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Proof You Can Double Your Money (in a Single Day) Without a "Pro" Edge

On Monday, members of the Small-Cap Rocket Alert family kicked off 2014 with a bang when one of our recommendations, a small-cap biotech company, rocketed ahead 90% in a single day's trading.

An 90% gain in a single day is fantastic, but some of my subscribers reported amplifying those returns by way of options – pulling single-day gains of 700%, 776%, 1,042%, and even 1,500%.

Typically those kinds of returns are relegated to professional traders using proprietary computer programs to maximize gains while keeping risk at a razor-thin level – but they don't have to be.

I'm going to talk today about my favorite way in 2014 to buy income-producing stocks using one of Wall Street's favorite strategies: other people's money…

How Traders Boost Returns and Manage Risk

Specifically, I'm talking about short-selling one asset (that's where other people's money [OPM] comes in) and collecting cash into your account in order to buy another, non-correlated asset.

You might be asking yourself, why I'm concerned – at all – with buying income-producing assets with the potential of single-day returns of 90%, 700%, or even 1,500% on the table.

The answer is quite simple: risk management.

Historical data, and my own research is very clear on this, shows that quality income-producing assets have the ability to significantly reduce your overall portfolio risk, while at the same time offering you great upside potential.

It's important to remember that professional traders measure every trade through the metric of risk management, and so should we.

So what is one of my favorite low-risk trades for 2014? Shorting the Japanese yen…

This Short Looks Certain to Free Up Your Money

After more than two decades of slumping economic growth, the newly elected Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe, advocated what amounts to a desperation play to kick-start the Japanese economy with a stimulus program that we, in the West, refer to as Abenomics.

On the outside, Abenomics was designed to inject liquidity into the Japanese economy – but many analysts (myself included) think the real motive was to devalue the yen in order to gain an edge for Japanese exports.

No matter what the motive, the end result was a boost in exports and a massive 50% gain in the Nikkei – and for the purpose of today's discussion, a 21% decline against the U.S. dollar in 2013.

In order to maintain the effect of Abenomics, the Bank of Japan is going to have to keep the value of the yen depressed because any strength in the yen will likely torpedo the Nikkei's ascent, stifle exports, and put Japan back into recession.

That's why I'm shorting the yen in 2014, because from the 30,000-foot level, it looks like a very solid play.

The next obvious question is, what do I recommend buying if I'm short the yen?

A Simple Trade to Leverage Your Gains

My favorite income-producing asset is Alerian Mlp (NYSEArca: AMLP), which is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that holds a basket of U.S.-based oil and gas pipeline master limited partnerships (MLPs). Shares of AMLP are currently yielding 6.01%.

Shorting the yen directly is going to be difficult because it requires using a Forex account and then shorting the yen on margin.

That's probably too risky for most people, but I have another way to accomplish basically the same thing – a simple "pairs trade."

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About the Author

Sid is the investment community's best-kept secret. Since 2009, he's served at Money Map Press as Director of Research, analyzing thousands of securities and profit opportunities for subscribers. He's an expert in identifying "alpha" potential in a wide variety of industries, but especially the small-cap sector, where he's discovered a pattern of profits that's almost foolproof. In Small-Cap Rocket Alert, Sid uses a single precise trigger - the "Launch Alarm" - that consistently forecasts when small-cap stocks are on the verge of propelling to new highs, making investors potentially life-changing gains in the process.

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  1. richard dohack | January 10, 2014

    It's a little late to expect much profit from shorting the yen.

    • Keith Fitz-Gerald | January 14, 2014

      Dear Richard,

      Respectfully, I disagree. I think there's another 100% in the trade and that we're looking at 200 Yen to the dollar a few years time from now. I base that on more than 25 years in Japan and more than 30 years in global markets.

      Bear in mind, I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong!

      Thanks for writing in and for being part of the Money Map family.

      Keith :-)

  2. 000057315833 | January 10, 2014

    80% in one day sounds fantastic. I'd be more impressed with some summary of an overall recommended portfolio performance of 10%, for example. I started tracking 15 rocket stocks from a Money Map portfolio about two weeks ago and while some are up double digits, others are down double digits. Overall 9 are up and 6 are down with the total change +0.62%. If I were smart enough to pick only the winners, I'd be raving of the success of these investment advisory subscriptions. I hate to be cynical, but seriously, what is the best approach to using yours, and others recommendations successfully, OVERALL?

  3. Robert | January 11, 2014

    Re: 000057315833,
    I agree with your idea, it would be nice to have a strong portfolio giving gains of 10%. But, if you've only been tracking the rocket stocks for 2 weeks you really shouldn't expect anything just yet. My understanding of the Money Map portfolio rockets was that they could go boom and give great returns, not that this will be immediate. A second point is that the rockets were the relatively high risk companies, so are not used to give you the solid 10% return you're looking for. That part of the portfolio was metered by some base and income earning stocks. Good luck.

    • Keith Fitz-Gerald | January 14, 2014

      Dear 000057315833,

      I feel so strange writing to a number but thank you nonetheless for writing in and for being part of the Money Morning Family.

      Robert raises a very valid point – 2 weeks is simply not a lot of time. The Rocket Riders are, in fact, expressly designed to augment the balance of the portfolio. So, while they have enjoyed the kind of success Mr. Riggs writes about from time to time, in many cases we are hunting for specific catalysts that take a bit more time to develop. Then, when those are in place, the performance really develops.

      If you are interested in a decidedly small cap tilt (as opposed to the broader overall approach of the Money Map Report), I suggest you consider exploring Mr. Riggs service, the Small Cap Rocket Alert.

      And, vis a vie your cynicism, that's a good thing. I want every subscriber who is a part of the Money Map Report to arrive with their eyes wide open. So I wrote the Money Map Method for subscribers to explain the why's and how's that underpin the Money Map Report. You can obtain your copy through customer service if you give 'em a ring.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful posting and for being part of the family.

      And, Robert…thank you, too, for your equally thoughtful and very clear response. I am honored that you have developed such a clear understanding of how the Money Map portfolio works because it means I am doing my job correctly, especially when communicating to you and, in deed, all our family members.

      Best regards for a great day and greater investing,

      Keith :-)

  4. Sultana Bilkis | February 15, 2015

    I want to double my money.

  5. nhlanhla Nxuwa | February 16, 2015

    I would really love to try this

  6. ilayaraja | September 28, 2015

    how is confidentiol please explain sir…

  7. Junmoni | July 29, 2016


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