Emerging Markets 2014: Three Emerging Markets More Lucrative Than BRICS

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Emerging Markets 2014: Emerging markets around the world provide a lucrative opportunity for investors. In this regard, it is always wise to look into some of the best opportunities to maximize investment potential.

One thing about emerging markets 2014 is that they may not be the traditional names that people are used to seeing. In fact, the most known "BRICS" emerging markets - the group including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - is on the decline.

The following are three emerging markets that are more promising for investors in 2014 than the BRIC economies ...

Emerging Markets 2014: Take a Look at These 3


The ghost of the genocide seems to have been buried because the country is hitting the news for all the right reasons.

This emerging market giant in the East African region has a population just below 12 million and a 71% literacy rate. With a visionary leader since the year 2000, Rwanda is enjoying an ever-increasing GDP growth rate. In 2014, the prospected growth is 7.5%.

Compared to its neighbors, Rwanda ranks very low on corruption, creating a sound environment for investors. With a GDP growth per capita on the high, it stands at $619.93.

According to the World Bank, Rwanda is one of the best places in the world to do business because of ease. In fact, investors will be delighted to know one can incorporate a company within 24 hours, making it the 9th in the world when it comes to starting a business with ease.

Rwanda's political stability is an added bonus, making the country rank highly in our list of emerging markets 2014.


Panama is a small country located at the border of the United States and South America that holds a population of just under 4 million. With a literacy level of 94%, its GDP per capita stands at $9,534.

From 2012, it registered impressive GDP growth of over 10% to emerge as the fastest growing economy in the Americas. Investors are also eyeing the prospective GDP growth of nearly 7% in 2014. This is a sure indicator that investments can enjoy sound returns. Among the big investors that are already reaping Panama's benefits include Coca Cola, HSBC, Samsung and others.

Investors can enjoy low corporate taxes as an incentive, and the country uses the U.S. dollar as a mode of exchange. For these and other reasons, Panama is among those at the top of the emerging markets 2014 hot list.


With a population of nearly 3 million, the GDP per capita is $3,673. The projected GDP growth is nearly 12% in the coming year; making Mongolia one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The literacy level is at 97%, and in this regard, the vibrancy of the economy has been enhanced. Mongolia borders Russia to the North and China to the south. According to the IMF, growth is predicted to hit 14% in less than two years. Some of the investors on the ground include Rio Tinto and Peabody Energy.

Mongolia is a mineral-rich country with the world's largest copper reserves. It boasts oil and gas resources, iron ore, gold, and many other metals. It currently exports nearly 90% of its minerals, with mineral hungry China right next door.

With a pro-western setting and a modern educated population, Mongolia is ripe for investment. English is an official language. Modern buildings and luxurious installations dot the capital city Ulaanbaatar. With the purchasing power of residents going up, the demand for investment is increasing by the day.