Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Money Morning Weekly Roundup

Every week we highlight the best stocks to buy and the hottest profit opportunities that no one else is telling you about.

Last week's best stocks to buy were influenced by several crises building on Capitol Hill - the 2014 fiscal budget and looming government shutdown, the debt ceiling, and mounting anxieties over the Federal Reserve's QE taper timing.

As a result of these factors, many concerned investors turned to cash.

But with money market instruments yielding next to nothing, you will miss out on 100% of market gains if you are just sitting on cash. Money Morning keeps reminding readers that savvy investors make money in all kinds of markets - and we found just the right stocks to buy to make the most of current conditions.

Here's a recap of our picks for the best stocks to buy now, culled from last week's Money Morning daily articles, videos, and insights from our in-house experts:

  • Everybody loves a good comeback story - especially investors. Turnaround stocks are equities that are flying under the radar. The best turnaround stocks will surprise to the upside, return long-term profits, and have an undervalued price. And, the best time to get in is before big Wall Street firms take notice. In 2 Key Turnaround Stocks to Buy Now, Money Morning spotlights two that fit the criteria. And in Cheap Stocks to Buy Now That Could Double Your Money, we share two strong stocks sporting small price tags that are poised to offer lucrative returns.
  • Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) has been stealing market share from BlackBerry since the launch of its signature iPhone in 2007. The company stole more thunder last week when it sold 9 million new iPhones during their first three days in stores, a record for first-weekend sales. This prompted the tech giant to issue a more upbeat financial forecast, with revenue in its fiscal fourth quarter nearing the high end of its previous $34 billion to $37 billion estimations. And that's only part of the reason why Money Morning believes shares are going higher.

  • IPO fever is back. Among high-profile names scheduled to go public are micro-blogging site Twitter and automaker Chrysler (which has successfully emerged from bankruptcy). The hype and hope surrounding the pair is palpable among excited investors. But many market participants remain guarded after the Facebook IPO fiasco. Money Morning answers the question of whether Twitter will be a good buy and details why the Chrysler filing flashes a buy signal for the overall auto industry. Park yourself here to read the rest.
  • We all know the three most important things to consider when buying real estate - location, location, location. And none is home to more expensive real estate than New York's tony Manhattan, which boasts four of the richest zip codes in the United States. According to NYC sales documents, the number of apartments sold at $4 million or more soared 40% in Q3. Money Morning Global Investing & Income Strategist Robert Hsu describes how readers can make a killing on some prime Manhattan real estate right now, without the hassle of tenants, taxes, insurance, and maintenance. Don't call your realtor; call your stock broker after you read how.
  • The U.S. shale boom is remaking the nation's industrial landscape and raising the prospects of energy independence for the world's biggest oil consumer. The shale boom first began with a focus on natural gas but has recently shifted to shale oil. Shale oil production reached about 2 million barrels a day last year, pushing overall U.S. shale daily output to 6.4 million barrels. That was the most in 15 years and 32% above the level 5 years ago. Investors looking to play this arena shouldn't look to North Dakota's Bakken Field or Texas' Eagle Ford formation - California's Monetary Shale is where the action is. Readers don't need to "go west" for the whole story; it's all here.
  • A decade ago, natural gas accounted for about a quarter of U.S. power generation, while coal accounted for more than half. In April, they converged at 32% of overall generation, according to the Energy Information Administration. The pace at which clean, cheap, and abundant natural gas has caught up with coal has surprised even the most avid natural gas proponents. However, overseas, natural gas is pricey and growing more expensive. As a result, coal demand abroad is growing. Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth explains it all in The Most Unlikely Beneficiary of the Natural Gas Boom.
  • Gold and silver continue to be beneficiaries of Middle East tensions and U.S. fiscal policies that are up in the air. As Washington, D.C., lawmakers gear up for a showdown culminating in a government shutdown both precious metals stand to benefit. Money Morning shares industry insiders' views on gold prices and how to profit. We also covered the end to a five-year silver price manipulation probe that concluded with no charges... and explained why we are sure there was manipulation.

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