of the nation. ~ Lorne D.

Answer from Shah Gilani: There's a long way to go in this war, and the next step will be on the funding side of the battlefield.

That's coming shortly, as in right after November...

Q: It has been my experience that every time the government sets out to reform something it is always in favor of special interests. The people always lose. People in the middle class pay the bill and the special interests people collect. ~ Pappy

A: "Same as it ever was..."

Q: Obamacare is a train wreck by design... it was never intended to work. It is merely an intermediate step towards a single payor system. When things get bad enough, the public will turn to the government to fix this mess and the government will offer up a single payor system as the solution. Your health care will then be totally controlled by the government.... it is all about control and power. ~ Len

A: While you may be right, there may be a backdoor agenda, the truth is I can't figure it out. I just don't understand why the attention isn't put on the insurance companies greasing the system that benefits them, the doctors committing fraud... in conjunction with the aiding and abetting insurance companies, and why the public is always duped so readily into believing that they are the ones who have to pay the price.

As Pappy says above, it's always in the interest of special interests. We know that, and it is the same as it ever was. But it's up to US - the American people - to protest and revolt if we have to. And we do have to. It's our health, our money, our right to choose, and our right to change the government.

If we want a better healthcare system, we need to start by changing our government.

Still, you can say one good thing for Obamacare... it's going to be one of the biggest single wealth creation opportunities in decades. We're talking trillions in new spending.

Not all companies will benefit - but a select few are primed for higher returns on a scale that was simply unimaginable before this legislation was passed. My friend and colleague Keith Fitz-Gerald just released a new investor report detailing exactly which stocks will do well when Obamacare gets rolling. Click here to see that.

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